GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP Dropped from 45m!

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Thanks to everyone who donated to the Gravity Discovery Centre GoFundMe! We raised over $50K and smashed the $20K goal! Jan and the crew at the GDC are so overwhelmed by your support and cannot express how much it has helped them out. They have all they need now so they have decided to stop receiving donations from now on. Thanks again 44 Club, you're the best!
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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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Runtime: 17:20


How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous - 19 dager siden
THANK YOU 44 CLUB! 🙌 We’ve raised $20K in 3 hours! Love your generosity 👏 Let’s keep giving and blow the $20K target out of the water! Can we get to $44K?! Thanks so much again, this will make a huge difference to the Gravity Discovery Centre! We’re super grateful to have such amazing supporters of the channel, you guys and girls are the best ❤️ GoFundMe link:
Kev Matt
Kev Matt - 3 dager siden
Hey boys Can we drop my flamingo off the top? Just set a date here and ill come by woth the ryobi cordless pump, takes 20 mins max to pump up everyth8ng
Fernando Figueroa
Fernando Figueroa - 4 dager siden
Why ... why do I love listening to these guys in their accents it is soo nice 😄👏👌😁
Merik gamming
Merik gamming - 4 dager siden
The axes name is axel
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone - 5 dager siden
*$52,873 raised*
Bailey Sullivan
Bailey Sullivan - 5 dager siden
Axeton cutchar
Agent Smith
Agent Smith - 46 minutter siden
AXE-Calibuer like excalibuer
Cosmo MacLellan
Cosmo MacLellan - Time siden
Nobody: How ridiculous: “intense screaming”
Brad Heden
Brad Heden - 2 timer siden
Paul like Paul Bunyans axe
Gabriel Carlos Cosme-McCarville
song at 6:15 ?
Matt H
Matt H - 5 timer siden
You guys need to name the axe Stanley, and you need to drop a giant rexy on Stan.
Radgatorman 27
Radgatorman 27 - 6 timer siden
His name could be alaxe
Domasis - 10 timer siden
I'm really loving the way you guys are doing the intros, super hype
Stephen Schlee
Stephen Schlee - 10 timer siden
Survival Center
Survival Center - 10 timer siden
Axel should be it’s name
Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee - 11 timer siden
How about axel
Stephen Booth
Stephen Booth - 11 timer siden
IAMABOX Luke Brown
IAMABOX Luke Brown - 13 timer siden
Axe Name: Jackson, or Jaxeson
Memeinator 9001
Memeinator 9001 - 14 timer siden
No trees were harmed in the making of this video
Christopher Rudy
Christopher Rudy - 14 timer siden
Maybe the blade’s name could be ‘Jeremy’. #howgood
Memeinator 9001
Memeinator 9001 - 14 timer siden
The remains of the first bowling ball looked like jello why
RRGSR - 14 timer siden
Drop a car on the axe
Davato - 14 timer siden
I want to see a one of the crew get dropped on it
joe g
joe g - 15 timer siden
I was gonna comment it needs to be sharper then they dropped the giant stump. But it needs to be a tad sharper
todd paik
todd paik - 15 timer siden
Drop a Ute on it
EKBGames3275 - 15 timer siden
Jesus the intro was so fucking extra omg
Nildo Braganca
Nildo Braganca - 17 timer siden
Name it Axel Rose 🌹
Nildo Braganca
Nildo Braganca - 17 timer siden
Let's drop a car on the Axe... boom 💥 nose first.
StarkosGuy - 17 timer siden
music at 5:54??
Jacob Toia
Jacob Toia - 17 timer siden
Drop the axe on a car or a car on the axe
Black Hawk
Black Hawk - 17 timer siden
Axel 🤣
James Garrard
James Garrard - 17 timer siden
Looks like Paul Bunyan dropped his axe head.
Timothy Morton
Timothy Morton - 19 timer siden
Axe name: Al-Axe
ORAND26 - 22 timer siden
Alberto the axe
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 20 timer siden
drop the axe
Marcelo Zabberoni
Marcelo Zabberoni - 22 timer siden
Gabriel Bielawski
Gabriel Bielawski - 23 timer siden
Different boulder235
Different boulder235 - 23 timer siden
Wedgies axe name
AJ Geiger
AJ Geiger - Dag siden
Gotta name it Paul of course! Will you please drop the axe on the biggest piece of cheese in the world.
