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LtCopeGaming - År siden
In a sit down bathroom stall at a really nice restaurant and this guy walks in as I rip a humungous porcelain splitting fart. Well, I hear him stop for a second. He then opens the door to the stall next to mine, sits down and says, "player two has entered the game."
Minecraft & Roblox great adventure Wolf
@Jen Craven I found its a t
IMLOX STUDIOS - 7 dager siden
that's amazing!
Weird puppet Shows
Weird puppet Shows - 10 dager siden
Adrian's Candyville
Adrian's Candyville - 24 dager siden
Platon Dokhturov
Platon Dokhturov - 16 timer siden
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junior fagota
junior fagota - 23 timer siden
I was in school and we had a test to take, mind you everything was quiet and my stomach was no feeling well that time, and i tried to cough to cover my fart but when I coughed i farted 10 sec after and it was so loud the whole class looked at me and laughed
Owen Hartman
Owen Hartman - Dag siden
2:53 that frickn laugh
K - 2 dager siden
I farted in public in the White House On vacation
Maxwell Gess
Maxwell Gess - 2 dager siden
10:38 Are we just going to ignore that MASSIVE fire?
Speedster21 Auer
Speedster21 Auer - 3 dager siden
When I was in 5th grade I farted in math class and I spread across the whole room, it smelled so bad that class had to stop early.
LamboGamerAJ14 - 4 dager siden
HotRod 35
HotRod 35 - 4 dager siden
At 7:56 I was like KAREN KAREN ALERT
HotRod 35
HotRod 35 - 4 dager siden
5:37 rattatatatatatatata
James Prickett
James Prickett - 4 dager siden
Fill Willie cushion with Brown gravy then prank some one
Aidan Spraker
Aidan Spraker - 4 dager siden
I was in class and it was so quite everyone was doing a test and let out the biggest fart ever
Duncan Taylor
Duncan Taylor - 6 dager siden
WARNING: Fluff field!!
Lucas Forbis
Lucas Forbis - 6 dager siden
On final some one ripped one and no one knows how to this day. Real story no joke!!
Roblox Boy
Roblox Boy - 6 dager siden
Ur accent is cool how do I download it into my voice
Legacy Maul
Legacy Maul - 6 dager siden
i might be late but once a time my mom tried to fart. I was sitting in the couch and she was infront of the tv when she farted she also had a little poop drippin as well
Craggle Games
Craggle Games - 7 dager siden
fuck off
Melani Nick
Melani Nick - 7 dager siden
Melani Nick
Melani Nick - 7 dager siden
Could you get balanced decent by weighting a large enough piece of plywood with atlas stones on the corners to prevent tipping??
xNYRmike - 8 dager siden
HT1 - 9 dager siden
5:47 **Helicopter Noises**
LEGO Masters
LEGO Masters - 11 dager siden
Ones I scared my old cat in the bathroom
Nozza Jenko
Nozza Jenko - 11 dager siden
I got an ad for beans before this video
RonaG - 11 dager siden
3:52 really made my day, I'm from Scotland
Chrissie Bawn
Chrissie Bawn - 12 dager siden
Bailey Sharp
Bailey Sharp - 12 dager siden
In the middle of class the class went quite then I sneezed and a cart slipped out at the same time lol
JENNA VANDERHAGEN - 13 dager siden
i was in church siting on a wooden pew and it was silent and I let it rip
Andrew sycamore
Andrew sycamore - 14 dager siden
I used a whoopey cushion at work once. I'm a cleanerat a supermarket in the UK. the cleaning manager was my victim. unbeknownst to me I didn't know he was suffering a bout of diarrhoea. he sat on it and messed himself at the same time 😂😂😂
gaming with Aaron
gaming with Aaron - 14 dager siden
5-9 yr/old girl screaming:
Rezymu - 15 dager siden
There I lay on my bed watching How Ridiculous videos. The next moment, I felt it coming. My cat starts feeling the bed shaking heavily. She knew what was about to happen. She runs under the bed and braces for impact. That’s how you know it’s bad. And a few seconds later, I farted my brains out. I stunk up my entire room. My mom comes in. And as expected, she bails out.
Jared Bussey
Jared Bussey - 16 dager siden
No fluff.. just PUFF!
sly7856 - 17 dager siden
Put some chocolate pudding in the whoopee cushion and see what happens
Logan Gowling
Logan Gowling - 18 dager siden
Thor’s hammer
Cheyanne Hewton
Cheyanne Hewton - 18 dager siden
i was in middle of class and i farted and the whole school heard it
scott roberts
scott roberts - 19 dager siden
Who going to rake clean sand
Dorothy Thomas
Dorothy Thomas - 19 dager siden
Dorothy Thomas
Dorothy Thomas - 19 dager siden
Get a job
Dorothy Thomas
Dorothy Thomas - 19 dager siden
Fake news
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - 19 dager siden
2:50 I will never stop crying of laughter from that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
LoganMarineBaby - 19 dager siden
How do you go from trick shots to this.
