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Runtime: 16:13


joe kelly
joe kelly - 4 måneder siden
Adam is my guess.
꧁محمد الشهري꧁
꧁محمد الشهري꧁ - 10 dager siden
كل زق🙂
cheatafastgaming jmk
cheatafastgaming jmk - Måned siden
BB Brittin26
BB Brittin26 - Måned siden
DemønWølf.ExE. 2016
DemønWølf.ExE. 2016 - Måned siden
So that was the code I was so late If so
A Dude
A Dude - Måned siden
Morelz - 18 timer siden
amazing stuff here
Ben Horne
Ben Horne - 19 timer siden
Australia - where even the plants want to kill you
cyber2 ,
cyber2 , - 22 timer siden
The code is 44mclub
JJ Jones
JJ Jones - Dag siden
Only YELLING for SURE!!!!
Jesus Man
Jesus Man - Dag siden
It looked like ramen noodles
Todd Landrum
Todd Landrum - Dag siden
Onion Puff
Onion Puff - Dag siden
Just add -ie to everything and that’s How Ridiculous
André Köhn
André Köhn - 2 dager siden
the one with blue eyes needs to go to his dentist ASAP that central looks way darker
Star Wars Info
Star Wars Info - 2 dager siden
Who actually disliked them yelling? Let me know bc I’m not one of them.
H. Collier
H. Collier - 2 dager siden
How Ridiculous = The Three Musketards. Totally missed every attempt. Blah, blah, blah.. buy our murch. Lame.
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven - 3 dager siden
You guys are awesome
Corycool2 - 4 dager siden
I like that they have a speed up clean up at the end. I remember videos back in 2018 where I was wondering if they just left it like that with everything all over the place
Cayden Goodson
Cayden Goodson - 4 dager siden
Drop the hulk fist on the axe
Mark Lepka
Mark Lepka - 4 dager siden
Adrian Kingston
Adrian Kingston - 5 dager siden
Yeah that was unreall 😳!
Adrian Kingston
Adrian Kingston - 5 dager siden
Where the hell did you find Gullavers axe? Im sure i spelt that wrong hahaha.
Walton Huggins
Walton Huggins - 5 dager siden
Who in the hell hates their yelling??? They are Aussies and they say weird and funny shit...
White Marlin
White Marlin - 5 dager siden
GAUNSON's aim is impeccably right off the money 💰 !!! On almost every attempt.
Russell - 5 dager siden
Was it Nelson?
MJX Heal
MJX Heal - 5 dager siden
Damn when Scott hit it u can hear in the background of Scott's vid Derek just going "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YELLING THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!" Hahahahaha... just realized that listening 2 the vid with both earplugs in... lmao
Dominic Mejorada
Dominic Mejorada - 5 dager siden
Why are you apologizing for yelling? That drop was a success!
KooroѕнHz - 5 dager siden
i dont like your videos
{_Em_Shattering_Gacha_} - 5 dager siden
9:47 so much anxiety for his phone broooooo 😰😰
Radioactiv_Zomb - 5 dager siden
#fortyfour code
дима димидрол
дима димидрол - 5 dager siden
Ещёбы понимать о чём вы базарите
zach tyo
zach tyo - 5 dager siden
The last slowie may have been my favorite slow-mo I’ve ever seen from you guys. Great video!
paul castelluzzo
paul castelluzzo - 7 dager siden
If these guys can find bliss throwing rubber bands off a 250 foot tower onto a rusty piece of metal- we have no excuse. Great example of how simple happiness is to attain lol
Laura Haaima
Laura Haaima - 7 dager siden
Yall need to get a phantomcamera.. Start a crowdfund pleasee
Melissa The Rotund
Melissa The Rotund - 7 dager siden
Damn, it's like a dragon egg!
Jack Hume
Jack Hume - 7 dager siden
Maxwell, he axe well
Jack Hume
Jack Hume - 7 dager siden
Quiet game, everytine someone yells someone hits them with a water balloon
Curtis Lowe
Curtis Lowe - 7 dager siden
Even a poor imitation of an adult is massively better than the constant playground-esque over the top for videos excitement.
North East Outrider
North East Outrider - 8 dager siden
Need to take a grinder to the blade edge to sharpen it 👍
Platon Dokhturov
Platon Dokhturov - 8 dager siden
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Umut Erdem TEKIROGLU - 8 dager siden
D Chronic
D Chronic - 8 dager siden
fuqui035 - 8 dager siden
Throw the orange guy in the white house
fuqui035 - 8 dager siden
These guys have a lot of teeth
Cambo4cam 12
Cambo4cam 12 - 9 dager siden
2mins 2 sec
5ushi - 9 dager siden
Jake is my guess
ky kyx
ky kyx - 9 dager siden
Colton Schumacher
Colton Schumacher - 10 dager siden
The code is forty four
galactic gamer
galactic gamer - 10 dager siden
These guys are the dude perfect of australia
CatMaster8232 - 10 dager siden
you should've made the title all lowercase
Noctilucent Studios
Noctilucent Studios - 11 dager siden
They should do one where they drop Jared Kushner and Don Jr.....nothing at the bottom...just drop them straight down.
