Jet Ski Vs. World's Strongest Trampoline from 45m!

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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? We've got the The Chronos 1.4 which shoots 1500fps at 720p. Check it out here
A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Runtime: 11:08


Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams - 9 måneder siden
32,000 for the tramp
BandanaDrummer95 - 3 måneder siden
@Cory Cox - Engineering Projects My best guess is that the fabrication steps involving the kevlar take up a good chunk of the missing cost. Depending on the strength of the thread required, you've got a few hundred there, just from the straight seams (even just 45 lb. thread [on the weaker end] would cost about $300-$400 for these seams alone). Add in the reinforcement where the pockets for the pipes are, and it could be a couple thousand on thread alone. The fabricators also seemed to be the ones to do the sewing of the kevlar, which would probably involve a few hundred dollar rental of a long-arm sewing machine (and if what I've heard about sewing light kevlar holds up at this scale, maybe another hundred on needles breaking). Add another few hundred bucks of kevlar to make sure the plan works, and let's call it $2,500 in missing materials and rental costs from this. An additional at least 40 man-hours worth of labor that could otherwise be welding just sewing, and you get $18,500 total (26000 AUD). That's closer, and if there was an extra charge for basically taking up half their floor space for a day or two, and you get even closer. Mark Rober's video also implies that the kevlar was heavier than is usually used for fiberglassing (I'm guessing they at least have some contact in working on drag cars who would have pointed them towards the proper tool for cutting up to that weight), so it might be a bit more than $50/yd, especially with whatever potentially-international shipping was required. I can't even quite fudge your numbers up to $30k AUS without the kevlar taking more time to deal with than I'm already giving it (and without assuming offloading risk of it taking longer on to the customer).
Cory Cox - Engineering Projects
Cory Cox - Engineering Projects - 6 måneder siden
@DuzBee yeah, what the hell? here's my math (in USD): 120 yards of kevlar (est): $6000, 140 garage door springs $1680, steel piping at $25/20ft: call it $200 on the high side, bunch of carabiners, call that $1000, the rest of steel stock, call that $100, strapping and sewing $100, steel bars $200, tie downs and ground anchors $200, 6 hours of welding at $100/hr $600. Let's say another $2000 for odds and ends. comes to $12,000. (17500 AUD) I'm not counting trailer transport, fuel, tools, hours of other manufacturing, or anything else. They might mean total cost for the video start to finish. That's the only way I can imagine getting a number as high as $32,000 AUS
Dan Lade
Dan Lade - 7 måneder siden
@DuzBee the "yellow material" is kevlar. That fabric in the huge sheets used is incredibly expensive.
John Atherton
John Atherton - 7 måneder siden
@How Ridiculous 32k and he dropped the car first
DuzBee - 7 måneder siden
How Ridiculous MikWaters Fabrication... aka ‘arserapeication’ really saw you guys coming and fuckin hosed you on price lol..... There is about $3k in material and $2k in arserapeication labour
TheJStale - 4 dager siden
Tyler Tyler
Tyler Tyler - 13 dager siden
Crash Life
Crash Life - Måned siden
KR-19 Gaming
KR-19 Gaming - Måned siden
That kevlar is soaking wet
freechen yule 2 washing machine destruction
That's a kawasaki jet ski
Brenden Stahl
Brenden Stahl - 2 måneder siden
10:03 The camera also did a flip
Just Sam
Just Sam - 2 måneder siden
Just skip to the end guys jet ski at the end
Miss Dire
Miss Dire - 2 måneder siden
3:39 *Brrt* "Woo." That made me actually lol. That was definitely the bell.
Jerrica Jenkins
Jerrica Jenkins - 2 måneder siden
I'd love to see a tank dropped on the trampoline
Iradicdrax - 2 måneder siden
ken tuckeyfriedchicken
ken tuckeyfriedchicken - 2 måneder siden
just a video idea a ballistic dummy to fall from the top to see if you could survive onto the trampoline then onto the ground then whatever remains or if you have any surviving parts we could see what the hulk fist would make of it hope I get to see this sometime you guys are great cheers for the many hours of entertainment I have had in watching you so far love Aussies no PC crap over there either which makes you great
Markus Parrott
Markus Parrott - 2 måneder siden
This is a joke but its clickbaitit shows him holding the jetski one more joke what is the mos unspoken language sigh language
Serendipity Trick Shots
Serendipity Trick Shots - 3 måneder siden
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - 3 måneder siden
"we bounced a freaking bath" 😂😂
gotta be one of the best lines ive ever heard
Cynical_L.E.D. - 3 måneder siden
Even the camera on the Jetske did a flip how good
GB 1986
GB 1986 - 3 måneder siden
How does this vid only have 43k likes?
