This Xbox One is STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! 45m Drop Test (insane results)

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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Runtime: 20:16


Tactiic - Måned siden
Ole Kleiven
Ole Kleiven - Måned siden
@Mephistopheles don’t be rude to the kid
Mephistopheles - Måned siden
@William Valentine-Paten wtf are you talking about lol
Benjamin Sullivan
Benjamin Sullivan - Måned siden
Shower thoughts: How did they survive
William Valentine-Paten
William Valentine-Paten - Måned siden
@David Hockey thank you so much
David Hockey
David Hockey - Måned siden
@William Valentine-Paten what
Fincier Gaming
Fincier Gaming - 4 dager siden
this is painful to watch
Zaydien Banks
Zaydien Banks - 4 dager siden
The Xbox 1 and PlayStation4 are the best but I like Xbox better.
Playing Calm
Playing Calm - 5 dager siden
gay got bored
Classic CJ
Classic CJ - 6 dager siden
God must really like Xbox.
Anthony Barnes
Anthony Barnes - 6 dager siden
I think they need to try playing a game on those and using the disc drive though ...
Jonathan Adair
Jonathan Adair - 7 dager siden
I'm sure the hard drive would have to be dead. Although if I the hard drive was running, there would be more of a chance of it dying.
Quillem Foy
Quillem Foy - 9 dager siden
This drop requires me to be very accurate
RAZØR WØLF - 11 dager siden
Tron 7
Tron 7 - 17 dager siden
Xbox Designers: Why the heck are these guys celebrating?
peter leonti
peter leonti - 18 dager siden
How good
AlexandersFunhouse - 18 dager siden
Mohammad Ersi
Mohammad Ersi - 18 dager siden
A free fall would've been nice
Just Dance & Reviews
Just Dance & Reviews - 19 dager siden
Waiting Wii U drop test 👀
Zachary Clarke
Zachary Clarke - 20 dager siden
How did all the Xboxes work
Mason Cote
Mason Cote - 21 dag siden
I’m impressed
Justin Burke
Justin Burke - 22 dager siden
people that own this type of xbox probaly got 2 thoughts of this was there xbox cause i was scared lol
Dillon Larkin
Dillon Larkin - 23 dager siden
But can they read discs?
Luke Schmoker
Luke Schmoker - 23 dager siden
No he said, “this drop really requires me to be very accurate” I messed up the first time
Don - 23 dager siden
The Three Stooges for today. Excellent.
Gusest2676 - 24 dager siden
PS5 vs Xbox series X from 45M tower after 11/12/20?
100 Subs?
100 Subs? - 25 dager siden
Touches it “ breaks”
Xvaldez32 - 26 dager siden
jesus christ might as well drop it by itself and see if it survives. I'm surprised they all work so it makes you wonder. What's the limit?
Keegan Beaver
Keegan Beaver - 26 dager siden
And my Xbox gets a hardware issue by sitting on my self not even powered on. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - 26 dager siden
I wanna see that vid of the storm!!!!!!!
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - 26 dager siden
lol the trampolines got wallaced
GeMiNii nMe
GeMiNii nMe - 27 dager siden
Can this get 44k likes before 44 days?
RANDOM DUDE - 27 dager siden
Hey guys thanks for doing this it’s a hard year but you guys really cheered me and my family up so again thanks also tell Rexy he does a good job
Kelsey Megan
Kelsey Megan - 27 dager siden
The opposition with KFC!!! Love it
Whats-My-Fandom - 27 dager siden
10:22-10:43 That is hilarious!
15:20 That sounded like a blade being drawn! Yikes!
Can't believe they all turned on!
Hype man CAM
Hype man CAM - 27 dager siden
4:07 turn volume all the way up
Mike W
Mike W - 29 dager siden
You should test the packaging of this by dropping it and seeing if whatever was inside the package survived.
MegaBrokenstar - 29 dager siden
Do again, same system, same protection methods, but off the Swiss dam
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins - 29 dager siden
PlayStation players aren’t gonna be happy about this one boys
MR wavey
MR wavey - Måned siden
Xbox all day
SonOfGalactus - Måned siden
this blows my mind after ive had 2 of these fail with regular use...haha my ps4 ive had since the day of release...droped it 5 times and still works fine...fluke maybe?
Deanna Schafer
Deanna Schafer - Måned siden
Robert Noyes
Robert Noyes - Måned siden
should of drop the TV
Thomas Poulin
Thomas Poulin - Måned siden
Lights? Camera?
*cha ching*
Dorian Salinas
Dorian Salinas - Måned siden
It was a Rexbox
culteredloner2 chudy
culteredloner2 chudy - Måned siden
Are they Australian
Drock70 - Måned siden
HR must Drop All gaming consoles
Even Atari.
thekawasakikid_az _
thekawasakikid_az _ - Måned siden
Have a 444kilo steel half sized hulk made and drop on everything
J.c Zowitsky
J.c Zowitsky - Måned siden
I am saving for a xbox 1 for 2 mothes
Jesse Baillie
Jesse Baillie - Måned siden
I watched Danny Duncan's video today and he was throwing his box thru a window and it survived
Epic Line
Epic Line - Måned siden
did yall ever bother to play games to truly see if its broken in anyway?
Jack of all Trades
Jack of all Trades - Måned siden
I’ve only just realised that for some strange reason it had unsubscribed me, I’d double check you let everyone know on like your next viddy cause that’s weird?
