Golf Challenges Vs. TIGER WOODS & ERNIE ELS!

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What an honour to film with the 2019 Presidents Cup Captains and golfing legends, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els! Get your tickets to come join us at Royal Melbourne Golf Club December 9-15 2019 to cheer on the Internationals and the Americans.
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Ben Yankauer
Ben Yankauer - 2 år siden
He hit one ball
hawk james
hawk james - 8 måneder siden
He probably whiffed the rest of them lol #windies
Jivan Scarano
Jivan Scarano - 9 måneder siden
He was practising his throw instead.
BAMA BOI - År siden
Endangered Mexican noice
Xavier ANSTEE - År siden
How ridiculous that is as funny as hell 😂😂
MidN_OneShot Dubbzz
MidN_OneShot Dubbzz - År siden
How Ridiculous you are my favorite you tubers ever and this is amazing content
John Smith
John Smith - 16 dager siden
mike persinger
mike persinger - Måned siden
I didnt like this one at all why throw the ball play golf or football not baseball/golf yall
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor - Måned siden
Nice to watch pre-plague videos. The good old days. Thanks mr trump.
Aaron Henzler
Aaron Henzler - Måned siden
165 golf ball
Lucas Dybowski
Lucas Dybowski - Måned siden
Great vid tho
Lucas Dybowski
Lucas Dybowski - Måned siden
Embarrassing you did shoot tee shots
Jaia Hannagan
Jaia Hannagan - Måned siden
john Blaha
john Blaha - 2 måneder siden
You got to see how hard tiger hit Scott's hand on them scissors
john Blaha
john Blaha - 2 måneder siden
This is an amazing video I think it's funny the big Easy's on the beach and pants and a polo like it's Sunday LOL
Tim Davis
Tim Davis - 2 måneder siden
Good to see Tiger have goofy moments like this. I'm sure he gets some fun times with Charlie out on the course.
Irvin Lee
Irvin Lee - 2 måneder siden
da heck did I just watch and how did tiger agree to this??
BigMoser Gaming
BigMoser Gaming - 3 måneder siden
8:46 - My choice of club when close enough to the green and not feeling confident in my irons.
Fk - 3 måneder siden
I dont know why this doesnt have more likes. Great one.
Chris Loudamy
Chris Loudamy - 3 måneder siden
Great video guys!! Ernie and Tiger were great!!
S T - 3 måneder siden
Tiger had to do this?
Chris Harper
Chris Harper - 3 måneder siden
Poor tiger woods having to deal with that omg...
ProMonster Gaming
ProMonster Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Scott said no one does the double rock but he did it right in the beginning of the video!
regis b
regis b - 3 måneder siden
50 balls
FantasticFox63 - 4 måneder siden
I'm the 5,000 comment
won ton min
won ton min - 4 måneder siden
So lame you guys didn't even hit the club
Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies
You have Ernie swing at the ball umpteen times and you let tiger take one chip a couple of putts...
Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies
Tiger didn't really look like he enjoyed that very much. Hate to say it
Max Hammontree
Max Hammontree - 4 måneder siden
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 4 måneder siden
Anyone spot Phil Mickelson in the beginning on the
The LADS Downunder
The LADS Downunder - 4 måneder siden
Hey HR, can we collab
Negative Person
Negative Person - 5 måneder siden
14 golf balls
Oliver King
Oliver King - 5 måneder siden
So many hand shakes hahaha think they just want to touch the 🐐🐐
TimmyVision - 5 måneder siden
7:05 tiger got him HARD!!
Thomas Clements
Thomas Clements - 5 måneder siden
Makes me cringe
Cole Ruefer
Cole Ruefer - 5 måneder siden
Tiger hit the hell out of your hand after he won rock, paper, scissors😂😂
John Flahive
John Flahive - 5 måneder siden
What if one of the seagulls takes the ball and drops it in the cup! Lol!!
Sebastian Forrest
Sebastian Forrest - 5 måneder siden
Ian Monsour
Ian Monsour - 5 måneder siden
that is so cool
Preston Proudfoot
Preston Proudfoot - 5 måneder siden
sometimes we have to like are own coment sp lets get it started
Mr MACC - 5 måneder siden
How the hell did these guys pull this off???
David Liechty
David Liechty - 5 måneder siden
one ball
Peter Burton
Peter Burton - 6 måneder siden
Can you imagine tigers manager trying to explain to him what this was about? At least Ernie seemed to have a bit of fun.
double AJ
double AJ - 6 måneder siden
When they have a South African 🇿🇦🇿🇦 on the show 🤨🤨🤨😮😮😮😆😆😆😆
mr. yoohoo
mr. yoohoo - 6 måneder siden
wasted opportunity
Ryan Stanley
Ryan Stanley - 7 måneder siden
7:05 why tiger gotta brake his fingers like that tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HBK360MUSIC - 7 måneder siden
Lol Stanford’s shoulder popped on that first throw
Paul Connelly
Paul Connelly - 7 måneder siden
tarun singh
tarun singh - 7 måneder siden
You guys had a chance to golf with the OG tiger words and your gag was to through the ball instead gz🤦🏼‍♂️
Rikky Here!