Bal_ Reflxz
Bal_ Reflxz - 3 måneder siden
Ramijan Jan
Ramijan Jan - 3 måneder siden
Jake Kopchinski
Jake Kopchinski - 3 måneder siden
delicous fun
Buletz - 4 måneder siden
Anyone notice any strange behavior between herin and gaunson
dirt prutznal
dirt prutznal - 4 måneder siden
What was that little animal on it...?
anamorph - 4 måneder siden
the shouting is so annoying!!!
Matto - 4 måneder siden
Gaunson: I need a new lamp. Actually I have a lamp I need a new bulb
Mark London
Mark London - 4 måneder siden
Jet Ski for sale, used once, clean, gets good air. First to see will buy.
it's ya boi ethan
it's ya boi ethan - 5 måneder siden
325,000 for the trampoline
Darlene Koop
Darlene Koop - 5 måneder siden
This is one of the best bounce videos so far, in my opinion ... LOVE IT!! Especially the slowy for the exercise balls, and the flip of the jetski!!
Awkward Potato
Awkward Potato - 5 måneder siden
0:37 never in my life did i think I'd see a grown man jumping in a bath tub full of rubber duckies XD
Jose Felix
Jose Felix - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only one bothered by that one loose spring
Pdarjc111 - 5 måneder siden
34,000 I am thinking frrom the trampoline as I was looking at about 38,000 for it from doing some searching and rough estimates from Mark's video version but then taking more realistic pricing estimates from knowing people selling stuff on mass for cheaper and having some parts already took it down a bit.
Jake Keating
Jake Keating - 5 måneder siden
Although Nutella on toast is good. If butter melts right into the toast just right then ooh that’s good
CD Gamer 2009
CD Gamer 2009 - 5 måneder siden
Calvin Rock
Calvin Rock - 5 måneder siden
I could guess it, if I knew the value from American to Australian dollars. That would be nice. :)
Maxwell Marchionna
Maxwell Marchionna - 5 måneder siden
one spring is off
Maddy Pollette
Maddy Pollette - 5 måneder siden
REXY'S BACK!!!! i was scared that u wouldnt be able to fix him BUT HE'S BACK
Australian Petrolhead
Australian Petrolhead - 5 måneder siden
Science With Gaunson should be a Netflix series!
Ahnaf Rafshan Shah
Ahnaf Rafshan Shah - 6 måneder siden
27,000 AUD for the trampoline 🙋‍♂️
Shane Woods
Shane Woods - 6 måneder siden
Ben Broderick
Ben Broderick - 6 måneder siden
You guys are hilarious!
Jimmer Seiber
Jimmer Seiber - 6 måneder siden
Please tell me the brand of the exercise ball!
Raining4rain - 6 måneder siden
Vegemite is brilliant on toast
Grey the wolf
Grey the wolf - 6 måneder siden
Poor drone
Grey the wolf
Grey the wolf - 6 måneder siden
First one omost hit the drone lol
Novadog001 - 6 måneder siden
Could you guys calm down?!?!?!? Who are you trying to appeal to?!?!? 👎👎👎
Sondra Covert
Sondra Covert - 6 måneder siden
I like peanut butter on my toast
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty - 6 måneder siden
My favorite thing on toast? Fork Smashed banana's soaked in red eye gravy on Toast for breakfast
harry weatherall
harry weatherall - 6 måneder siden
6:29 did anyone see the fishing rod in the background
KEVIN HOLZER - 5 måneder siden
That’s a 2 by 4 with a GoPro on it
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts - 6 måneder siden
You should drop a trampoline on the world's strongest trampoline, and also a tiny home like on the HGTV channel show tiny house
#BelieveTV - 6 måneder siden
Can we get a playlist of the music included in your videos?
Amy Lafferty
Amy Lafferty - 7 måneder siden
man I LOVE science with gaunson !
Drake Soul
Drake Soul - 7 måneder siden
1:14 I like how Gaunson pulls an ash Ketchum with the hat
Stormy Spiderwick
Stormy Spiderwick - 7 måneder siden
2:08 , 2:16 "cool guys don't look at explosions"
kert bane
kert bane - 7 måneder siden
Is that guy named God send cuz hes a dream
uniformslinkyz - 7 måneder siden
2:47 everybody gangsta to the dinosaur start levitating
John Atherton
John Atherton - 7 måneder siden
$85 for that ball. stuff that
J Nastiness
J Nastiness - 7 måneder siden
Are there Science with Gaunson T-shirts?