RebaLee62 - 19 dager siden
My story is that I farted
Captain Polar
Captain Polar - 19 dager siden
Assuming Nigel and his cousin are about 90kg and are accelerating at 9.8 m/s (gravity) we can figure their force is 882 newtons... that's a lot of fart power.
Terance Rylander
Terance Rylander - 20 dager siden
I was taking a test and I farted in the middle of the class and poo was in my trousers.
Bill Zusner
Bill Zusner - 20 dager siden
That was stupid.
Joshua Lowis
Joshua Lowis - 21 dag siden
OK I got a good one when I was younger me and my mom were sitting on the porch and my little brother which was probly about 5 at the time came running outside said listen listen and he farted and had his leg up in the air and the face he made was priceless he waddled back inside saying I think I crapped my pants it was epic
Jake’s outdoors 57
Jake’s outdoors 57 - 21 dag siden
Fart story: I was working on power poles and had to fart so I did but I called it an electric dart cuz I felt the juice running down my leg
Isaac Beehler
Isaac Beehler - 21 dag siden
For it fluffing
Isaac Beehler
Isaac Beehler - 21 dag siden
Heck no
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero - 22 dager siden
My 2 nephews are having a farthing contact about to take a show and youngest nephew
my other nephew won 🏆 shot a rocket on the wall 😆 🤣 😂 💩
Tiffany Tiba Cox
Tiffany Tiba Cox - 22 dager siden
One time in second grad I went to through somethig away fated so loud 4 grad could hear it
Tavish Abplanalp
Tavish Abplanalp - 22 dager siden
How old are they 5. I've been watching these guys for like 7 or 8 months and this is what I'm watching now, the stupidest thing in the history of the galaxy.
Fun with BROHUG
Fun with BROHUG - 23 dager siden
K, so once I was at school during reading class and it was so quiet and I had to fart and then I tried to push it out and make it loud but instead of it being loud I accidentally pooped my pants but it was kind of loud but juicy and bubbly.
#This story is real
Kevin Georgescu
Kevin Georgescu - 23 dager siden
I was in class everything was quiet and I farted like a horn so loud the whole class laughed so hard
Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe - 24 dager siden
Sphincter Sneeze
Tripp Gaches
Tripp Gaches - 24 dager siden
I had Taco Bell that is all I am going to say
Dylan VDD
Dylan VDD - 24 dager siden
The big fart thing sounds like a helicopter
Trudi Clements
Trudi Clements - 25 dager siden
my dads was in the shop i was in his car and i farted he came out and got in and all of a sudden it hit us we ran out of the car and both went into the shop and bought air freshener i was so inbarresd
Karson Boyd
Karson Boyd - 25 dager siden
I laughed so hard I spit out a booger 4:27
IvesFam - 25 dager siden
Wes Waters
Wes Waters - 25 dager siden
You guys forgot some of the best fart name's ever , dog sneeze, deer grunt, barking spider, a hot snot, troll soul, soupy exhaust, grandma's gift, mad hatter splatter, butt broth breath, digestive hurricane, freshly cut veggies, doody drool, healthyheart leftovers, diareass blast, cream of the corn hole, fights, and my favorite crispy crack splash. Some of these would be a name for heresy squirt's aswell. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post my favorite comment I've ever posted
Stoner Joe
Stoner Joe - 26 dager siden
2:53 is my favorite part
Joshua DeBuyser
Joshua DeBuyser - 26 dager siden
My favorite video hands down for laughing
Jesse Atkinson
Jesse Atkinson - 26 dager siden
The woopy isn't built correctly thats why its not making the right sound..
Pugalier Harley
Pugalier Harley - 26 dager siden
I farted in a lift.... it was wrong on so many levels
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka - 27 dager siden
I played this so many times just for the laugh
Mel Bontrager
Mel Bontrager - 27 dager siden
Heyyy Ol' Guys !!! Should have put oversized GOOGLIE-EYES on the Giant Whoopie Cush... hahahahaha
Seamus the man O’Rourke
Seamus the man O’Rourke - 27 dager siden
2 words church pews
ELW 3 - 27 dager siden
Silent but deadly. I was in a elevator and let one go,it was loud and not 10 seconds later the guy next to me let his go and man the two of us had that thing ripe. It was so bad the ines who was not laughing was dry heaving. It was epic
Damien Fieldhouse
Damien Fieldhouse - 27 dager siden
That's all well and good but it only has 1 sound... Unlike this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s5Yn4pTOgw&t=48s&ab_channel=DamienFieldhouse
Kid Wood
Kid Wood - 27 dager siden
Haha this is fucking unreal
quiero ser visitas y suscritores
Courtney Holder
Courtney Holder - 29 dager siden
Gaunson has evolved into whoopie man
tony - 29 dager siden
Gotta name the Zorb ball Zorba the Greek.
