MASSIVE SWORD Vs. 10,000 Sheets of Paper from 150ft!

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Runtime: 17:42


Eli Price
Eli Price - 4 timer siden
Look at the size of the teeth 🦷 on these boys !!!! Like holy smokes
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke - 5 timer siden
Yo man u guys are loud but pimp yo
Optisystemizer - 8 timer siden
Buster sword!
Simmion1984 - 9 timer siden
here from Alec's channel. happy to finally remember to come watch this, im so impressed with how well it falls based on his design, its awesome seeing how well it works!
pat McLain
pat McLain - 12 timer siden
I feel like Arthur is just perfect..... just saying
Dave Colvin
Dave Colvin - 14 timer siden
16:25 Eat a fly! 😂🤣😂
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio - 16 timer siden
15:36 These guys are so predictable. Always just look for the very last ad in the timeline, and click the second right after it.
I saved myself 17 minutes and 30 seconds.
My friends call me Janny
My friends call me Janny - 17 timer siden
I love how it just keeps going through the ground
Southern land Outdoors
Southern land Outdoors - 17 timer siden
The wood blocks made air space in between the packs of paper which created a cushion
Andy Tobin
Andy Tobin - 17 timer siden
If giant sword is what you're after, hit up Michael Cthulhu
garbaepotato - Dag siden
Bigger sword
Rhett Brown
Rhett Brown - Dag siden
I have the same screw diver
garbaepotato - Dag siden
Bruh he complain about cold bruh I live in Canada and my brother went out in shorts in -10 c
garbaepotato - Dag siden
Bruh he complain about cold bruh I live in Canada and my brother went out in shorts in -10 c
Patrick Desmond
Patrick Desmond - Dag siden
Name it Jake
Spook trap
Spook trap - Dag siden
drop it on a camera
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz - Dag siden
As soon as you stopped using the sword, sorry but, I'm out. I get that it's more challenging to aim but that's the only thing I came to see, after all, how many times can you watch the same exact thing being dropped on various items? I saw that in a different video. Good luck though.
the magic squid
the magic squid - Dag siden
tis just a scratch 12:21
farly goddfrey
farly goddfrey - 2 dager siden
lisabrock2002 - 2 dager siden
Penitraticuss the mighty
jscott76067 - 2 dager siden
Name it ARTHUR
Mikhail Boktor
Mikhail Boktor - 2 dager siden
or Arthur
Mikhail Boktor
Mikhail Boktor - 2 dager siden
name it phillip
twist7799 - 2 dager siden
Im glad you missed rexy.
Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Reynolds - 2 dager siden
You guys really need to hit up michaelcthulhu...
jonathan greenawalt
jonathan greenawalt - 2 dager siden
Should have carved a turkey with it.
Tearssyy pq
Tearssyy pq - 2 dager siden
Joseph breeden
Joseph breeden - 3 dager siden
mysticmonkey01 - 3 dager siden
Would love to know what everyone thinks of the coexistence of flys and Aussies.
Michael Nash
Michael Nash - 3 dager siden
I felt the best would be to suspend the General Blamey (sword) above the object about to receive punishment and then have Mr. Bruce drive it in like a hammer... can't miss and have a go at real Kcm... just Please translate for the Americans who haven't caught up with the Metric System.
AnimeDJ101 gaming
AnimeDJ101 gaming - 3 dager siden
Maybe I can lift the sword
Charles Nightingale
Charles Nightingale - 3 dager siden
Name the Sword Larry
Richard - 3 dager siden
Simply call it the beast
lepayen - 3 dager siden
Ward the sword!
ak47adultswim - 3 dager siden
i love that bruce makes the sand act like a fluid lol
Danger Ace
Danger Ace - 4 dager siden
You know you’re living in the boomer age when people pay more money for damaged products.
Mean Bean Productions
Mean Bean Productions - 4 dager siden
I bet it's like 20°C there-_-
Sean Silence
Sean Silence - 4 dager siden
I don't remember who did it (mythbusters maybe?), but someone made armor out of folded sheets of paper and it was really effective.
Naruto boi
Naruto boi - 4 dager siden
Or the 44 sword
Naruto boi
Naruto boi - 4 dager siden
King rexys sword
Stefan Zickefoose
Stefan Zickefoose - 4 dager siden
Josh Humphreys
Josh Humphreys - 4 dager siden
Bruce vs Phillip
Kevin Morillo
Kevin Morillo - 4 dager siden
Try dropping a 16" shell without bursting charge.
Gaming_ Gunman
Gaming_ Gunman - 4 dager siden
Aussies: we can’t lift this!
Vikings: Hold ma shield
Celtic Salt
Celtic Salt - 3 dager siden
Eddie Hall shows the vikings how to pick it up and properly use it first.
Alicia Miller
Alicia Miller - 4 dager siden
Ok, I feel like the obvious choice for a name is “Rexcalibur” it just fits so well! They could call it “Cali” for short!
Le Annihi
Le Annihi - 3 dager siden
Copied soo hard
RyeLaxy - 4 dager siden
Malachi Cox
Malachi Cox - 4 dager siden
Viagra cuz he said I don’t know if i can get this up
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 5 dager siden
How about...
“Soared-a lot”
Teddy Wills
Teddy Wills - 5 dager siden
Call it Phillip
Cole Christian
Cole Christian - 5 dager siden
Haha what about big boom dropper
keith banks
keith banks - 5 dager siden
Matt Dennis
Matt Dennis - 5 dager siden
Gains on talking about shredded jeans: the 360 degree camera 🥴😵
mirrorsphere - 5 dager siden
Everyone:partys on thy ground*

