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Fruit Ninja with a trampoline in the mix, how good!
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Khysarth - År siden
Eric Willis
Eric Willis - 2 måneder siden
I honestly thought it was the 007 movies lol
Kevin Rafferty
Kevin Rafferty - 3 måneder siden
I was gonna say Die Hard 😆
Luigi_Kenobi - 4 måneder siden
@The_man_who_speaks_in_hands Gaster I think the action part would be from when the ship hits the iceberg forward. An example is the fiance chasing them and firing the gun.
Buff Ass Elmo
Buff Ass Elmo - 11 måneder siden
space balls
Alex Barbre
Alex Barbre - År siden
Princess Bride was my guess
Eric Willis
Eric Willis - 2 måneder siden
I had thought the 007 movies
krazycarl27 - 3 måneder siden
Derek's favorite movie is The Hobbit, or Herron Back Again.
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - 4 måneder siden
6:40 probably my favorite Herron Boom!
Susanto Ryou
Susanto Ryou - 7 måneder siden
Poor melon
X ElectricReaper X
X ElectricReaper X - 8 måneder siden
toy story
Jeff D.
Jeff D. - 8 måneder siden
What is the song at 3:35?
Alastair Sellars
Alastair Sellars - 8 måneder siden
Next food ninja from 45m... Coconuts, Beef Roasts, Cartons of milk, Pumpkins, Frozen Fish.
Alastair Sellars
Alastair Sellars - 8 måneder siden
Go the coconut......
Jonathan Sowell
Jonathan Sowell - 8 måneder siden
should have dropped on at a time
GOD GAMER - 8 måneder siden
little binga
What's Inside
What's Inside - 8 måneder siden
Drop a trampoline of the tower
Juanez Fernandez 0907
Juanez Fernandez 0907 - 10 måneder siden
MICHELLE FELLION - 11 måneder siden
you should do line x banna vs fruit ninja.
RelatableRant Media
RelatableRant Media - 11 måneder siden
I was one of the students in the crowd 😂😂
Megan McGuire
Megan McGuire - 11 måneder siden
I was in the we’ll pin ya part eheheheh
John Doe
John Doe - 11 måneder siden
Absolute sink ya momma
Mirlijn Kuijs
Mirlijn Kuijs - År siden
Star wars
Alex Barbre
Alex Barbre - År siden
Rock Melon is a cantaloupe???
Chris Goodluck
Chris Goodluck - År siden
Love Standford noming down on half the sandy snacks.
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy - År siden
Forest gump
Driver SPB
Driver SPB - År siden
Bingo!! Woah woah woah!
Sammie J Shaw
Sammie J Shaw - År siden
Yeah nah yeah. Melon looked alright
Lydia yamilet
Lydia yamilet - År siden
Do it with ninja stars it would ligit
ShadowAssassin088 - År siden
James Bond
blkdraco2 - År siden
7:47 to 7:50 gives me the impression that he tried to eat the bee.
TRACE - År siden
[ LIR ] Next --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Ks4fsspgM&t=1s
Chase Owens
Chase Owens - År siden
Phantom of the Opera
KatoombaFire - År siden
Is your favourite movie Jonny English?
KatoombaFire - År siden
I have been to japan
Amethyst - År siden
This might be a bit of a stretch, but soap bars instead of fruits? It's the only thing I can think of that's safe enough to be around when it's dropping
Jayson Martinez
Jayson Martinez - År siden
Ninja some Coconuts
Seth Frego
Seth Frego - År siden
Play paintball from the top of the tower throwing 1000s out while the guys on the ground avoid getting hit
JUDY WILKS - År siden
Seth Frego trash nigga
Crulgao - År siden
Cantaloupe? Cmon guys, you're Aussie
lovelypeople freeatlast
Bell of folks?
Harry Bosse
Harry Bosse - År siden
You should NINJA some spray paint Cans. So you KNOW when you hit it... 😲
theespazmaster - År siden
Cool how shadiversity is also on your channel completely two different channels come together both of yours channels are so awesome pretty cool how are y'all we're able to do this video
Kordova-_- - År siden
I was thinking inception
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - År siden
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert - År siden
Haileigh Daniel :/
Haileigh Daniel :/ - År siden
Bryan Bokser
Bryan Bokser - År siden
When using the tramp, you need to dig a hole under it
Bryan Bokser
Bryan Bokser - År siden
The thing with a katana, is control
Jonathan Idol
Jonathan Idol - År siden
The Princess Bride
BigMikez 319
BigMikez 319 - År siden
Favourite movie Titanic
Ben Cochran
Ben Cochran - År siden
Not a living soul:
Raptors in Ark: WE’LL PIN YA!!!!!
Jeff D.