C Platt
C Platt - Dag siden
Alan the axe
Jake Williams
Jake Williams - Dag siden
You should do a bag of deodorants
Mason Sauer
Mason Sauer - Dag siden
Elon cuts
Vortex 158
Vortex 158 - Dag siden
Suicidle person: I’ve been through so much. Rex : you think so
Sebastian Leal
Sebastian Leal - Dag siden
Name him Willis
Levi Curiel
Levi Curiel - Dag siden
2:57 You guys should make this a shirt 🤣 Axe Head Gaunson 🤣 oh and you should name the axe Stormbreaker 👌
Tezzasbigbuz - Dag siden
Boys filming way to close down there how stupid
D.S.F.life_0097 Gaming
Drop a car
Prime Guillotine
Prime Guillotine - Dag siden
John Ponugupati
John Ponugupati - Dag siden
team trees hates tis
Draven Draken
Draven Draken - Dag siden
Aleks Martini
Aleks Martini - Dag siden
When Brits trying their hardest to be funny ...
ano nymus
ano nymus - Dag siden
drop the axe
Chase Packer
Chase Packer - Dag siden
Definitely needs to be sharper
XDGrim Human
XDGrim Human - Dag siden
Talk about precision damn
alertmasp - Dag siden
The name should be axel
Aiden Valencia
Aiden Valencia - Dag siden
Ofelia Rivera
Ofelia Rivera - Dag siden
This is actually the best channel ever
Mario Formica
Mario Formica - Dag siden
This is crazy
Pato Garza T
Pato Garza T - Dag siden
You should name the Giants Axe "Maxie"
Manta Rt
Manta Rt - Dag siden
The Lorax: .. what the Fuck!
Isaac Metzger
Isaac Metzger - Dag siden
“Spectacular splitter”
Silver_ _slice
Silver_ _slice - Dag siden
Alaxe for the axe name
keith corrigan
keith corrigan - Dag siden
People in Australia have taken to doing strange things in lockdown! be warned it may be catching 🇳🇿😁🌞
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
Ax reminds me of Gimli, the dwarf in lord of the rings. I don’t know why lol it’s awesome!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
Lizzy! For Lizzy Borden
Louise Johnston
Louise Johnston - Dag siden
Jon Mi Nessou Grey Jedi Knight
You should name the axe "woody chopinson" 😁😁😁😁😁😁
sheller153 - 2 dager siden
Commtest: isn’t it obvious? Paul! As in Paul Bunyan the Timber Cutting King, standing at 63 axe handles high! The ban who logged off North and South Dakota, built Pike’s Peak and Yellowstone Falls. His massive axe carved the Missouri River and Grand Canyon, his footsteps made Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes. Who’s double bladed axe can fell a tree in one swing and get another on its way back!
Gareth Wigglesworth
Gareth Wigglesworth - 2 dager siden
Dude20biscuits - 2 dager siden
Sharp shelly?
That could be the name
Cardinal Crayon
Cardinal Crayon - 2 dager siden
mjd0613 - 2 dager siden
Why haven't you guys used guide ropes to help middle the some more accurate stuff.
Devin Ward
Devin Ward - 2 dager siden
Rexy had a nice bail off the couch
silentwolf in the dark shadows
axe head
MadMatt's Adventure Days
MadMatt's Adventure Days - 2 dager siden
Bunyan the Axe Blade.
Scotty Devil
Scotty Devil - 2 dager siden
Axe name:axel
Captain M
Captain M - 2 dager siden
Name: Splitshow
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall - 2 dager siden
Captain M
Captain M - 2 dager siden
AKGaming - 2 dager siden
Redgum is pretty strong stuff
Art n Music
Art n Music - 2 dager siden
call the axe Boromir from the lord of the rings
Miss Honey Badger
Miss Honey Badger - 2 dager siden
Lizzy! For Lizzy Borden
jean-Francois lanctot
jean-Francois lanctot - 2 dager siden
what about rexi-naxe
Pikker Joubert
Pikker Joubert - 2 dager siden
Should call the axe stormbreaker
Taylor Fontaine
Taylor Fontaine - 2 dager siden
Chris uribe
Chris uribe - 2 dager siden
Name it storm breaker
hype Gator
hype Gator - 2 dager siden
Drop the axe on a car