We Dropped A Car On A Giant Axe from 45m (150ft)

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Runtime: 15:42


TomCashTV - 4 måneder siden
drop a giant rubber band ball on the giant axe
The Chained Road
The Chained Road - 15 dager siden
Kalle Teodor
Kalle Teodor - 20 dager siden
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer - 25 dager siden
The Anderson vlogs 2.0
The Anderson vlogs 2.0 - Måned siden
xXEpicPlayzXx - Måned siden
Guillermo Ruiz or drop a giant axe on a very small axe or a small axe on giant axe
hMMmmMmMmmmM bruh
hMMmmMmMmmmM bruh - 4 timer siden
Haven't watched you guys in a year you got a lot more money it seems
Clayton LaPlante
Clayton LaPlante - 7 timer siden
Drop a Truck
Clayton LaPlante
Clayton LaPlante - 7 timer siden
Eric Hiebert
Eric Hiebert - 12 timer siden
get a high power laser so you can line up the drop
Matt man
Matt man - Dag siden
Drop a computer on the axe
Allan Sutton
Allan Sutton - Dag siden
This might work if they could actually hit anything! 🤔
Krupp Family Adventures
Arvind Kumar Singh
Arvind Kumar Singh - Dag siden
You guys put a big smile on my face 😍
andyh0428 - Dag siden
Drop the axe on/through a caravan 😁
Filip Grillfors
Filip Grillfors - Dag siden
Why did it sound like the kids was in the car
Alex Dangelico
Alex Dangelico - 2 dager siden
Nooo good polish car :(

Jayce Kraft
Jayce Kraft - 2 dager siden
Drop the axe on a house
Daniel O
Daniel O - 2 dager siden
"tell you what also is prime... Me!"
Someone is primed up 😅🤙
Xify_ZA - 3 dager siden
I like ya cut g
Tim Hawkswell
Tim Hawkswell - 3 dager siden
I have a mavic mini
Trent Wenger
Trent Wenger - 3 dager siden
Nice Car drop!!!
Zach Henry
Zach Henry - 3 dager siden
These are the people my physics text book is talking about
John Pedersen
John Pedersen - 3 dager siden
Drop a test dummy
Robert Furcoi
Robert Furcoi - 4 dager siden
You missed. Annoying
Demonic Sprite
Demonic Sprite - 4 dager siden
Drop another giant axe on the giant axe
Frances Land
Frances Land - 4 dager siden
Drop a math book on the axe.
Lee Fruchtenicht
Lee Fruchtenicht - 4 dager siden
The tungsten steel cube
Ian.S.B Dorrian
Ian.S.B Dorrian - 4 dager siden
drop a bus on the axe and mark robers trampolin
Boucette D'Souza
Boucette D'Souza - 4 dager siden
Robert Hall
Robert Hall - 4 dager siden
The car
Teremoana Tangauru
Teremoana Tangauru - 4 dager siden
Youse should drop a house
Leśny Zagajniczek
Leśny Zagajniczek - 5 dager siden
Kurwa Malucha? you are monsters. why maluch fiat 126?
Stuart W
Stuart W - 5 dager siden
7:18 you guys just smoked a cone ... didn't ya? Haha and another at 13:31 "il tell ya who else is primed" lmao
Xz0779 - 6 dager siden
How could it missed twice when you guys dropped the jetski and the car luckly hit near the middle . Oh well , great video anyway
Melisse Foley
Melisse Foley - 6 dager siden
MikuFan 3000
MikuFan 3000 - 6 dager siden
13:56 Car drops.
Fox Tron
Fox Tron - 6 dager siden
I found a still full can, quite a lot actually at 11:05
YoungBassHead - 7 dager siden
14:14 how it feels to stub ur toe in the dark
Cloud Sofa
Cloud Sofa - 7 dager siden
Drop a giant axe on a giant axe
josiahsdays - 8 dager siden
Former United States Firefighter here.
Those foam type extinguishers have been linked to causing cancer.
There's actually a lawsuit going now here in the U.S. over it.
Be careful exposing yourself to the contents.
AlwaysMoosk - 8 dager siden
Way to miss everything!
Fake ryft ur Fake Bh notluk
Fake ryft ur Fake Bh notluk - 9 dager siden
Z Matt
Z Matt - 9 dager siden
Rami rama Hajj ibrahim
Rami rama Hajj ibrahim - 9 dager siden
Drop a big water malon
kulung - 9 dager siden
Zrzucili fiata 126p
Tr3y Psycho
Tr3y Psycho - 9 dager siden
Do y’all get tired running down the steps?😭😭
Lee Pender
Lee Pender - 10 dager siden
Need to drop a lamow on the aks
shawn Marshall
shawn Marshall - 10 dager siden
What is the tower actually used for ?
FinDrac - 10 dager siden
Good thing is that the car wasn't green! MrBean wouldn't be happy!
danielle handley
danielle handley - 11 dager siden
Got a TV onto the axe plzzzzzzzz and A tesla model X
Ritz - 11 dager siden
Absolutely one of the funniest people, i am 100% proud to say America subscribes you ❤️very funny, creative, inspirational, always something new, I’m no critic but keep up the flipping work this is amazing content i gotta keep watching till i reach y’all’s first video ever posted!!!
KellonFlips - 11 dager siden
"It's definitely not what it was..." as it dangles from a rope while pieces fall off of it😂
Jake Black
Jake Black - 12 dager siden
Quick question have you ever been scared of the tower falling
Penguinboss 85
Penguinboss 85 - 12 dager siden
Drop a gallon of orbis
Penguinboss 85
Penguinboss 85 - 12 dager siden
A ballon of Orby’s
Shao Lor
Shao Lor - 12 dager siden
Drip that ax on an RV or a trailer.
DÓBAN DUBANOWSKI - 12 dager siden
O kurwa kaszlak xD
Benjamin Holub-Simonsen
Benjamin Holub-Simonsen - 13 dager siden
Drop a little plane👌
W A A N - 13 dager siden
I really was tryna find the kids tho 😂 im liker where they at
Harry Bandril
Harry Bandril - 13 dager siden
Give away some drone pls
Christo Laas
Christo Laas - 13 dager siden
Самурай Амонг ас
Бедный катер
David Smith
David Smith - 14 dager siden
john greco
john greco - 14 dager siden
drop a huge giant gummy bear RED
john greco
john greco - 14 dager siden
drop a piano
GRECA GAMER - 14 dager siden
11:36 T rex!
sanjay - 14 dager siden
10:21 it sounds like dp-28
Ryan Yetman-Healey
Ryan Yetman-Healey - 15 dager siden
they should drop a long superglued lego stick and drop it onto the axe it would be satisfying
Unikitty - 15 dager siden
To show the power this axe. We chopped a car in half
Cody Jones
Cody Jones - 15 dager siden
Can y'all drop some basketballs on the big axe and some watermelons in a cantaloupe
Edward Boela
Edward Boela - 16 dager siden
Drop a truck battery on the giant axe and n Tv
ربا الشهري
ربا الشهري - 16 dager siden
الحمدلله الذي عافانا مما ابتلى به
Szczur Jadowity aviation
Szczur Jadowity aviation - 16 dager siden
Enter The Bunker
Enter The Bunker - 16 dager siden
Why did they race upstairs for no reason haha
Mr_beniboi - 16 dager siden
You should drop a mini house on it
icat kafası
icat kafası - 16 dager siden
The quirky garage 1999
The quirky garage 1999 - 16 dager siden
Poor fiat 126 they are rare especially in Australia 😢
Lachlan Sinclair
Lachlan Sinclair - 17 dager siden
Drop a tye and a door
Tyler Shnachs
Tyler Shnachs - 17 dager siden
I wish someone would drop me on that axe
mike coombes
mike coombes - 17 dager siden
you guys yell to much very loud. very annoying. and you scream like little girls
Peter Swinkels
Peter Swinkels - 17 dager siden
Use a larger car with an intact interior next time.
JinnTacc - 18 dager siden
A crash test dummy.
Made entirely of spam.
Cindy Deschamps
Cindy Deschamps - 18 dager siden
sam Thomas
sam Thomas - 18 dager siden
An axe on another axe
Stephanie Fausnacht
Stephanie Fausnacht - 19 dager siden
A gun full of amnishin
Crankie Games09
Crankie Games09 - 19 dager siden
Crash dummy
David Roman
David Roman - 19 dager siden
Oh my God
Dylan Robson
Dylan Robson - 19 dager siden
Put a camera in the car next time.
Salim Sayed
Salim Sayed - 20 dager siden
R.I.P Jet ski