Guy on the top: *goes insane*
tonci biuk
tonci biuk - 5 dager siden
I REAAALLLLYYYYY want to try and lift the sword..
AlpacaBoi 7
AlpacaBoi 7 - 5 dager siden
This came out last month but, name em' Samuel.
Land Bro Orlea
Land Bro Orlea - 5 dager siden
or miky
Land Bro Orlea
Land Bro Orlea - 5 dager siden
name it phillip
Ian Ice
Ian Ice - 5 dager siden
Connor Witt
Connor Witt - 5 dager siden
leah dickens
leah dickens - 5 dager siden
Call the sword ‘buster’ from final fantasy 7
Zachery Poff
Zachery Poff - 6 dager siden
I think Gary fits well for the sword
ThePrufessa - 6 dager siden
I wanna see brucey smash the stack of paper
Kurti Cliff
Kurti Cliff - 6 dager siden
Name it steele sword. It should be named after a legend.
Kurti Cliff
Kurti Cliff - 6 dager siden
Oh no! You just wasted a tree!
ChrisMcRat - 6 dager siden
You could call it "Lance Alot"
Kaimera Orzechowski
Kaimera Orzechowski - 6 dager siden
Yall ever gonna use this again or?
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad - 6 dager siden
12:20 "Just a flesh wound" - Black Knight (Holy Grail)
Benjamin Passmore
Benjamin Passmore - 6 dager siden
The joke was good.
Football Franchisest
Football Franchisest - 6 dager siden
Kai Oscarr
Kai Oscarr - 6 dager siden
Its over mannequin I have the high ground!
Jaxon Smith
Jaxon Smith - 6 dager siden
Andre the giants sword 😂
Jay my loves tunage
Jay my loves tunage - 6 dager siden
name it sowrdy
xrod4800 - 6 dager siden
Team Phillip
Spencer Morcom
Spencer Morcom - 6 dager siden
southern 'merican
southern 'merican - 7 dager siden
Yall must have the best microphones available, i never though i would complain about a video being too LOUD !
Corbin D.
Corbin D. - 7 dager siden
Should make a giant dart board and play a game of cricket.
congoballs Gaming
congoballs Gaming - 7 dager siden
My comment about your merch disappears hmmmmm
congoballs Gaming
congoballs Gaming - 7 dager siden
He spent all that time to forge it then all u do is this smh that's 🇦🇺 for ya
Krzysztof Kawalec
Krzysztof Kawalec - 7 dager siden
Landsknechte sword is like that about 2m + and is about 5 kg . you guys don't know anything about swords . anyway funny shit
Potato Machine
Potato Machine - 7 dager siden
I wanna see a MBT vs 10k sheets of paper
Mike Lambert
Mike Lambert - 7 dager siden
Swordy McSwordface
The Swole Sword
VIK ROZE - 7 dager siden
Sally sword
Tessa Reese
Tessa Reese - 7 dager siden
J D - 8 dager siden
you should name it jormungandr
derrick SMITH
derrick SMITH - 8 dager siden
Brucie vs manie was the best!
P O T A T O - 8 dager siden
name it Will, short for William
Punished Kratos
Punished Kratos - 8 dager siden
This video is the modern version of King Arthur's story called "The Sword in the Sand."
Punished Kratos
Punished Kratos - 8 dager siden
The swords name should be "Clay." Short for "Claymore."
Melissa The Rotund
Melissa The Rotund - 8 dager siden
bigger sword!
Stab marge!
franklin ratheram
franklin ratheram - 8 dager siden
You are not worthy haha
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller - 8 dager siden
What about the name sir stabby
William Hutson
William Hutson - 8 dager siden
Ok, I don’t know if this was mentioned in the previous comments. The sword that needs to made and dropped is Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy. That thing could be made ridiculously heavy and it would have the chopping power of a fricken guillotine🤣
Oh and by the way, I’m in need of a method for calling in a proper air strike during paintball matches without actually seriously injuring anyone. I found myself hopelessly out flanked and having that ability would have been nice 👍 I figured you guys are the experts and could devise the method and hardware.
Jaxon Latimer
Jaxon Latimer - 8 dager siden
Big boy
Nathan Hughes
Nathan Hughes - 8 dager siden
"About how big is it? 2.5 meters oooo its got bit of a girth down there" lmao 😂
Darcell Alexander
Darcell Alexander - 9 dager siden
Yes I laughed at the cheeks 🤣🤣🤣
Kate Beran
Kate Beran - 9 dager siden
King Arthur
kirch1999 - 9 dager siden
How about a tungsten sword?
Mebuyyou - 9 dager siden
Big gerthy
Razshagaul - 9 dager siden
Honestly, I think it's just Philip's personality. He's a snarky dude. He's all "I gave you hope with the fruit. Now watch me murder your dreams >:)"
Brucey subs for Philip and squashes the mannequin.
Philip: "Brown-nosing people pleaser."
Daniel Simon
Daniel Simon - 9 dager siden
Bigger sword! Bigger sword!
dolinick - 9 dager siden
so good