Worlds HEAVIEST Hulk Fist (660lbs) Vs. OOBLECK Pool from 45m!

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Runtime: 16:05


Daniel_Mastro - 3 måneder siden
Rexy’s testimony:
There he was. A happy dinosaur living in the prehistoric age. He had a family of a dinosaur wife and two dinosaur kids. One day he was walking to get some food from the store, as you do, and he tripped and fell off a cliff. A 45 metre cliff, into a lake. But then, as he was sinking to the bottom, the lake froze and he was stuck. He was stuck for millions of years and as time passed he sat there in that lake. Eventually, the ice melted from the extremely hot Australian climate, and rexy was freed, but everything was different. All of his dinosaur friends and family were gone and the was a massive tower in front of him. He was sad for a while but the he met three men wearing shirts with various colours that were very affordable and stylish. These men called themselves “how crazy” or something like that. They were very friendly and soon became his new family and he was filled with joy once again. The four of them together would drop things off the big tower and often times those things would hit Rexy, but he felt nothing from being frozen all those years ago. And so, they lived in peace, harmony and happiness forever and ever, making videos for everyone to see.
Comic Mations
Comic Mations - 18 timer siden
Great story!
Blake Turner
Blake Turner - 9 dager siden
I swear its gonna take me an hour to read all of this 🤣
Franz Kissel
Franz Kissel - 9 dager siden
6666th like
{Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}
{Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ} - 12 dager siden
Happily ever after~ -Daniel_Mastro
le quack
le quack - 24 dager siden
And then his gut got exploded
Dellena Ender dragon
Dellena Ender dragon - 24 minutter siden
4:30 just wash your Hair and it'll come out
Dawson The Abomination
Dawson The Abomination - 6 timer siden
I cleared 7 hours
R B - 9 timer siden
I cleared 7 Hours
Dexter Nexus
Dexter Nexus - 11 timer siden
You need a second Fist!
Chase Katsumoto
Chase Katsumoto - Dag siden
I cleared 7 hours
Bad Ninja
Bad Ninja - Dag siden
I lokey love the intro
Kate Beran
Kate Beran - Dag siden
I lived lonely in a store and then I was found by these people. I’m sure they love me they give me free surgery all the time but they also cause the surgery by dropping heavy objects on me from a 45 m tower 😁
Arthur Kimes
Arthur Kimes - 2 dager siden
Make an *improved* Hulk Fist. Steel on the outside... LEAD CORE.
Elliot Senecal
Elliot Senecal - 2 dager siden
Rexy's life was a lot better before she met you.
Barny Buff Dino
Barny Buff Dino - 2 dager siden
Rexy was an absolute party animal and lived his life I in sin, drinking,swearing and being a very bad dino.
But the Jesus 3 came along and showed him the light. And now he’s a happy,kind,crippled dinosaur 🦖
Jesse Asher
Jesse Asher - 2 dager siden
i always wondered what yall Australians get up to in the outback.. then i found this channel.
Vladimir Smirnov
Vladimir Smirnov - 3 dager siden
I'm a grown ass man and I still find this content interesting.
Rodrigo Cerqueira
Rodrigo Cerqueira - 3 dager siden
I didn't clear 7 hours
Aaron Althaus
Aaron Althaus - 3 dager siden
Brucie pounded that post half way into the ground before it shattered!!!
Shanira H
Shanira H - 3 dager siden
It looks like Bruce is a lefty
Omnidimensional Giga Nut
Omnidimensional Giga Nut - 3 dager siden
3:05 The day Spongebob wasn't "ready"
Jalil Gray
Jalil Gray - 4 dager siden
Just a thought what if you used a human dummy with guts and fake blood
Anthony Ragona
Anthony Ragona - 4 dager siden
What are the brand of sunglasses all y'all wearing ?
sOuTh AfRiCaN AuStRaLiAn ZeDoNk
When Scott said to Rexy he's fine and he was absolute mess I just though of my mum because that's what she does to me
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald - 5 dager siden
Rexy lives a tough life
branden rigdway
branden rigdway - 5 dager siden
Make bruce smash a sink or a toilet idk why just thought it would be funny and cool to see it smash in slowmo
August Astrand
August Astrand - 5 dager siden
I cleared 7hours
M∅B - 5 dager siden
Best intro?
Drawing Lama
Drawing Lama - 5 dager siden
the difference beetween the sound from the go pro and mic is amazing
White Blogger Black Specs
White Blogger Black Specs - 6 dager siden
Dummy thicc steel ball
chris palmer
chris palmer - 6 dager siden
I didn't know y'all were christian now I really wish I could meet y'all irl
Jadon Lewis
Jadon Lewis - 6 dager siden
i cleared 2 hours
Rebecca Schrader
Rebecca Schrader - 6 dager siden
I didn't clear 7 hours.
Fioravante Vicious
Fioravante Vicious - 6 dager siden
Solid steel Thanos infinity gauntlet
Tim Stack
Tim Stack - 7 dager siden
Rexy's testimony is that he predates christianity.
Legacy Maul
Legacy Maul - 8 dager siden
Squidyy - 8 dager siden
"ooh yea giving bruce a spruce" WHAT
Popyax Playz
Popyax Playz - 8 dager siden
Rexy's testimony

