SOLID STEEL Hulk Fist (660lbs) Vs. CONCRETE Stack! 45m Tower Drop

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Runtime: 19:23


AntiChronic - 2 måneder siden
Ada Floyd
Ada Floyd - 4 dager siden
@Robert Jackson what eye?
Race Alley
Race Alley - 4 dager siden
I still want to know how you narrowed it down to 120 possibilities
Chickent_Nug - 5 dager siden
Kye Whiteman
Kye Whiteman - 11 dager siden
Black Red Yellow Pink Blue
29 Mamdouh Tarek
29 Mamdouh Tarek - 28 dager siden
400th liker gg
Roy Patton
Roy Patton - Time siden
Numbers 18 and 19 looked like the got a crack in them.
Indra Widyantara
Indra Widyantara - 3 timer siden
I love when its chrash
benjamin bowkley
benjamin bowkley - 5 timer siden
Time to make a dentist appointment. 250K likes
GB 1986
GB 1986 - 6 timer siden
Oh Derek.... I think you have an appointment to make.... #fixthetooth
Eleazar Heinze
Eleazar Heinze - 9 timer siden
Mikie Johnson
Mikie Johnson - 9 timer siden
Time to fix that tooth too!! 250k!
Mikie Johnson
Mikie Johnson - 9 timer siden
Biggest game of bloody knuckles ever at 09:30
Ian McPherson
Ian McPherson - 10 timer siden
The smile on my face when I paused the video and found out it has 250k likes ☺️
Howl Pendragon
Howl Pendragon - 11 timer siden
Took 2 months but we finally got 250k likes
BoxofRox 873
BoxofRox 873 - 15 timer siden
Haley Foster
Haley Foster - 23 timer siden
YES!! WE MADE IT!! 🎉🍾🎉
jamie g
jamie g - Dag siden
WE MADE IT 250k likes Derek has to fix his tooth 😂
Jeff - Dag siden
250K , you know what that means
far out RC
far out RC - Dag siden
One wheels awesome
lucas seakins
lucas seakins - Dag siden
WE DID IT GUYS!! 250,000 likes!!
Declan Parrott
Declan Parrott - Dag siden
Fix his tooth, right now already 250k likes
T.J. V
T.J. V - Dag siden
We’re at 250!!!!! Yesss! How good!
Danny202 - Dag siden
250 likes! BOOM!!! Dereeeeeek!!!
c0ldfrenchfries - Dag siden
Derek's gotta fix his tooth! And you should film it!!!
Endiabolos - Dag siden
250k reached , how good, go for it !!
aBellantoni TV
aBellantoni TV - Dag siden
We are at 250k now!
Liam Bray
Liam Bray - Dag siden
whos here at 249,970 likes
mrjones422 - Dag siden
Currently at 249K so I had to thumbs it up.
shannon schrey
shannon schrey - 2 dager siden
660 lb Hulk fist made from tungsten. It would be much smaller but it would be interesting to see what it does compared to the big steel fist
Wyatt Castle
Wyatt Castle - 2 dager siden
SO CLOSE TO 250k!!
Jovica Jovcic
Jovica Jovcic - 2 dager siden
101 likes needed as of this moment! lets get it boys
Jovica Jovcic
Jovica Jovcic - Dag siden
@Stain of Poop ummm i don't how to check on my phone but i do know how on PC. So basically you point your mouse over the line that's under the like and dislike button. It will show you the exact number of likes and dislikes. Try it out and let me know if it works
Stain of Poop
Stain of Poop - 2 dager siden
How do u know that?
HvR - 2 dager siden
108 LIKES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucas seakins
lucas seakins - 2 dager siden
Come on guys.. We're so close to 250K likes! 12:28
AMH MRD - 2 dager siden
It hit 250k. Get your tooth fixed now
matty lightfoot
matty lightfoot - 2 dager siden
i love you
Red Wings Fan
Red Wings Fan - 2 dager siden
1000 likes away
Joseph Kirk
Joseph Kirk - 3 dager siden
Herron, 350 likes away from getting that tooth fixed. Start booking an appointment
Corn Whiskey
Corn Whiskey - 3 dager siden
Heyo number 250k💪🏼😬get ready Herron
Runehorn - 3 dager siden
249k of 250k!!!
Gigi Clark
Gigi Clark - 3 dager siden
So close to the tooth!!!! Like this viddy!
Jacob Montey
Jacob Montey - 3 dager siden
pink purple
Madison Blake
Madison Blake - 3 dager siden
1k till Herron can get his tooth fixed
Me - 3 dager siden
1k more likes!
Me - 3 dager siden
one thing
what_is_there_to_see _lol
what_is_there_to_see _lol - 3 dager siden
u guys r the best
Ethan Sturch
Ethan Sturch - 3 dager siden
ok so 1,538,057 people have failed Herron. if 1 every 3000 of them liked he'd have it by now. dissapointed.
Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker - 3 dager siden
Soooo close guys....249k
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis - 3 dager siden
Mr.no_simp - 3 dager siden
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams - 3 dager siden
Omg 249k likes rn
Chris Haseldine
Chris Haseldine - 4 dager siden
Chris Haseldine
Chris Haseldine - 4 dager siden
PsiPhi Brandon Hare
PsiPhi Brandon Hare - 4 dager siden
As of right now, 11:52 am 11/30/20 we're at 249,000 likes, let's go!!
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor - 4 dager siden
why does bruce only have 3 fingers on the shirt?
Erick Martin
Erick Martin - 4 dager siden
Bru so close in the likes
Claudia Long
Claudia Long - 4 dager siden
If everyone who watched this gave a like, the tooth could be gold!
Megawolf Watts
Megawolf Watts - 4 dager siden
Anyone who hasnt liked this, were at 249k. Derek. Needs. A. Tooth.
Zeph Venn
Zeph Venn - 4 dager siden
249k comments. So close
Ben Crabb
Ben Crabb - 4 dager siden
249k you better book that dentist 🤣🤣
DumbAss Inventor
DumbAss Inventor - 4 dager siden
You’re at 248, we can do itb
Gwion dukes
Gwion dukes - 5 dager siden
Elias G
Elias G - 5 dager siden
Chickent_Nug - 5 dager siden
Drop a hulk fist on a hulk fist
Joseph P
Joseph P - 5 dager siden
Smashing content............................
MrCoolcustomer - 5 dager siden
Yeah, watching at 1080p on a 300 inch projection screen. Yeah, greyed out tooth is about 10 inches on my screen. Lol, didn't wanna say anything.
Michael Presler
Michael Presler - 5 dager siden
Soooooo dope
Trent Wenger
Trent Wenger - 5 dager siden
This Video is awsome
High Awesome
High Awesome - 5 dager siden
Andy Barlow
Andy Barlow - 5 dager siden
Hell yeah
Rose Blite
Rose Blite - 5 dager siden
248 K Likes and counting. Less than 2 K to get that tooth fixed.
Rebound Rage Quit
Rebound Rage Quit - 5 dager siden
Chris men
Chris men - 5 dager siden
guys come one 250 k likes and he is going to fix his teeth
omar m
omar m - 5 dager siden
Adriel Adrian
Adriel Adrian - 5 dager siden
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett - 6 dager siden
lukeleit - 6 dager siden
I know someone who would love a one wheel!
Rael Mallach
Rael Mallach - 6 dager siden
Guys. Don't be Ridiculous. CUBE vs CUBE FTW!
Marcella Pollock
Marcella Pollock - 6 dager siden
Robert Hill
Robert Hill - 6 dager siden
Drop it on a cow.....lmfao...a live cow. How awful I know buuuuut its for fucking science
David Khavkin
David Khavkin - 6 dager siden
Nick Cole
Nick Cole - 6 dager siden
Nick Cole
Nick Cole - 6 dager siden
pink y o gr
Nick Cole
Nick Cole - 6 dager siden
Nick Cole
Nick Cole - 6 dager siden
blue black pink yellow
Nick Cole
Nick Cole - 6 dager siden
Patrick Harstad
Patrick Harstad - 6 dager siden
Awesome one wheel
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly - 6 dager siden
Braeden Brzezinski
Braeden Brzezinski - 7 dager siden
Pleae I poor
darklordojeda - 7 dager siden
My front right tooth was knocked out when I was a kid and it looks the same, it's a dead tooth.
Cooper Stale chips
Cooper Stale chips - 8 dager siden
One thing/anything you want
Anthony MOYER
Anthony MOYER - 8 dager siden
I love Oreos..... read more
Anthony MOYER
Anthony MOYER - 8 dager siden
JasonIsTinyMan - 8 dager siden
blue 1st
Lucette Williams
Lucette Williams - 8 dager siden
omg want that indestructible #onewheelxr
#howindustrutible #howridiculous omg
Brookelynn Matthews
Brookelynn Matthews - 8 dager siden
Life of Ryan
Life of Ryan - 8 dager siden
Candace Claywell
Candace Claywell - 8 dager siden
Green red yellow blue black
Candace Claywell
Candace Claywell - 8 dager siden
Green red
xSword of Night
xSword of Night - 8 dager siden
xSword of Night
xSword of Night - 8 dager siden
Gaming Kid
Gaming Kid - 8 dager siden
Joshua Fry
Joshua Fry - 8 dager siden
Delina Sly
Delina Sly - 8 dager siden
I want a one wheel
BigMoser Gaming
BigMoser Gaming - 8 dager siden
2,185 more likes to go!