George Rangel
George Rangel - 11 dager siden
I mean I know Adam got pinned but I still feel like his name was Peter. Idk that’s just me.
caped crusader
caped crusader - 11 dager siden
yell as lowed as you can pls
derrick cunliffe
derrick cunliffe - 12 dager siden
last one was smack bang on well done guys
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes - 12 dager siden
“Sack of potential” was my only takeaway from this video 😂
Ryan Brewer
Ryan Brewer - 12 dager siden
Cuatro Jones
Cuatro Jones - 12 dager siden
Hope you guys realize how many physics teachers you are helping.
Jeffy Bean
Jeffy Bean - 12 dager siden
I’d find it more entertaining to see all of those Aussies dropped on that blade
Joseph Griffith
Joseph Griffith - 13 dager siden
The absolute best “ slowie “!!!!!!
Social Media
Social Media - 13 dager siden
You guys feel so boring if you don't speak loudly and show your energy
Jeffy Bean
Jeffy Bean - 12 dager siden
Jason Davoren
Jason Davoren - 14 dager siden
TheStickmanSavior YT
TheStickmanSavior YT - 14 dager siden
You're right-it was lame.
"The gift shop was pretty cool though."
PirateTheDog - 14 dager siden
Wes And Russ
Wes And Russ - 16 dager siden
Guy who spent ten years making his rubber band ball:
worth it
xXeyeluvshineXx - 18 dager siden
Pause at 14:18 it literally looks the Nike symbol
andrea ardu
andrea ardu - 19 dager siden
I guess that after all the fun(Thank u ,btw),you just drive away forgetting to clean up all the mess.And that not fun at all.
Saint Steven
Saint Steven - 19 dager siden
You guys are cute! You have so much fun together. Great videos, great banter, great commentary. Cheers!
Felix Oliver
Felix Oliver - 19 dager siden
you guys are absolutely amazing at making a 5 minute video into a 20 minute video!
David Smith
David Smith - 21 dag siden
Richard Evans
Richard Evans - 22 dager siden
Half as much girlie yelling, but twice as many adverts. You guys must make so much from so many hits, that you could afford to trim down the interruptions - Pretty please.
Chris Royer
Chris Royer - 23 dager siden
Very cool
Krunoslav Šokić
Krunoslav Šokić - 24 dager siden time try rubber ball filled with cornstarch (non-newtonian fluid)...:)
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - 24 dager siden
forty for club
Jacob Stephenson
Jacob Stephenson - 24 dager siden
i can send a 200 kelo ruberbandball
Gage Fredrickson
Gage Fredrickson - 24 dager siden
Mr. Beat-Roller
Mr. Beat-Roller - 24 dager siden
14:50 Turn .25x speed on
Roger - 25 dager siden
Looked like a million worms crawling out of a rubber band egg. Fantastic!!
Calvin zzstu Nader
Calvin zzstu Nader - 25 dager siden
3:10-3:15, very disturbing by Harron
Leigh Williams
Leigh Williams - 25 dager siden
Awe you boys are awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎
davidspub - 25 dager siden
I now know what the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" looks like!!!!
DAMIEN VARGAS - 25 dager siden
Rubber for days
Rajvir Sandhu
Rajvir Sandhu - 25 dager siden
It’s been 3 months I’m guessing the code is four
scootbeast# - 26 dager siden
for those who came to here only to see the rubber ball vs the giant exe 14:10
Cdezamericans dafuq
Cdezamericans dafuq - 26 dager siden
Hulk fist vs axe
J J - 26 dager siden
13:15 you're welcome.
Bennie Leip
Bennie Leip - 27 dager siden
I played the highspeed at 0.25% speed for even slower image 🤣😁
Poop Monsta
Poop Monsta - 27 dager siden
ZeroPotato69 420
ZeroPotato69 420 - 28 dager siden
Do they sharpen the Axe a lot?
What happened if you power washed that axe? Would it clean it because I’ve never seen someone clean metal with a power washer
Andre Everett
Andre Everett - 28 dager siden
What u lads should do next is about 10 of every sport ball
RM Mussolini
RM Mussolini - 28 dager siden
Must see,
says who you
Really think you're a celebrity or something huh....😂
Randall Prince
Randall Prince - 28 dager siden
Randall Prince
Randall Prince - 28 dager siden
I like your videos
Moses Buchberger
Moses Buchberger - 29 dager siden
What a fucking nice clip
Jerome - 29 dager siden
Chance Mertz
Chance Mertz - Måned siden
F fish
Fredashay Klavierstein
Fredashay Klavierstein - Måned siden
_"I like the ball in the sink."_
Do any of you get the reference?
Josiah Grimes
Josiah Grimes - Måned siden
they still yelled when they said they woudnt
Josiah Grimes
Josiah Grimes - Måned siden
this sounds insane
Pyromations - Måned siden
8:04 They finally did a human test
Paul B
Paul B - Måned siden
"Stop it Gaunson, you're a bad boy."
Did anyone else's mind go back to the OneyNG Harry Potter video?
"Stop it Ron, stoaahhhp."
Shayla Kuhn
Shayla Kuhn - Måned siden
1234 is the code
Lee Dassin
Lee Dassin - Måned siden
What kind of viewer tells these guys not to yell? It’s like going to a car race and telling the cars not to rev their engines! Yell and cheer and enjoy your having fun :D
Karli Davis
Karli Davis - Måned siden
You guys are like Jacksepticeye. Being quiet is weird
FireGameS NL
FireGameS NL - Måned siden
Pokémon games be like: *3:11*
music Studio
music Studio - Måned siden