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Good times at Optus Stadium.
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Jensen Salvatori
Jensen Salvatori - År siden
Brett’s favorite movie is Billy Madison
Kizza’s BACKYARD SPORTS - 2 måneder siden
Great Movie, Love Adam Sandler
Dan Laurich
Dan Laurich - 2 måneder siden
Brett Stanford stop looking at me Swan 🦢
NeverOddOreveN - 4 måneder siden
I really hope he’s having a bit of a laugh whilst claiming that as his favorite...
kate cahill
kate cahill - 7 måneder siden
DodgerDom Lad4life
DodgerDom Lad4life - År siden
Katy Ferrell you did not get it right
Ryan Dubois
Ryan Dubois - 4 dager siden
matheighway - 8 dager siden
"As you can see, Man United are coming to play!", as we zoom in on the board that clearly says 'LEEDS UNITED' :OD
Collin Coulter
Collin Coulter - 19 dager siden
#Cheers4Herron lmao.
Ahmed Albakri
Ahmed Albakri - 21 dag siden
90% of the video is TALKING ! Which really makes the channel really ridiculous.
I’ve watched many videos in your channel & I’ve came up with that conclusion.
Dr Porkchop
Dr Porkchop - Måned siden
Optus is one of my favourite stadiums I’ve ever been to
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls - Måned siden
Those sport slow mos were epic!!
I wish I had friends like you three!!
Andre Venter
Andre Venter - Måned siden
Micah Jones
Micah Jones - 2 måneder siden
I wonder if they ever dropped a camera off the top of that building
Levi Nutt
Levi Nutt - 2 måneder siden
No ants
Holden Shaffer
Holden Shaffer - 2 måneder siden
8:16 gaunson actual rhino sound
Coyote Herron
Coyote Herron - 2 måneder siden
Geof - 2 måneder siden
2:04 Forget the fake United, the REAL UNITED are Leeds United!
David Clark
David Clark - 2 måneder siden
That’s Leeds United on the score board!
MDOG13 Bonazza
MDOG13 Bonazza - 3 måneder siden
At first it didn't sound like he said deck, if you know what I mean.
Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett - 3 måneder siden
Billy madison
Evan O’Riordan
Evan O’Riordan - 3 måneder siden
‘Bvcxzask s
Carson Blake
Carson Blake - 3 måneder siden
Kangaroo kack
Heihei god50YT
Heihei god50YT - 4 måneder siden
Why do they always call them by there last names
Rob Kandell
Rob Kandell - 4 måneder siden
9:34 — “I’ve watched Herron, and you need to think of your head as a golf club.”
Wiser words were never spoken!
Tavi Games
Tavi Games - 5 måneder siden
Ashley Jessee
Ashley Jessee - 6 måneder siden
Good lord sharedare, comtest, member, subscribe, bell, merch. At least 1/3 of your videos is asking for all that and it’s annoying. Just make good content. And if you have to throw all that in at the very end but begging all video long, come on guys!
geelong guy
geelong guy - 6 måneder siden
bretts favourite movie is dispicable me 3
latencycc - 6 måneder siden
Just watched this again, flipping hilarious
Mobius 1
Mobius 1 - 6 måneder siden
Felix Hickish
Felix Hickish - 6 måneder siden
Quentin Mead
Quentin Mead - 7 måneder siden
0:49 Let’s just pretend like we didn’t hear what we thought we heard.
Javier Rivera 7470
Javier Rivera 7470 - 7 måneder siden
Maybe because the stadium got tall walls dont have enough wind for the magnus effect .
Ethan Hughes
Ethan Hughes - 7 måneder siden
Hey if y’all could pick it up to throw it couldn’t y’all have picked it up and hit it off ur head for a putt?
Lono Twins
Lono Twins - 7 måneder siden
Billy Madison
Alain Mehani
Alain Mehani - 7 måneder siden
Favorite movie is crocodile dundee
abnwtfwc07 - 7 måneder siden
Seen the Manchester United top. Had to turn it off. Sorry.
Anurag Srivastava
Anurag Srivastava - 7 måneder siden
Which stadium is this..???
Is it Gabba???
Kaylee Olberding
Kaylee Olberding - 7 måneder siden
extra size ball tic tac toe off the dam
Nick Rutter
Nick Rutter - 7 måneder siden
man ure shirt lol
Cat The Epic Gamer
Cat The Epic Gamer - 8 måneder siden
Omg that will pin ya was so cute
Noah O Donovan
Noah O Donovan - 8 måneder siden
Movie is captain America
Mason Hewitt
Mason Hewitt - 8 måneder siden
Is it boondock saints?
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Fav movie is pirates of the Caribbean
Basketball-Fan 23-24-34
Basketball-Fan 23-24-34 - 8 måneder siden
Indiana Jones
Erin Liechty
Erin Liechty - 8 måneder siden
Marvel Infinity War
Kiarni Rose
Kiarni Rose - 8 måneder siden
Beetle juice
BigDipper907 - 8 måneder siden
What is a deck?
Maxime Laffitte
Maxime Laffitte - 9 måneder siden
Minority Report
Jivan Scarano
Jivan Scarano - 9 måneder siden
6:43 should have been the face for the Instagram pic.
