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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia: gravitycentre.com.au/leaning-tower/
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Runtime: 18:07


Haddy X
Haddy X - 2 dager siden
It’s called sonic displacement it occurs when an objects generated energy is trapped and is rapidly exchanged from on object to another thrust giving to the launching of the bin in to the air.
Pedro - 2 dager siden
You should call slow mo guys and make a whole week recordings.. !!
Antonio Juarez
Antonio Juarez - 2 dager siden
0:00 weeeee im falling
Ben Cully
Ben Cully - 3 dager siden
Large Marge Vs Giant Axe
ally vale
ally vale - 4 dager siden
The Pro Gamer
The Pro Gamer - 4 dager siden
The Force
Michelle Roppolo
Michelle Roppolo - 4 dager siden
Yoda - 6 dager siden
The massive amount of pressure created by the wrecking ball hitting the water caused the plastic of the pool to bow outwards. When the plastic contracted back to its original state, it forced the water upwards, and fluid friction caused the entire apparatus to bounce.
Daksh Jain
Daksh Jain - 8 dager siden
Editor Jack Jumps like a Superhero.. @howridiculous @4.51
Jonas Ahrentorp
Jonas Ahrentorp - 8 dager siden
The first pool jumped because you had three kangaroos trapped underneath it.
JohnIn WayneNewJersey
JohnIn WayneNewJersey - 8 dager siden
I feel like the 200 Kg. atlas stone is the best 'hammer'. It doesn't seem to care much about wind either.
Ellie Andre
Ellie Andre - 10 dager siden
oh gosh. imagine if these guys did a collab with the slow mo guys. the amazing shots would just be 👌🏻
XPNDBLhero - 11 dager siden
I'm the weirdo....... And I accept that. LoL
Ethan Hair
Ethan Hair - 14 dager siden
I am very late to the commtest but no one has been pinned yet so I might as well. The reason the whole pool jumped up is that dropping that large of a mass from that height would create a very large force on the ground and due to Newton's Third Law of motion the ground will exert an equal and opposite force on the pool and atlas stone and since the force of the atlas stone falling (which is the same as the force that the ground pushes up on the pool and atlas stone) was greater than the combined weights of the pool and atlas stone they were sent upwards.
Tyler Dourlain
Tyler Dourlain - 15 dager siden
The reason the tub bounced is because of the amount of force coming back up after the ball hit the water. the ball hit the water with an amount of force to push is back up with the tub too and that’s why it bounced
Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal - 16 dager siden
What camera did they throw that gives the "following" style video?
Andrew Rawlings
Andrew Rawlings - 16 dager siden
It banes
NatetheDawg - 18 dager siden
The water pulled it up with water tension
Jamie Hosmer
Jamie Hosmer - 19 dager siden
The pool bounced because it was more excited than Derek.
Anonym 11
Anonym 11 - 20 dager siden
na geldgeil 1000000 mal werbung
Alice ansu
Alice ansu - 20 dager siden
THAT "Ohh" Effect will now be in my head
Rajngla - 20 dager siden
How Ridiculous in a few years: dropping an asteroid into the ocean - will it bounce
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams - 21 dag siden
Jeff Scroggins
Jeff Scroggins - 22 dager siden
Weirdo how dare you... oh wait i am a weirdo
Tazie Devil
Tazie Devil - 22 dager siden
Did any one else notice gaunson in the background doing the spider man jump lol 4:50
White Shadow 576
White Shadow 576 - 22 dager siden
6:48 did no one notice... "F*ck I can finally hear myself"
waterfall gaming
waterfall gaming - 23 dager siden
Even tho im 5 months late this is a legitimate question how many times did the gopro hit the ground during that intro 🙂
Oliver AllOvr
Oliver AllOvr - 23 dager siden
Who else’s home pod went off when he said hey siri
freddielaker2 - 23 dager siden
for every action there is a comparable reaction pushing it down with force the reflected force pulled the whole unit up
country coffeehouse
country coffeehouse - 24 dager siden
Why does "Science with Gaunson" crack me up every viddy?! Love from the states. Look forward to nice glutes and great science moments! 🤣🤣
John Neisler
John Neisler - 24 dager siden
When an object of immense weight and density get released into a container of h20 with minimal depth the pressure of the naturally occurring compound (h20) reacts vigorously and artificially creates identical psi as 1000m of depth.