Jeff D. - 8 måneder siden
Zelda Junkie
Zelda Junkie - År siden
Yoooo i love Shadiversity so much! to see him with you guys is a dream come true
Tristan Bray
Tristan Bray - År siden
Cloudurboy - År siden
Luv ur chan
X-Venture gaming
X-Venture gaming - År siden
Why is this on the bulletproof glass series? 🤔
Thermite Hawk
Thermite Hawk - År siden
You should try to do the wii sports resort speed sliceing
Cole Beazer
Cole Beazer - År siden
Yes I have seen the lion king
Miles Mazumdar
Miles Mazumdar - År siden
kgb85MD - År siden
Boondock Saints
Kirtley Bellotti
Kirtley Bellotti - År siden
Drop watermelons or other items on a trampoline then try shoot them with a bow and arrow as a challenge
Jake Pat
Jake Pat - År siden
2:26 shad looking like my favorite npc in any RPG
joooodah - År siden
Yay! Shad!!!! Lol fun :) :)
Josh Watson
Josh Watson - År siden
Use a baseball bat and drop tennis balls!!
bentspoon117 - År siden
The Princess Bride
crafty boi melon
crafty boi melon - År siden
Guys there stretching their videos for ads
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora - År siden
Suggestion, put down a tarp with a painted target, place fruits and the like in places with a watermelon in the bullseye, then drop either the big dart or a sword from the tower for points?
Marshal Wilkinson
Marshal Wilkinson - År siden
Rachael Masterson
Rachael Masterson - År siden
Wearing my lion king PJ's #hakunamatta
Rachael Masterson
Rachael Masterson - År siden
Titanic ( btw I didn't even read the first pin haha I was like ok so there's a bit of comady in titanic romance and action yes so titanic so I clicked post and then spotted the pin and was like yes!!!!! Btw my fave movie to
Christophe Deresteau
Christophe Deresteau - År siden
Try a coconut!
Chris Watson
Chris Watson - År siden
Favourite movie, it has to be - Deep Impact! :D
sharpy 345
sharpy 345 - År siden
should have gone and poked the pear that was on the trampoline.. cause it hadnt touched the ground yet.
Jurriaan van der Linden
Movie must be Die Hard
Finnian Buckley
Finnian Buckley - År siden
What if you did fruit ninja on a "notification bell" and tried to slice that?
Harvey Griffiths
Harvey Griffiths - År siden
Ace Ventura(the first one)
Jim Carey is the best
Zahava G.
Zahava G. - År siden
Lion King 🦁👑#commtest
Alex Burckhardt
Alex Burckhardt - År siden
You have to do that idea you mentioned at the end! two of you holding up the trampoline. I mean I wouldn't throw down a watermelon at first but surely you can think of something... :)
ori6765 - År siden
Christ Forever
Christ Forever - År siden
Deadpool or Iron man
DanielAttempts - År siden
Has anybody realised that the tower is one meter too high
Connor Plue
Connor Plue - År siden
bruce almighty
Jake Singer
Jake Singer - År siden
Thumbs up for da shoe
Josh Manor
Josh Manor - År siden
The Princess Bride.
ShannonSL311 - År siden
The Princess Bride
Sapphiros - År siden
Bowling Ball Ninja
MusicManPlayedU - År siden
Ali-a music plays after jntro
Shene Van Aller
Shene Van Aller - År siden
never heard a cantalope caled a rock melon before
MoNoChrome - År siden
Don’t play with food!
Redfangs Timeroler
Redfangs Timeroler - År siden
for future fruit ninja , you should weigh the smallest cut half of each person over 3 rounds heaviest slivers wins.. #44club
Steven Gandt
Steven Gandt - År siden
Brock Berrigan, funking it with the fruit slashing!
McKenzie Myers
McKenzie Myers - År siden
.55 seconds 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saul Sowersby
Saul Sowersby - År siden
The mask
Beefheart Vandercrease
I would like to see if the magnus effect works with watermelons off the dam.
MOLAGAMER 44 - År siden
try to cut a tennis ball
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer - År siden
The new sonic moive
FruityPerezFamily - År siden
If anyone is wondering the music they use during the slow mo replays is Funk It by Brock Berrigan. Love his stuff.
bcarll - År siden
Miles Hawthorne
Miles Hawthorne - År siden
do fruit ninja but with the atlas stone
Cooper Denny
Cooper Denny - År siden
dislike just because Gauson was wronged
SO i am Scott
SO i am Scott - År siden
Knight ninja use a knight sword
Angelica Bates
Angelica Bates - År siden
I am new to your Chantal the first video I washed was your baby reveal and then I went to this one I loved your baby review and I said that I went to this one yes I went to the one were you drop balls and that was cool and I subscribed I like your Chantal and yeah anyways there is a gamer one I will wash after this one then I have to do homework I may do it before I wash this
Walon Pulang
Walon Pulang - År siden
you probably shouldn't have eaten the apple after it fell from the dropping platform in your test zone because it touched the sand mate.
Talan K Schuldies
Talan K Schuldies - År siden
The Cobbler
Supreme_airforce - År siden
Supreme_airforce - År siden
Minute 54:0p