GIANT STUMP Vs. CAR from 45m Tower!

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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Runtime: 13:57


ceeg2334 - År siden
Honda civic
MrHappyyellowhead - 2 dager siden
city turbo :)
KHALISH BIN MOHD ROMIZI Moe - 2 måneder siden
it was a daihatsu mira but there a one thats call perodua mira as the same as the daihatsu perouda was make in malaysia
No Names
No Names - 2 måneder siden
Honda type R soon
No Names
No Names - 2 måneder siden
@kit lim no
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones - 3 måneder siden
TopFloorEricc - 4 timer siden
Y’all should drop a car on another car 😂
Maksymilian Skrzypczyk
Maksymilian Skrzypczyk - 20 timer siden
Seiciento dlaczego ?!
drumdude12 - 2 dager siden
So many flies 🤢🤮
Inside Me
Inside Me - 4 dager siden
The tower should have been 44meters tall
diablo - 5 dager siden
#tem tree
ya boii William Holland
ya boii William Holland - 5 dager siden
Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side
Isabel Johnson
Isabel Johnson - 5 dager siden
Yay you kinda hit it yay barley
Raymond Soto
Raymond Soto - 5 dager siden
Can anyone tell me why there are so many little bugs flying around
Dan Sprouse
Dan Sprouse - 8 dager siden
Should have had the engine running when dropping the rocket through the hood 🚀
DANIEL ELLER - 9 dager siden
BlueRaiden - 10 dager siden
Why so many fly’s in every video?
giacomovds - 11 dager siden
I hope you remove the radio before smashing
Oscar The Viking
Oscar The Viking - 12 dager siden
Should’ve paid Steve-O to sit in the car
Michael E
Michael E - 17 dager siden
Thor's hammer was probably the most severe crash test a Daihatsu Mira has ever been given. (It's a kei car - which means it was exempt from normal crash tests).
man gorilla
man gorilla - 21 dag siden
R.I.P - Rexy AKA Wrecksy 2019-2019
Died because got crushed
Supreme - 22 dager siden
I wanted the car
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson - 24 dager siden
I have to say, that 1960's Batman action soundtrack during the Hammer slowy cracked me up!
Maxwell Poliquin
Maxwell Poliquin - 28 dager siden
love the ace Ventura quotes
itzhunterbtw - 29 dager siden
it’ll buff
Photography by Liam Anderson
bring back the STUMP!
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 - Måned siden
Daihatsu is a good damned car. You should have dropped it onto a Yugo...
Calnic superman
Calnic superman - Måned siden
Giant Stump just deleted rexy
TheSteveoizzle - Måned siden
Mr beast pulled off one of the most disgusting scams ive ever seen, 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees? Fucking BS. They've received over 22 million U.S. so far, and have yet to plant 100,000 trees ANYWHERE. can't believe the general public is this fucking stupid. Lets make a group of youtubers 20 million $ richer... Genius
Francisco Toledo V.
Francisco Toledo V. - Måned siden
I'm laughing out loud seeing how Rexy end up hahahaha great job, guys!
amanda ogle
amanda ogle - Måned siden
ilovetech ALOT
ilovetech ALOT - Måned siden
Who cares about a getting pin on a comment lol give the viewer a prize or money 💰💰💰💰 now that be how ridiculous.
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero - Måned siden
Ok what you call the boot we do call the trunk in the USA but thats a hatch back to us so I would say you dropped the hammer in the hatch lol
Tiago Filipe
Tiago Filipe - Måned siden
You should get an old Volvo to try some that experience.
Χρήστος Άνθης
Χρήστος Άνθης - Måned siden
I buy a coffin for the car.
Community Programme
Community Programme - Måned siden
BEAT plazar
BEAT plazar - Måned siden
hi im a veerry smol you tuber im need money and subs also i dont have mic if u could sub to me it would be really appreaciated . Hope you have a good day! :)
Joshua Abeywickrama
Joshua Abeywickrama - Måned siden
Y'all should have started the car when the mega dart hit the engine
Danial Hakimi
Danial Hakimi - Måned siden
sadness 😭😭😭:'(
Uncle Hank
Uncle Hank - Måned siden
Face da idioti
Marcio Marques
Marcio Marques - Måned siden
Speaking like Texas boys
Yolo Jack
Yolo Jack - Måned siden
9:00 minutes in. Is this just me or I rexy floating
Progamer Jake
Progamer Jake - Måned siden
At 8:57 the rexy plush was levitating for a bit.
Cash Montgomery
Cash Montgomery - Måned siden
I think it was a Honda I don’t know any models though so
Basheer Dolley
Basheer Dolley - Måned siden
You guys should of bought a human dummy for the test
The Dusty Shredder
The Dusty Shredder - Måned siden
The tree decided rexy was past his time and reenacted the grand extinction.
pindakaas010 - Måned siden
ff wis
LittleRat Guy
LittleRat Guy - Måned siden
Giant dart giant dart board