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith - 7 måneder siden
Pepe Le Pew
Pepe Le Pew - 7 måneder siden
Fast forward to 10.20 you're welcome. Rest is just grown kids screaming.
Tristin Adams
Tristin Adams - 7 måneder siden
That come about Ralph 50 gram or less
Isaac Rodgers
Isaac Rodgers - 7 måneder siden
32,500 dollars for the tramp
RSGJ - - 7 måneder siden
35,000 aussie dollars
Stik - 7 måneder siden
The angle the tower is at makes me fell uncomfortable
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 7 måneder siden
It was supposed to bounce but it got snapped before it did 4:08
Denee Riley
Denee Riley - 7 måneder siden
AT Group
AT Group - 7 måneder siden
2 million dollars
Tom Schlosser
Tom Schlosser - 7 måneder siden
25,000 many it is
Michael Phoenix
Michael Phoenix - 7 måneder siden
Around $8000 AUD
Lauren Blake
Lauren Blake - 7 måneder siden
The trampoline on the jet ski drop bounced to!!!
Jeff Boerst
Jeff Boerst - 7 måneder siden
LOL! There's a QUITE audible, "Aww, F*(k!" here: (...or is it "Fudge"?...)
David Barnsley
David Barnsley - 7 måneder siden
That was a good one
Poor old Rex is looking a bit worse for wear
Cassandra Nugent
Cassandra Nugent - 7 måneder siden
31,500 Australian dollars
AidsOnSteroids - 8 måneder siden
Rexie the veteran that’s been with us since LETS GIVE IT UP FOR REXIE PUTTING HIS LIFE IN DANGER (not bad way) FOR THE VIDEOS! GOLD MEDAL TO REXIE
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook - 8 måneder siden
Can you drop an exercise ball filled with Oobleck (non-newtonian fluid)?
Sondra Covert
Sondra Covert - 8 måneder siden
What about 31,500 for the trampoline!
beanbutt567 - 8 måneder siden
Matthew Resch
Matthew Resch - 8 måneder siden
is lucky duck going to join the cast with Rexy?
harry waller
harry waller - 8 måneder siden
Why did Scott feel the need to randomly tell us he needs a bulb for his lamp at night😂😂
Amyris Kimble
Amyris Kimble - 8 måneder siden
The Jeskei

the flip I can’t believe this
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone - 8 måneder siden
That jet ski will run after that fall because it's Kawasaki
Retro2Modern - 8 måneder siden
Landen Myers
Landen Myers - 8 måneder siden
Grande Grant L.
Grande Grant L. - 8 måneder siden
Ander Emborujo
Ander Emborujo - 8 måneder siden
Can you replace objects by guest celebrites, pop singers or politicians?
Shilpi Jain
Shilpi Jain - 8 måneder siden
World strongest trampoline vs helicopter
Marianna Martinez
Marianna Martinez - 8 måneder siden
Shilpi Jain good idea
Maganeado Coasters
Maganeado Coasters - 8 måneder siden
can your next video include a mannequin? it would of been funny to have one on the jet ski when it was falling
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez - 8 måneder siden
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee - 8 måneder siden
6:38 Whoever makes this ball should contact you for permission to use that drop clip as an advertisement of durability lol.
Zachariah Davis
Zachariah Davis - 8 måneder siden
Imagine if something explodes when it hits the tramp
Jennifer - 8 måneder siden
Jennifer - 8 måneder siden
Jennifer - 8 måneder siden
preed2011 - 8 måneder siden
9999999999999999999999999999999999 for the trampoline
Brody Bowen
Brody Bowen - 8 måneder siden
Literally my favorite channel love yall personalities no homo
aka matt
aka matt - 8 måneder siden
5500 dollers
deven r
deven r - 8 måneder siden
44,000 Australian dollars for the trampoline
Cyndi Roberts
Cyndi Roberts - 8 måneder siden
Nutella is awesome on egos too! What a great way to show how much fun science can be!
*insert_guitar_meme_here* - 8 måneder siden
was here 100k
jayden cook
jayden cook - 8 måneder siden
petition for rexy cam like to sign
Brandon BoxNinja
Brandon BoxNinja - 8 måneder siden
How about that perfect camera toss at 4:38 WAY TO GO SCOTTY