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SOLID STEEL 300kg Hulk Fist Vs. 4inch Bulletproof Glass, who wins?
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Runtime: 16:11


Ethan Olivier
Ethan Olivier - 3 måneder siden
Rexy will have 25.6k followers
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me - Måned siden
@Jack Tulloch (how to *use* grammar)
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me - Måned siden
@Jack Tulloch Well that sentence just then didn’t use a lot of grammar.
Jack Tulloch
Jack Tulloch - Måned siden
@Ethan Olivier You might want to learn how to grammar too.
Tiaan Venter
Tiaan Venter - 2 måneder siden
Same any body else
Lisna Paramita
Lisna Paramita - 2 måneder siden
Jarrett Payne
Jarrett Payne - 4 timer siden
You put the dinosaur in the barrel with the water
hilham 89
hilham 89 - 9 timer siden
The slow mo on the two barrels was amazing!
hilham 89
hilham 89 - 10 timer siden
I found it!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - Dag siden
You guys have no clue how fuckin lucky that gopro was. Just look at the way it bounces and then the bend in the glass is what sent it flying. 14:57
It was perfectly timed and probably will never happen again 🤣
Laithpol1234 Polmanteer
VdubSPAZ - Dag siden
So I want to see this go through 4 in or 3 in of polycarbonate sheet.... I would actually be impressed if it went through 2 in of polycarbonate sheet screwed down every inch so that way it has the ability to hold itself without ripping from the corners..... If it does anything I think it will pull whatever it's attached to inward
Frank Bergen
Frank Bergen - Dag siden
I’m really curious how bulletproof this glass is
throwin time
throwin time - Dag siden
Hulk fist vs uncooked chicken till it is cooked
og game's
og game's - 2 dager siden
Rely well have 1.1ml
Frederick Brett
Frederick Brett - 2 dager siden
call the winch, Winchester
SwindonWhite - 2 dager siden
Be a decent channel if they didn’t overtalk each other all the time and we less gobby and childish
Jason James
Jason James - 3 dager siden
Roxy was on the barrls
ZXXCC2554 - 3 dager siden
Hulk fist vs gun
Bruno Lapointe
Bruno Lapointe - 3 dager siden
Thor doesn't like this video.
Dougal Smith
Dougal Smith - 4 dager siden
I had the vision that the fist was the meoter that wiped out the dinosaurs
Julie Andrea Ovalle Hernandez
Tram Australia yeaaaaaaaaa
Aaron Goldblatt
Aaron Goldblatt - 4 dager siden
i wanna see that shot by gav and dan.
LESTER PLZ CLASH OF CLAN - 4 dager siden
I’m trying to hate but they talk way to much‼️💯
Moon Stars
Moon Stars - 4 dager siden
Rexy is always there. Rexy rules!
Bob Moles
Bob Moles - 4 dager siden
8:44 as someone who lives in south africa I can confirm we can feel the shockwave
Dragonclaw - 5 dager siden
Do Hulk fist vs anvil
DKCyaLater - 5 dager siden
Is this video age restricted? Because 10:48 was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen🥵🥵🥵🥵🤣
Arapahoe Tactical
Arapahoe Tactical - 5 dager siden
I'll be honest, of all the stuff I've seen you guys drop over the years, nothing beats Bruce! It drops so perfectly every time and it looks so cool doing it. Granted, the axe is nice because it can pull double duty of being dropped or dropped on, but seriously, Bruce is the king in my book.
Ulanda Bailey
Ulanda Bailey - 5 dager siden
Jessie Maclaverty
Jessie Maclaverty - 5 dager siden
If you listen closely you can hear the fist whistling
Narottam - 5 dager siden
Go-pro saw the death😱😱😱😱😱
HotRod 35
HotRod 35 - 5 dager siden
Do it with no anel
cuan saunders
cuan saunders - 5 dager siden
I'm in South Africa, and I didn't feel anything. YOU NEED TO GO BIGGER.
And you need to smash into a oobleck pond.
Phillip Kunze
Phillip Kunze - 5 dager siden
Hulk fist vs unbreakable money case
cooper - 6 dager siden
We are australians why did they say inches we dont us inpiryal because we are not impurwal
Freda Mason
Freda Mason - 6 dager siden
the glass looks like snow
HeftyFine - 6 dager siden
Love the slo mo shot of rexy just disappearing into a wave of blue
deltadave11b - 6 dager siden
Yall should drop the hulk fist off the dam
Zuatio - 7 dager siden
U guys should make a channel just for Rexy!
Ethyn Spivey
Ethyn Spivey - 7 dager siden
Everyone: what’s the strongest thing in the world
Me: rexy
Ethyn Spivey
Ethyn Spivey - 7 dager siden
The strongest thing in the world is rely lol
Blake Turner
Blake Turner - 9 dager siden
Bowling ball: oh hi rox- ahhh “roxane all she wanna do is party all night-“
19Neil67 - 9 dager siden
Looks good green
Brandon Browere
Brandon Browere - 10 dager siden
Next time stack like 5 barrels
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - 11 dager siden
But what about the hulk fists another youtuber made out of lead?
Edit: Looking back on the video, the lead ones might be lighter. They are hollowed so you can wear them, a little bit smaller, and you can actually hold them. Not easily, but maybe more easy than the one these guys are dropping. If the lead fists were filled though, that would be something.
Mike Quinlan
Mike Quinlan - 11 dager siden
Still waiting on the music info...