Mikala Arrington
Mikala Arrington - 24 dager siden
Each force has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, the force of the ball and pool on the ground make the ground have an opposite reaction, forcing it up and to “bounce”
music Studio
music Studio - 24 dager siden
Aiden. fi
Aiden. fi - 24 dager siden
The presser of the hiring is popish
Pump OCE
Pump OCE - 25 dager siden
Can you do a car vs wrecking ball like so they see this
lachie scotcher
lachie scotcher - 26 dager siden
The presure was so much the pool wanted to go further down but it had no were to go so it bounced up
I hope You're offended
I hope You're offended - 26 dager siden
Love your videos! The one shot of the water reminds me a star exploding. 🇨🇦😎👍
Firephd - 27 dager siden
Did anyone get pinned??
Vid Koprek
Vid Koprek - 28 dager siden
I truly dont understand people who dislikeked this video
Admiraldna - 29 dager siden
big ball should be named death star
Ransom Prigg
Ransom Prigg - Måned siden
Where's the wrecking ball?
Jorge Altamirano
Jorge Altamirano - Måned siden
rmdlgarcia - Måned siden
Contest entry: At the point the stone bounced the bottom of the 1kl bucket, all the water was headed up. The stone going up with all the water will form a low PRESSURE area under the upward moving stone and water that also draws the bucket up as high as the stone bounce.
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans - Måned siden
Next up: throwing each other off and aiming for a pool!
Wade Hutchinson
Wade Hutchinson - Måned siden
who else just jumps to the end?
ferrari2k - Måned siden
9:18 wtf is that whistling sound? :D
JU-87 still around? :P
Wdog14 Coffin
Wdog14 Coffin - Måned siden
Water makes stuff bounce from presher
Blayne Douglas
Blayne Douglas - Måned siden
I sure wish that would have been rainbow paint on the first fall instead of water. OH, melted chocolate! 5,000+ mentos glued into one massive ball in a pool of soda!
One2mic Review
One2mic Review - Måned siden
10:54 pool fucked 😂
Rhonda Davis
Rhonda Davis - Måned siden
Large Marge 🤣🤣
Typical PC Tech
Typical PC Tech - Måned siden
Newton's law, For every action there is an equal opposite reaction! Or in exact reference! @7:08
Newton's Third law:
When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
Someone's probably already answered this. But if I could read/skim through the near 8k comments... lol So I 1st learned about Newton's law in school / science class. Then I experienced it after I jumped my 20" BMX bike and nearly cleared a house (point of reference, not the intent, house was next to me). I seen the color of the carpet through the 2nd story window... Blue if you must know, might have had a touch of green! Landed the bike, felt great about the landing... UNTIL! I'm jarred into the air again from Newton's law! Came down not so happy about my 2nd landing... Lost it and 40 stitches later internally to my knee, and 8 on the outside... Great experience considering that's the worst of it! Fine to this day, so far... 30 years later... 1 block runway in alley, hit a 45 degree wedge dirt ramp... 3 feet high... (roughly ramp size). Bike was geared for racing, and the gears ran out... Could have thought it out much better... But, glad I didn't land on my head... No helmet (no YouTube to remind me safety 1st, thanks for that now days...) I did ride my bike for 8 blocks to my friends house after the jump, knew I needed stitches, friends mom was/is a nurse... She seen my knee and fainted... lol About that time my brain decided to feel the pain... Interesting experience... Still have a souvenir in my knee... Great fun though, wouldn't do it again, and not recommended! :D
IIIIIawesIIIII - Måned siden
It's because the downwards momentum of the system got transferred to the ground, whilst the upwards momentum through the splash and bounce stuck with the system due to the waters inertia/viscosity.