Lachy Doky
Lachy Doky - 9 måneder siden
Lion king
Diddy Donkey
Diddy Donkey - 9 måneder siden
2020 anyone
Carl Schrepfer
Carl Schrepfer - 9 måneder siden
Brett's favorite movie is transformers
Jessica Rieke
Jessica Rieke - 9 måneder siden
Brett’s favorite movie is Lord of the Rings Return of the King! (That’s my guess anyway a year later 😉)
Sebastian Hoekstra
Sebastian Hoekstra - 9 måneder siden
Age of altron
Tony Mac
Tony Mac - 9 måneder siden
Best Pin Ya! Ever!
NOAH HOLDER - 9 måneder siden
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 9 måneder siden
The last time I've ever used a big ball was during pilates.
Josh Freeman
Josh Freeman - 9 måneder siden
Star Wars
J BULLIONAIRE - 10 måneder siden
Scott was always my favourite. Until I saw him in a Man U kit :(
Ben Whitton
Ben Whitton - 10 måneder siden
Moo Moo
Moo Moo - 10 måneder siden
Blue Stanford fav colour or orange
Dude #2740
Dude #2740 - 10 måneder siden
Commtest attempt: Prince of Egypt
Simon M
Simon M - 10 måneder siden
Gauntson, get rid of that rag you're wearing!
Blair Inferrera
Blair Inferrera - 10 måneder siden
Happy Gilmore
Justin Cousineau
Justin Cousineau - 11 måneder siden
Lion king1
Sally Miller
Sally Miller - 11 måneder siden
Mismo 23
Mismo 23 - 11 måneder siden
Logan Weber
Logan Weber - 11 måneder siden
Charlie Brown peanuts
CNNS - 11 måneder siden
The only version of golf that Derek could win is the one where he had to use his head for a putter.
Deviloffateful - 11 måneder siden
Why is it that hard for australian people to close their mouth? i mean you guys literally can't close your mouth, maybe you like your teeth that much.
Andrew Wooldridge
Andrew Wooldridge - 11 måneder siden
Bretts favourite movie is either Avengers age of ultron or thor
Willem Freestone
Willem Freestone - 11 måneder siden
star wars
Jon Liechty
Jon Liechty - 11 måneder siden
his favorite movie is probably jurassic world
_Garfeld - År siden
The pin was the cringiest thing ever
Finn Mccloskey
Finn Mccloskey - År siden
0:52 I swear u said dick
Jed_stacey - År siden
Brett’s movie is end game
Kevin Kowalski
Kevin Kowalski - År siden
Team herron!!!!
Deco 333
Deco 333 - År siden
You should do more of these vids off the top of Optus
Sebastian Tate
Sebastian Tate - År siden
Edward Delgado
Edward Delgado - År siden
How about if you make some clamps with ball bearings contacting and holding balls of all types and spin it with compressed air for the Magnus effect. Spin it fast and let go.
reuben edwards
reuben edwards - År siden
Deepa Takhar
Deepa Takhar - År siden
1ant =1 more comment
Bibby Bobca
Bibby Bobca - År siden
Heron heron yeah
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker - År siden
Spencer - År siden
The new dude perfect
2larlie2 - År siden
Jensen Mitchell
Jensen Mitchell - År siden
well done #heron
Jensen Mitchell
Jensen Mitchell - År siden
you are one of my best youtubers
Jensen Mitchell
Jensen Mitchell - År siden
movie is Billy Madison
Jensen Mitchell
Jensen Mitchell - År siden
i want to do this to
Owen Stokes
Owen Stokes - År siden
Billy Madison is Brett's favourite movie
Ethan Sargent 2
Ethan Sargent 2 - År siden
Brett's Favorite Movie is.. Toy Story 4
metamorphicorder - År siden
Atlas stone vs 10k snap pops. You know the little things you can throw against the ground or otber hard surface and they pop because they are filled with silver something or another that detonates under light stress? So get a bunch of them and like a kiddie pool or something else that will hold that many and test drop the stone then put the container in place and then drop it on the snap pops. You would likely want to fill in the crater from the test drop and then put a large piece of ply wood under it to give it a nice hard surface to smash against. I would say to try and see if you can get some tannerite down there and try to set that off, but its harder to set off and its much more powerful and you probably cant get it down there.
Brooke Driscoll
Brooke Driscoll - År siden
HaunterOfKanto - År siden
I can tell their head butts are making them tired lol
kidney_bean - År siden
Ant and Deck bgt
Jodie Hughes
Jodie Hughes - År siden
Billy Madison is Brent’s favorite movie
c marie
c marie - År siden
I want this video to get to 44k and stay at 44k
Vivian W
Vivian W - År siden
Wilkie Hudson-Berry
Wilkie Hudson-Berry - År siden
Titanic is his favourite movie
simdru - År siden
It should have counted because it hit the side, basically span in then came back out... used by goal line technology. Get it, GOAL
Jason Pavlich
Jason Pavlich - År siden
Ant n Deck are a couple other guys, and I don't believe they were witnessed in this venture, so answer is: No.☺
Dbass FX
Dbass FX - År siden
Is there any ants on this dick I thought that you used deck code for dick lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😂😂
Brooke Driscoll
Brooke Driscoll - År siden
The gooies