he lived a happy life with his family until he was abducted by some guys who wanted to do a 'science experiment'

he died.
Blake Turner
Blake Turner - 9 dager siden
So if a 300 kilo projectile is flying at you from 45 meters in the sky just cover yourself in oobleck good to know
sPUDeTattaputty BS
sPUDeTattaputty BS - 9 dager siden
I personally associate Christianity with sexual abuse/ emotional abuse and pretentiousness. Please don't mention it.
Ballistikka - 9 dager siden
the amount of ads
Bent Rimmen
Bent Rimmen - 9 dager siden
What did Milk do to get a punishment like that ???🇩🇰✔️
Brad Stewart
Brad Stewart - 10 dager siden
He gets smashed
Funtimefreddy&BON BON
Funtimefreddy&BON BON - 11 dager siden
joke only for 12+
2 balls+ oobleck+hulk fist= ball smash
refrence to hulk's hulk smash also rip pineapple i didnt clear 7 hours
Coolguy Doug
Coolguy Doug - 11 dager siden
At first rexy was was happy and ready to be bought by a cute little girl named Cornelius.he was so exited but she never came to buy him. He soon grew old and depressed.and now he likes to break his bones and torture himself, his 3 friends help him do this,he has suffered major injuries and has not yet seen the doctor. Commtest on my comment how many time he has been clobbered
Ester Moll
Ester Moll - 11 dager siden
Regsy regsy
joni RAMOS IS DA - 11 dager siden
Owen Casebolt
Owen Casebolt - 12 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours
dunodisko221 - 12 dager siden
I cleared 16 hours
Vikinngdk - 12 dager siden
Oh gosh THIS IS Amazing!
Vikinngdk - 12 dager siden
Gotta die fist
D.B Cooper
D.B Cooper - 12 dager siden
Two to the power of 3
Tommy Curran
Tommy Curran - 12 dager siden
Rexys life was better before he met you guys
{Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}
{Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ} - 12 dager siden
In 2031: dropping a car onto a tank with Rexy inside of it
Timediffender 07
Timediffender 07 - 12 dager siden
Rexy lived a happy life and then how Ridiculous found him and every time they almost killed him but he lived
Mutt Sanders
Mutt Sanders - 13 dager siden
imagine you drop that thing from so high that it breaks sound barrier and hits something
Brandon Kleppert
Brandon Kleppert - 14 dager siden
when he says hello and then Zooms in and says hi and hello again it sounds like Stampy before they blow up the world two girls remember that cuz I do it brought back some memories and it was really cool
Arthur Chang
Arthur Chang - 14 dager siden
The only thing in these types of videos is

They have to go up that tower using stairs
D ANGELO RODRIGUEZ - 15 dager siden
Yo next time turn off particles in settings
David Phillips
David Phillips - 15 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours (barely )
Ásafe Silva
Ásafe Silva - 15 dager siden
I feel like you guys rooted for Sid (Cid?) in the first Toy Story
Liam Nator
Liam Nator - 16 dager siden
rexy before he was a nice lil life and YOU TURNED HIS LIFE INTO HELL XD
Vander King
Vander King - 16 dager siden
Get a ballistics dummy and drop bruce on it
Seek Explore Destroy
Seek Explore Destroy - 16 dager siden
You need to get a blimp and see how far Bruce can launch Rex
Tonald Drump
Tonald Drump - 16 dager siden
Kind of late but rexys testimony prior to meeting HR she was a gigantic trex, after repeatedly getting squised she now is the size of a large rat
miscellaneous finder
miscellaneous finder - 17 dager siden
Every like they owe me a pineapple. Lets see how it goes.
James Davies
James Davies - 17 dager siden
I didn’t clear 7 hours
Marcus Ohman
Marcus Ohman - 17 dager siden
Around 3:55, anyone pick up on the fact that 2 to the power of two has been equated with 8 ... Truly thine maths skills are found wanting.