Rikky Here! - 7 måneder siden
For the comtest do whiffs count? :)
John Dachtler
John Dachtler - 7 måneder siden
1 golf ball gents
Car Guy
Car Guy - 7 måneder siden
He hit 2
william dowling
william dowling - 7 måneder siden
Gaunson: "who does double rock?!"
Also gaunson: ::throws double rock::
The Five Perfect Dudes
The Five Perfect Dudes - 7 måneder siden
I am a member do I put videos on your channel
TheLyricsGuy - 8 måneder siden
What a waste of his time. You have one of—if not THE—best golfers of all time, and this is how you use him.
Cody Bourne
Cody Bourne - 8 måneder siden
Senuda Rajapakse
Senuda Rajapakse - 8 måneder siden
How tf did you guys get Tiger Woods to participate in this clownery
CHØCØTACØ Gaming - 8 måneder siden
Derek has hit o
Scratch Golfer
Scratch Golfer - 8 måneder siden
Royal Melbourne I will be playing you soon. Can't wait 🤘
Oscar Konigslehner
Oscar Konigslehner - 8 måneder siden
Let me guess zero 🤣
RaydarGaming 03
RaydarGaming 03 - 8 måneder siden
He hit 0 he missed them all
Thomas Keipes
Thomas Keipes - 8 måneder siden
Matt Bezuk
Matt Bezuk - 8 måneder siden
Great video
Riley Wiersma
Riley Wiersma - 9 måneder siden
47 golf balls
Bill Dinker
Bill Dinker - 9 måneder siden
ROFL at blonde dude trying to get in Tiger’s head on that last putt. Dude has drained 30 footers in front of thousands live and millions across the world with ridiculous amounts of cash and prestige on the line. And this kid thinks a couple words are gonna twist Tiger’s mind from 5 feet? 😂😂😂
bertraminc - 9 måneder siden
Ernie els. Love Ernie!
Cam Ward
Cam Ward - 9 måneder siden
Literally half the video was them prattling on about nonsense on a beach somewhere, and then they played one par 3 hole where they threw the balls instead of hitting them. That's 11 and a half minutes I'm never getting back.
Cory CG
Cory CG - 9 måneder siden
I had seen Tiger not to long ago out on the course he was just dicking around.
Sagar Bhakta
Sagar Bhakta - 10 måneder siden
Fuckers where 🐅
Matt Bezuk
Matt Bezuk - 10 måneder siden
Zero golf balls were hit in preparation for the challenge
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson - 10 måneder siden
I would hit that cup
In 3 try's at most
By throwing it
William Marden
William Marden - 10 måneder siden
I reckon he hit 1100 balls
ALS News Now by No More Excuses ALS OFFICIAL
Dude perfect would have been epic. This was a fail.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 11 måneder siden
That was the shits
22pocky22 - 11 måneder siden
He hit one ball🤪🤪🤪🤪
Billy Eynon
Billy Eynon - 11 måneder siden
Who else is watching 2019
G Taylor
G Taylor - 11 måneder siden
Tiger doesnt do much like this ..incredible content really
Doug Chimenti
Doug Chimenti - 11 måneder siden
Tiger Woods is my favorite player he's my big fan I love you Tiger Woods you're the best call Forever that's ever lived
Internal Game
Internal Game - 11 måneder siden
5:29 bruh you can't do that to Tiger... Thats a violation rt
Yeanahyourgood - 11 måneder siden
I fee like Stanford was more excited beating tiger in a rock off then meeting him 😂
Gaming Panda
Gaming Panda - År siden
I’m going
Sara Lent
Sara Lent - År siden
Simmi Rai
Simmi Rai - År siden
He hit 15balls
Jeff H
Jeff H - År siden
How many people can say they played rock, paper, scissors with Tiger on a golf course. Not too many, is my guess.
Taylor Hogue
Taylor Hogue - År siden
There must be hella bugs around tigers annoyed
Luke Ludwick
Luke Ludwick - År siden
Luke Ludwick
Luke Ludwick - År siden
dm30042000 #
dm30042000 # - År siden
Callum Wiggins
Callum Wiggins - År siden
0.5 as he through it
betotrono - År siden
How the hell did they get Tiger Woods to agree to this?
Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson - År siden
10:29 Tiger would not have loved the chat in his ear when making the putt! haha gold
Eddie Roberts
Eddie Roberts - År siden
I will gust 27
caleb new
caleb new - År siden
jackson spinaze
jackson spinaze - År siden
Jennerman J
Jennerman J - År siden
think Tiger is a legend to join in there fun
Patrick s Andersen
Patrick s Andersen - År siden
trying to hit 1000 but only hit 1 XD
Olivia Jeffress
Olivia Jeffress - År siden
one ball
aaah tex
aaah tex - År siden
+++ U GUYS!
Jonny Wells
Jonny Wells - År siden
Tiger Wooden personality
Trevor L
Trevor L - År siden
Aaron Gerdus
Aaron Gerdus - År siden
Shit on herrons golf game then u chaps throw the ball? Embarrassing. Lol I can only imagine what tiger was thinking.
Alex Clark
Alex Clark - År siden
in the US its rock paper scissors shoot and you throw on shoot. thats why tiger looked confused af 6:54
Ahimsan Sivasekaran
Ahimsan Sivasekaran - År siden
Drop Out
Drop Out - År siden
The tiger looked pissed as hell