Darius - 12 dager siden
The green first reminds me of the van from Fast and Furious Tokyo drift
Trust God
Trust God - 12 dager siden
S J - 14 dager siden
Triple barrel next please
WeeWoo2 - 15 dager siden
You should definitely do Brucey vs a car, but have the car standing upright to see the carnage Brucey can do
Cindy Shrader
Cindy Shrader - 15 dager siden
I have a little OCD But did still made me mad
Aidedmarrow 1
Aidedmarrow 1 - 15 dager siden
2.99mil after upload
William Mauger
William Mauger - 16 dager siden
You should make a giant boot and call it the NEWFIE STOMP, 😜
TheLZempir3 - 16 dager siden
Make a giant torpedo.
Ethan Woods
Ethan Woods - 16 dager siden
Seems like he’s familiar with 4 inches 😳😳😳
A Gamer
A Gamer - 16 dager siden
Fun fact: because Thor’s hammer is around 220 pounds and hulks fist is 660 pounds, so it has 3x the amount of potential and kinetic energy.
揺れるフェイズ - 17 dager siden
You should drop it on a bag of gunpowder
Nick Lang
Nick Lang - 18 dager siden
The barrel would be a sick way to do a gender reveal
Emily & Mark Reading Show
Emily & Mark Reading Show - 19 dager siden
10:31 - 11:18
Matthew Kerslake
Matthew Kerslake - 19 dager siden
hay quick qweshon, do u guys call it a "fizza" because its like thows fire works that well fizz plz let me know
Mike Garrett
Mike Garrett - 19 dager siden
Wow these guys are idiots 👎🏻
AurionEX - 19 dager siden
You've dropped things on trampolines..... but have you ever.... DROPPED TRAMPOLINES ON THINGS?
Recovery I Bring
Recovery I Bring - 20 dager siden
you guys should get those gelatine torsos they use in forged in fire and drop stuff on it
Myles Garlick
Myles Garlick - 21 dag siden
14:51 What it looks like when One Punch Man ends you.
Per Storm
Per Storm - 21 dag siden
If you want the Bruce to get the tennis balls flying, I suggest you place the metal plate on top of a wood stump. Den the energy will transfer into the tennis balls, and not get trapped in the sand.
Michael Turnipseed
Michael Turnipseed - 21 dag siden
Australians after 6 pints
mudslinger191 - 22 dager siden
Calling it before I watch. The table holding the glass will break before the glass
Damon Carter
Damon Carter - 22 dager siden
2:58 i'm jealous you have that bowling ball and sad you broke it.
Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz - 22 dager siden
Drop a nuke on Bruce. Will be survive
Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz - 22 dager siden
We dropped it from max height!!!!!!😱😮
Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz - 22 dager siden
What is your budget
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers - 23 dager siden
Really great fisting.
Tommy Trance
Tommy Trance - 23 dager siden
why doesnt he clean that tooth??
Xavier Jefferson
Xavier Jefferson - 24 dager siden
Why us there an add before every drop?
Darx _ TTV
Darx _ TTV - 24 dager siden
3:50 "cold cold cold" im weak
Kevin Georgescu
Kevin Georgescu - 25 dager siden
pimp of memes
pimp of memes - 25 dager siden
Apple when they make a commercial for their new iPhone: 10:32
Bode Knee
Bode Knee - 25 dager siden
You should drop a trampoline
Chris M
Chris M - 25 dager siden
4 barells?????
Tigrul Zburator
Tigrul Zburator - 25 dager siden
I need these glass for my phone
Dominika Nowakowska
Dominika Nowakowska - 25 dager siden
10:36 - 11:17 so satisfying......
Dominika Nowakowska
Dominika Nowakowska - 25 dager siden
15:07 that is suuuuuuuuuuuuper satisfying 😍😍😍
Charley Cook
Charley Cook - 25 dager siden
The fist v the tall metal thing with a blade
AWESOME ADVENTURES - 26 dager siden
Bhavin Bhuptani
Bhavin Bhuptani - 26 dager siden
VyperEgg123 - 26 dager siden
in 3021: why is there a steel plate buried underground?
Femme Funtime
Femme Funtime - 26 dager siden
Next time you should do something to secure the polycarbonate. I wanna see if these blunt objects can actually tear thru it instead of just pushing it aside
Kylie Sansbury
Kylie Sansbury - 26 dager siden
I wish rexy didn’t fall
Kale Peggie
Kale Peggie - 26 dager siden
Hahahaha 69k likes
atmk - 27 dager siden
i came for the bullet proof glass... i stayed for the barrels!
Schopenhauer - 27 dager siden
6:57 i want to know the physics of that
Eric and Brady Clem
Eric and Brady Clem - 27 dager siden
Explain to me why they hate going up there
# Mani Tube
# Mani Tube - 27 dager siden
Can you please drop it on bare ground and show impact
Edrin 12
Edrin 12 - 28 dager siden
logan chadwick
logan chadwick - 28 dager siden
Most Epic Bro Fist Ever
CHICKANFILA - 28 dager siden
Why you yelling ? I feel violated..
Kovak Zero
Kovak Zero - 29 dager siden
Music at 10:30 ~ Goals by Rex Banner
SITIVENI TANGULU - 29 dager siden
Go super close to screen 14:54
Carson Santo
Carson Santo - 29 dager siden
A3545 A65
A3545 A65 - Måned siden
Winch name winchton Churchill credit to @Tom Tweed
YoItsVIZL - Måned siden
You should fill the barrel with glitter
KleisiS9 - Måned siden
450k follows for rex
5hyGuy42 - Måned siden
Bloop bloop snoop doop
Harut Grigoryan
Harut Grigoryan - Måned siden
Did you guys see how much fun Rex had when Bruce hit the barrels in slow motion and also try and find Rex 😁😁
Sulita Dos Santos
Sulita Dos Santos - Måned siden
Why dont they do a car and the hulk smash