Morris Walker
Morris Walker - Måned siden
12:06 thats what she said
G-WAGON - Måned siden
My biggest comment is to see what happens when you own the original and you used new ones to see if it worked but I'll donate mine if you will buy me a xbox one I've had my xbox since 3 months after they came out
Mark Eze
Mark Eze - Måned siden
It’s lit
Szymsta - Måned siden
lucas lucas
lucas lucas - Måned siden
KFC needs to sponsor you!
Jayden Sack
Jayden Sack - Måned siden
U said This Drop Really Requires me to be very accurate
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - Måned siden
i dont have no gaming stacns t have alwas wanted one so plz plz plz i love yal
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - Måned siden
i have alwas wanted a xbox but never got one so can i have one
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - Måned siden
i forgot rely
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - Måned siden
this drop will requier me to be very ackuit
DAB_Zillah710 - Måned siden
Awesome video guys, would have like to have seen one of them at least fall on to concentrate ground!
Sean Rakitnichan
Sean Rakitnichan - Måned siden
Love your channel what make of the funky lights you have??
Basile Gruel
Basile Gruel - Måned siden
Somewhere, at Microsoft's headquarters, an engineering team got bought pizza by their boss
Casey Efaw
Casey Efaw - Måned siden
Desiree Lukowicz
Desiree Lukowicz - Måned siden
Oh wow.
ArmchairWarrior - Måned siden
Watching this channel is like watching the smallest frat house with 3 members.
Hamish Cameron
Hamish Cameron - Måned siden
Jaws 013
Jaws 013 - Måned siden
Absolutely thrilled that the first game you played was Rocket league. Its my crippling addiction
Tomas Macdonagh
Tomas Macdonagh - Måned siden
Shoukd do a ps
lumpilump2005 - Måned siden
Can you drop one without any protection to see if that would still work?
Charlee de Haas
Charlee de Haas - Måned siden
Hey guys! Me and my brother have always dreamt of having an xbox! It's ok if you've already shipped them off, but if you haven't it would mean so much to us if we won!! You guys are so fun and funny and we really love watching your chanel!
Neesha Lenee'
Neesha Lenee' - Måned siden
The strongest thing on earth 🤣🌎 they didn't break for anything and rexy took the most damage praying for his needs 😖😖💔
Iboomer 29
Iboomer 29 - Måned siden
Xbox ones are the best
Scott Winfrey
Scott Winfrey - Måned siden
Do this with GameCubes. They're the Nokia of game consoles.
NIGHTMARE 3246 - Måned siden
Somehow Microsoft has engineered an aerodynamic box.
David Marcoux
David Marcoux - Måned siden
Do they just own this tower now?
Tyler Mcdonald
Tyler Mcdonald - Måned siden
Terry Warrick Jr
Terry Warrick Jr - Måned siden
you guys are RIDICULOUS lol
Adam Marsden
Adam Marsden - Måned siden
nice won guys LAPTOP DROP LAPTOP DROP LAPTOP DROP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPLE VS ANDROID WHO WILL WIN ?????????????
Greg Corder
Greg Corder - Måned siden
xbox lives
ViaAyres - Måned siden
Josh Beers
Josh Beers - Måned siden
Teamwork makes the dream works!!!
ShadowWolf 102
ShadowWolf 102 - Måned siden
see, i told y'all xbox is better
Ricardo Pimentel
Ricardo Pimentel - Måned siden
He drew coronavirus on the 5th Xbox.
spongeviper - Måned siden
That’s my console Xbox all the way
Gumby - Måned siden
Nice video, how much you want to get they get damaged in shipping to the Winners 😂😂😂
Agile Skink
Agile Skink - Måned siden
Rexy should join parkour with that roll landing.
baby potato
baby potato - Måned siden
Are we not gonna talk about the tarp over the couch
Colton Pike
Colton Pike - Måned siden
2k players: bro why y’all not waiting for next gen they wouldn’t l have taken damage
Tomahawk - Måned siden
Can I something
Ross Allen
Ross Allen - Måned siden
wow i did not realize how durable those things are. I would not have assumed that all of them would have survived
Roy Weatherby
Roy Weatherby - Måned siden
Is Australia ready for the government to tag everyone with health monitors? how good is this covid19 nonsense. Hope the vaccine does a little better than the dead person in brazil with the vaccine trial. Nothing to worry about folks, positive the government will do a good job with the vaccines. One can only hope :/
Obilisk Plays
Obilisk Plays - Måned siden
I want a console My friends are all playing games on consoles (not a Nintendo Switch) I just want to be able to play game’s with them and they mostly play pc games
young savage
young savage - Måned siden
People who disliked this play gaystation
young savage
young savage - Måned siden
Aniolowski 117
Aniolowski 117 - Måned siden
i love watching more ads and bs than actual content in videos!
phantomplayer5079 - Måned siden
Xbox is undestroyble
great respect
great respect - Måned siden
Go at 8:40.... Thank me by like
David Smith
David Smith - Måned siden
this drop requires me to be very accurate
Trickxus - Måned siden
Just because they turn on doesn't mean they work the hard drive could be shot and the disc trey could be broken
Ziyaad Love
Ziyaad Love - Måned siden
Where do we get those light
Patrick W
Patrick W - Måned siden
Yeah they turn on, but do they actually work, as in able to still play a game, the drops could have messed up the disc drive.
Bitter Glitter
Bitter Glitter - Måned siden
His laugh sounds like trying to shoot dry potato salad through a PVC pipe