The key for this was, that the atlas stone hit the ground, when there was still pressured water left in the barrel.
Class Clown
Class Clown - Måned siden
Pool of Oobleck vs large Marge????
Quastix x
Quastix x - Måned siden
It bounced because the ball bounced, and because there was so much force involved, the friction and "stickiness" of the water coupled with the speed at which this happened allowed the balls force to transfer from bottom of the bucket and back up into the water pulling on the side walls of the bucket and well, we have lift off?
Beyblade Tyler
Beyblade Tyler - Måned siden
Because the pressure was so hard
Lavellmakesvideos - Måned siden
Taking the term “cannonball” to a whole other level!
james bridge
james bridge - Måned siden
Can we get a 43 club going for the things that are so massive they can't reach the top of the tower? #43club
Asher Howland
Asher Howland - Måned siden
newtons 3rd law of motion
Marcelli Net
Marcelli Net - Måned siden
17:02 - great pictures
Paul Gary
Paul Gary - Måned siden
Didn’t Rexy born in kmart
Joey recoil
Joey recoil - Måned siden
More Australian rapping please that was amazing
Angela Wells
Angela Wells - Måned siden
that is great
Angela Wells
Angela Wells - Måned siden
Gary L. McIntire Jr McIntire
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So when the atlas stone hit the water in the pool, the downward pressure of the water caused an equal reaction of the bucket to go up away from the ground.
Vader56 BJ
Vader56 BJ - Måned siden
That Was Awesome.😃👍👏🏻
Sheldon Deegan
Sheldon Deegan - Måned siden
You guys oughtta color the water next time!
SubliminalMindSet HTD
SubliminalMindSet HTD - Måned siden
Wolfy 209
Wolfy 209 - Måned siden
Like Marge Dursley, all blown up they’d be about the same size lol
Shayla Ram
Shayla Ram - Måned siden
Commtest Entry: wouldn’t the simple answer be friction under pressure?. The stone is exerting so much displacing force that it forces the water up and away from the impact zone that the water that can’t escape the pool quick enough is compressed against the walls of the pool, thus the pool is lifted upwards. Like lifting a glass with two fingers by placing your fingers in the rim of the glass, pulling outwards and upwards.
Chillian Killian
Chillian Killian - Måned siden
What has (it not he) seen?!
Rowan Wild
Rowan Wild - Måned siden
*And this is how, kids, the dinosaurs went extinct*
Trevor Dail
Trevor Dail - Måned siden
The energy from the dense atlas stone forced the water up and out of the plastic container, carrying the container with it. As heavy as that stone is, the water was much heavier. therefore this upward momentum transferred to the volume of water, and the friction of that water on the sides of the container essentially dragging the container up with it. the atlas stone then with the force of gravity bringing everything back down oped a hole in the bottom the the plastic, and making the rest of the water pour out of the container. After the rupture, everyone shouted in excitement and aw. then they made a 2 minute montage of the whole experience. This will no doubt, go into How Ridiculous history!
Spike 26
Spike 26 - Måned siden
10:50 😱😱😱
Spike 26
Spike 26 - Måned siden
5:06 when the the big ball splash on the water,the splash looks like an ada bomb
AwesomeZ Gamer
AwesomeZ Gamer - Måned siden
ceeb2 thoj
ceeb2 thoj - Måned siden
I wonder if you guys get a Atlas stone and drop it on 45m at the tower and see how big is the explosion (It includes the pool as well) of the sand
ceeb2 thoj
ceeb2 thoj - Måned siden
I think why the pool bounced because the Atlas Stone is very heavy and smashed into the pool with water and I think the force of air pushed it up so it can bounce
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez - Måned siden
Reminds me of this song by AC⚡️DC:
Isaac Hayden
Isaac Hayden - Måned siden
He was looking pressuring of water when the Atlas stone hit, it compressed all the water, which comes busted camera lens, causing me to crack, or whatever happened. I didn't catch the video by.love your videos
Nathan Akins
Nathan Akins - Måned siden
Commtest entry: The atlas stone had a lot of kinetic energy when it hit the water sending the water down with a lot of force creating a high amount of pressure. This then forcing the water to shoot straight up because of the tight space of the plastic container. This slowed the atlas stone down so when it hit the bottom of the container it bounced.