I know I’m late
Mullen Bros
Mullen Bros - Måned siden
Scott's face at 58 seconds😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Cheung
Jack Cheung - Måned siden
I think the mega dart is rail way gun’s dart.
kenny nevills
kenny nevills - 2 måneder siden
8:56 rex literally floats in mid air
abdulla rasheed
abdulla rasheed - 2 måneder siden
impractical jokers
Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen - 2 måneder siden
Let's show them we care about the environment them proceeds to excessively spray paint car.
COLBY NELSON - 2 måneder siden
0:57 his head hahahaha
Wake plug
Wake plug - 2 måneder siden
#team trees
Jerry Davidson
Jerry Davidson - 2 måneder siden
Why the hell didn't you leave it running boys sorry about your luck...
The Mrshadowwafflebruh
The Mrshadowwafflebruh - 2 måneder siden
13:30 still looks better than rocket leagues battle bus.
Sam Kay
Sam Kay - 2 måneder siden
Rexy nooooooooo
Darrell Stevens
Darrell Stevens - 2 måneder siden
Who els found these guys in a day and got addicted to them
The Electric Patriot
The Electric Patriot - 2 måneder siden
Very funny
Rob Nelson
Rob Nelson - 2 måneder siden
I've got a friend that can buff that out. It will look like new when done.
Anthony Epar
Anthony Epar - 2 måneder siden
Honda Civic
Anthony Epar
Anthony Epar - 2 måneder siden
Do you guys live in Australia because I can meet you guys because I live in Australia
petrolhead1987 - 2 måneder siden
Talking about team trees amd saving the planet, but punch another hole in the ozone layer from the spray paint 😂
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
13:20 unsatisfying that it didnt hit perfectly verticaly Dx
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
11:56 omg poor rexy Dx
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
10:58 im braindead i forgot that this was out of wood for a moment xD
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
8:56 it literally only pulled the thingy off so that the wuindow could fall down xD
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
5:27 its almost just as big as the car lmfao xD
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR - 2 måneder siden
1:53 Tamed-Trees? xD
Izack Ciampa
Izack Ciampa - 2 måneder siden
#team trees
Devin J
Devin J - 2 måneder siden
I can't help but think they shouldn't have destroyed a working car. Destroy a mechanical totaled car. Some people struggle to afford the luxury of a car. It may have been "on it's way out", I still feel like someone would have appreciated driving it until it died.
Vinicius Moreira
Vinicius Moreira - 2 måneder siden
street fighter characters can do better than that
Peaky Foxx
Peaky Foxx - 2 måneder siden
the people who disliked this vid is the ones that didn't see the whole thing
Tristan Caris
Tristan Caris - 2 måneder siden
Take the car back and get your money back! 🤔🤔😂😂😂😂
Joao victor Lima
Joao victor Lima - 2 måneder siden
Rex was flying
SAC:MIJOMIKI - - 2 måneder siden
BMW E 36
Даниэль Бузукин
Даниэль Бузукин - 2 måneder siden
Mason Hewitt
Mason Hewitt - 2 måneder siden
I n the Ace Ventura reference at the 9:27 mark
michael kennedy
michael kennedy - 2 måneder siden
Crash dummies in the car would be funny lol 🤣
Churchill Davenport
Churchill Davenport - 2 måneder siden
Recking ball vs car. Giant arrow vs car. Car vs car!!!!
Churchill Davenport
Churchill Davenport - 2 måneder siden
Car vs giant axe
Subsonic Audio
Subsonic Audio - 3 måneder siden
7:56 the hammer turned it into a CRX
Ethan Dinosaur
Ethan Dinosaur - 3 måneder siden
Isaiah Pomeroy
Isaiah Pomeroy - 3 måneder siden
Guy's....wheres my car?....
chase42211 - 3 måneder siden
chase42211 - 3 måneder siden
Team trees
jarold clark
jarold clark - 3 måneder siden
I would have taken everything I could have sold out of it and sell it all
Yousi Ama
Yousi Ama - 3 måneder siden
8:58 rexy be floating 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
Christopher Erickson
Christopher Erickson - 3 måneder siden
Go team trees
cobweb930 - 3 måneder siden
Mighty Car Mods would me mad that yall crushed this Daihatsu!!! MARTIN CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!
Arnt Knudsen
Arnt Knudsen - 3 måneder siden
Please let the car engine run next time.
Toygar Aydın
Toygar Aydın - 3 måneder siden
the action is starting at 4:13 i saying
Kieran McGuinness
Kieran McGuinness - 3 måneder siden
8:46 the sign in the back mixed with rexy just defying gravity makes this perfect
Raamastak Zack
Raamastak Zack - 3 måneder siden
I dont think its possible to plant a tree for a dollar
Raamastak Zack
Raamastak Zack - 3 måneder siden
Awe man poor girl was still running thats a shame
Punchy Love
Punchy Love - 3 måneder siden
What's with the flies?
H4ZYAcid - 3 måneder siden
Bheda Psychedelic
Bheda Psychedelic - 3 måneder siden
Bheda Psychedelic
Bheda Psychedelic - 3 måneder siden
Bheda Psychedelic
Bheda Psychedelic - 3 måneder siden
Gena Gough
Gena Gough - 3 måneder siden
This just hurts
Sergeant Bolt films
Sergeant Bolt films - 3 måneder siden
Team tree 🌲
Josh G
Josh G - 3 måneder siden
Scott wearing his BP in a video promoting the environment 🤣
Georgina - 3 måneder siden
11:57 you know how that 'rei kid' sounds like when he screams? for some reason thats all i heard