LancastersDonuts - Måned siden
What about the giant hulk fist onto the whoopie?
andy hull
andy hull - Måned siden
Here in Newfoundland we say " shit yer pants " 🤣🤣🤣
Carol Wright
Carol Wright - Måned siden
Once I farted like 10000 times in my gaurdians house and they had to have heard it
Carrie Ferguson
Carrie Ferguson - Måned siden
I farted for 30 seconds
Caleb Svalstad
Caleb Svalstad - Måned siden
Can you impale a car on a giant metal fork and then cover it in tomato sauce
xldomination117 - Måned siden
Who is that random karen in the back at 7:54
Curiosity Pup
Curiosity Pup - Måned siden
I was dancing with my mom and then my dog just looked at me and let out the BIGGEST fart I’ve ever herd
Pxradoxx - Måned siden
The big one sounds like a helicopter
Marvin Goodwin
Marvin Goodwin - Måned siden
I farted for like five seconds while runing to the couch
andromeda - Måned siden
*faGHt* sound
Donker - Måned siden
1:55 other names for farts
3:47 squeakies
4:43 fart perfume
8:35 fart feet
HenReacts - Måned siden
It was the CRCT which is like a big test and the whole room was silent! I realized I had to fart so I tried to squeeze out a silent one, but it was the highest pitched, longest fart I had ever produced and my face turned bright red! The whole room turned towards me and the teacher asked if we needed a bathroom break... I was sooo embarrassed! 🐒💨
Blayne Douglas
Blayne Douglas - Måned siden
Alden Monroe
Alden Monroe - Måned siden
Last thanksgiving, I passed gas really loudly right in the middle of praying.
Chaos Reality
Chaos Reality - Måned siden
Drop petey, the Woopie, from the top.
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - Måned siden
Who here has had moped fart?
A moped Fart is when you were walking and every time you take a step you let out a little fart so you sound like a moped Driving down the street.
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - Måned siden
Depresserize the tank
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - Måned siden
I know this is way too late but here's my best fart story. I was in the military back in the eighties yes I am an old dude in my fifties anyway I was dating a female soldier who is in the same company that I wish in we were training together. All of us in our platoon rented a hotel Room to party and her and I were in the bathroom making out when she farted.
About 10 seconds later I had lost the ability to breathe. My eyes were burning in watering and she is kissing me and trying to get it on but Mr. Happy when away if you know what I mean. I had to escape with my About 10 seconds later I had lost the ability to breathe. My eyes were burning in watering and she is kissing me and trying to get it on but Mr. Happy when away if you know what I mean. I had to escape with my life While simultaneously not embarrass her thank God after a minute or two someone had to use the bathroom. When we open the door to leave so that person could go to the bathroom hes the one who commented When we open the door to leave so that person could go to the bathroom hes the one who commented on the disgusting smell and he blamed it on me.
D Marcouxbeatty
D Marcouxbeatty - Måned siden
I am the mother of 5. 4 boys, 1 girl, then there is the biggest child of all. My career Military husband, the Army Engineer. The kids and I have picked Pops up after 6 weeks down range. Coming home on the freeway. I am driving and the only thing I have heard behind me is armpit farts. Pops in passenger seat next to me says, I can top thoses! And lets go. I had to pull off the road! The kids and I bailed making wretching sounds. I did not notice the highway patrol car in the medium. He immediately came to us. I told him. Back blast 6 weeks MRES! He drove away laughing.
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson - Måned siden
guys go to your 2do0llar shop
me 2$? they lied to me
giovanni massaro
giovanni massaro - Måned siden
I was in a restaurant once and I farted really loud and everyone stared at me then another person farted and then it was like covid-19 but except it was farts
Malachi Roseblood
Malachi Roseblood - Måned siden
Get someone inside the ball
Scott C
Scott C - Måned siden
Fill Peetey with water and drop it.
TheScarletEnygma17 - Måned siden
For Petey: Place a dummy inside him or something fragile and see how well it survives from the fall.
TheScarletEnygma17 - Måned siden
Yeah I know this might be just a bit late lol
Georgia O’Neal
Georgia O’Neal - Måned siden
Cool video
Polsnulspace - Måned siden
As a Scotsman.....thanks for that!
Streameo0707 - Måned siden
i was in the bathroom at tesco lotus I ripped a super loud fart and the other guy next door farted as well as an answer