2 to the power of 3. Get it right next time boys.
Alien Cat
Alien Cat - 18 dager siden
R.I.P the how ridiculous janitor.
Work for how ridiculous they said, it will be fun they said.
Watch With Veer
Watch With Veer - 18 dager siden
i didn't clear 7
Watch With Veer
Watch With Veer - 18 dager siden
before: life = good
after life = pain for science
Eugenio Bruno
Eugenio Bruno - 18 dager siden
I didnt clear 7 hours. Gaunson said so
Little Rascals
Little Rascals - 19 dager siden
Well, Derek, Scott, Brett, we've given you the 100k likes, how about some oobleck dropping?
FormalBusinessOnion - 19 dager siden
World’s most powerful brofist 👊
Cory Hanlin
Cory Hanlin - 19 dager siden
bruce vs human
SaltyBacon - 20 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours
Fnafgamer 1987
Fnafgamer 1987 - 20 dager siden
Rexy was a quaint little toy dinosaur waiting to be played with by a kid and then 3 Australians find him and make him suffer for year’s but make him famous
Rob Eldridge
Rob Eldridge - 20 dager siden
Did anyone else catch the bad math it should have been 2 to the power of 3
dubk - 20 dager siden
his life was good before he met you without pain
Christopher Dingle
Christopher Dingle - 21 dag siden
obleck is also / slime / buddy
Christopher Dingle
Christopher Dingle - 21 dag siden
do you own that tower and the beulding next to it and the sand pit
Justin Peters Ministries
Justin Peters Ministries - 21 dag siden
I've watched several of your videos and I got the sense you fellas might be Christians. This was the first time I heard you state that specifically - it made me smile. Blessings to you!
Fredfishi - 21 dag siden
The Hulk fist had 19,153.3786 Joules of force when it hit Large Marge. P.S 1 joule is equal to Lifting a full 12-oz can of soda one foot (11.42 inches)
Pulling the pull tab on that can of soda also requires about a joule of energy.
Ethan Donnald
Ethan Donnald - 21 dag siden
R.I.P Rexy
Isaac Beehler
Isaac Beehler - 22 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours
Qintsal - 22 dager siden
idiots.... welp what makes that me? :D
Bbb Bbb
Bbb Bbb - 22 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours
Gab riel
Gab riel - 22 dager siden
I didn't clear 7 hours
Dawnbreaker 113
Dawnbreaker 113 - 22 dager siden
rexys life before meeting HR- spent a couple hundred years roaming the earth before getting killed by a giant meteor, was found millions of years later and was taxidermised into a plastic and rubber toy.
After HR found rexy- he was turned into a crash test dummy
Jaidenski Nadgirski
Jaidenski Nadgirski - 22 dager siden
Wian Struwig
Wian Struwig - 23 dager siden
14:00 thors hammer VS oobleck
Frosty Wicker
Frosty Wicker - 23 dager siden
Bro imagine a diamond play button, but instead of the iconic button it has rexy!
Zack Attack
Zack Attack - 23 dager siden
Rexys testimony:
Before he was living on a happily with my family
After: ...
Oh that’s right he’s dead
Fer Aguilar
Fer Aguilar - 23 dager siden
What kind of mics do you use?
THEUNSPOKEN - 23 dager siden
Make an infinity gauntlet in honour of ironman
Shepherd Bunch
Shepherd Bunch - 23 dager siden
Rexy life in store before then now dead
Shepherd Bunch
Shepherd Bunch - 23 dager siden
Andrew Farnsworth
Andrew Farnsworth - 24 dager siden
One day they will make something so heavy it will go through the earth
Entropy - 24 dager siden
I love it that you're Christians. Explains why you videos aren't full of profane language, while most young people curse like sailors today. Good on ya.
The World
The World - 24 dager siden
The worlds only good click bait you tubers, and it isn’t even click bait.
Dino & FoxYT
Dino & FoxYT - 24 dager siden
Rexys new life is worse than the extinction
Ominous Eclipse
Ominous Eclipse - 24 dager siden
Hacksmith now has a challenge
Drinks 101
Drinks 101 - 24 dager siden
Mate I didn’t clear 4 hours.,
Blue_Kobolt - 24 dager siden
I didn't clear 7 hours
Izayah Davies
Izayah Davies - 24 dager siden
I cleared 7 hours