Jonathan Champagne
Jonathan Champagne - Måned siden
Best slow mo ever
Armastat - Måned siden
No on pinned yet? lol..
Okay then Water in pool. Ball falls in, you get water from displacement, then another wave of water that is being forced out after it is compressed at the bottom and the still falling ball. *THIS second wave of water leaving the pool creates a Vacuum behind it which PULLS the pool with it*. That is why the pool seems to bounce. The low pressure created by the water leaving in mass sucks the pool up behind it.
epic_memes_XD - Måned siden
the pool jumped because the pressure made big vibrations in the ground causing it to fly up into the air like if you agree
Ashishee Poo
Ashishee Poo - Måned siden
Them: what has he seen?

Me: everything thing you haven’t
6D12-DakshBansal - Måned siden
17:15 rainbow in the corner
Arzzy Avocado
Arzzy Avocado - Måned siden
Bowling ball falls into pool
“ I just can’t believe that Siri can turn your flashlight on”

I love your videos!
PydroBTW - Måned siden
That was satisfying to watch in slow-mode
COLBY NELSON - Måned siden
6:43 what have i seen ^.^
COLBY NELSON - Måned siden
4:49 look at spider man on the stairs !!!
Jai O
Jai O - Måned siden
Surely Miley would be a better wrecking ball name? 🤓
izuku midoriya Deku
izuku midoriya Deku - Måned siden
Andrew Schroeder
Andrew Schroeder - Måned siden
Commtest: The atlas stone impacted the water with a huge amount of kinetic energy, transferring that energy to the water. This caused a gigantic spike in the water pressure since the water was blocked by the stone from immediately exiting the bucket. This spike in water pressure was transferred to the walls and floor of the bucket. The walls exerted the pressure on the air equally in all directions causing zero resultant force in the horizontal direction, but the floor of the bucket exerted the pressure on the ground. The ground was (mostly) incompressible, unlike the air above the bucket, and provided a reaction force equal and opposite to the downward force from the bucket floor (Force = pressure X area). As the water exited the bucket, the mass of the bucket decreased and the downward force due to water pressure also decreased and there was a force imbalance in the vertical direction, as the reaction force from the ground now outweighed the force from the bucket, causing the bucket to accelerate upward.
You can also think of this as the ground being put under compression by the downward pressure from the bucket. This compression stored the energy (like a spring) and the energy was released once the compression stress was no longer balanced by the pressure from the bucket as the water left the bucket through the top, releasing the pressure. This created a force imbalance and upward acceleration.
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami - 2 måneder siden
The real villain is Herron’s shorts 😳
Traf Rellik
Traf Rellik - 2 måneder siden
Wow, this is easily more impressive than many fireworks displays.
THE1ELITE GAMER - 2 måneder siden
Do rc car vs hulk fist
milandeaap - 2 måneder siden
The name is Pluto for the big black ball
Jacob Mays
Jacob Mays - 2 måneder siden
I would guess that the pool bounced because the force of the ball hitting it and the force of the water pushing back just went into the pool itself and pushed it up, it couldn’t push the kinetic energy into the ground because the ground doesn’t move
Jacob Mays
Jacob Mays - 2 måneder siden
Alternate channel name: Those Guys Who Drop Things
Jamie Smithline
Jamie Smithline - 2 måneder siden
"ah its a unie" gounson 2020
Leroy Noah
Leroy Noah - 2 måneder siden
I think the reason the pool bounced is because if it was just a solid surface then the ball would’ve bounced but the water has inertia so it pulled the pool with it when the ball went back up