AceCorruption - 20 dager siden
Imagine having to manually pull that car all the way to the top
Rajngla - 20 dager siden
Oh my gods, that's a Fiat 126, also called Zastava or Peglica, those were everywhere in Croatia during Yugoslavia and some of them can still be found driving to this day.
Jessica Ingram
Jessica Ingram - 20 dager siden
Drop a big screen TV!
Henry Meier
Henry Meier - 20 dager siden
How do you get all the stof there???
Henry Meier
Henry Meier - 20 dager siden
Can the axe be named maxwel2?
Patryk Lechowicz
Patryk Lechowicz - 20 dager siden
Polish car Malooch🇵🇱
Tabor Whitehead
Tabor Whitehead - 20 dager siden
7:04 Yeah I did not need to see that
Mickey Tets
Mickey Tets - 20 dager siden
14:01 car hit
14:21 kids applause
Thnx 😋
Hrishikesh Bhat
Hrishikesh Bhat - 20 dager siden
Drop a TV in the giant axe
Marcus Aplin
Marcus Aplin - 21 dag siden
Roads???? Where we’re going, we won’t need roads!!!!😏
Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz - 21 dag siden
Next time can you give me the jetski
Bradley Patino
Bradley Patino - 21 dag siden
Popular mom
larosa90 - 21 dag siden
Drop a semi trailer
Missy Mama
Missy Mama - 21 dag siden
So unsatisfied about the jet ski
kuba pantálek
kuba pantálek - 21 dag siden
You made such a mess at that place 😔 you should clean it all up
Frosty Wicker
Frosty Wicker - 22 dager siden
The millisecond before the car hit... A FUCKING AD