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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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Hayden Harlock
Hayden Harlock - År siden
Gabriel has never broken a bone
Dylan Schmidt
Dylan Schmidt - Måned siden
Ooooo good comment buddy
Lukas Shank
Lukas Shank - 2 måneder siden
Juvan Kruger
Juvan Kruger - 4 måneder siden
@McCalder Bros 0q9qoqkqkskidwkosopwpwpspqpqoqo2oqkajsjwjwjw2jjwjausjqa, kwosudjeocuwoaoq92838337828eu2i2i28191iw82i19101010282837eyehw8w8woqkw82j2i2o2kwjsipwkwooowiqgoncwen
Joe - 5 måneder siden
If you haven't broken a bone in your life you need to spend less time on a computer and more time outdoors.
Daniel Sebring
Daniel Sebring - 5 måneder siden
3 bones
FishyFish - Dag siden
#scott is treated unfairly
WickedFast Gaming
WickedFast Gaming - 3 dager siden
Layla Muir
Layla Muir - 4 dager siden
Joey Williams
Joey Williams - 5 dager siden
# scottwastreatedunfairly
Cindy sittmann
Cindy sittmann - 5 dager siden
This project Is down
This project Is down - 6 dager siden
4 broken bones
Apex Magnus
Apex Magnus - 9 dager siden
Scott, in order to keep the laps in these races, you have to stay in the track lines, it's in the rc racing rule book, look it up, also #Scottfrickencheated
Abdulakeem Razaq
Abdulakeem Razaq - 10 dager siden
Tay Dru
Tay Dru - 11 dager siden
#scottcheated BUT #scottwastreatedunfairly ALSO
Evie Bird
Evie Bird - 11 dager siden
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 15 dager siden
#schot thought outside the track 😂😂😂
Nolan Nguyen
Nolan Nguyen - 17 dager siden
kyle dewick
kyle dewick - 17 dager siden
Michael Foks
Michael Foks - 17 dager siden
Don - 18 dager siden
You guys are a mess. Haha.
Patrick Charles
Patrick Charles - 18 dager siden
Daysonitan09 Daysonitan09
Daysonitan09 Daysonitan09 - 19 dager siden
give one rc cars haha
Shanon Hamm
Shanon Hamm - 22 dager siden
An absolute fool
An absolute fool - 22 dager siden
Scott was treated unfairly because they were using funny words
s0m3_rand0m_guy - 23 dager siden
100 subs With no vids
100 subs With no vids - 23 dager siden
Dean Jordan
Dean Jordan - 25 dager siden
Anthony Matthews
Anthony Matthews - 25 dager siden
Am I being thick.. didn’t they say “completed” laps
Leigh Williams
Leigh Williams - 25 dager siden
Ryan Aliotti
Ryan Aliotti - 26 dager siden
Jordan Pabalan
Jordan Pabalan - 28 dager siden
When they said woody it got me I'm laughing so hard I can't breath
Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson - 29 dager siden
Luke Meredith
Luke Meredith - Måned siden
Where did you get all the stuff to throw at the exposed rc cars
Samuel Engle 2028
Samuel Engle 2028 - Måned siden
Gabriel broke 3 bones
Samuel Engle 2028
Samuel Engle 2028 - Måned siden
Jacob Strahm
Jacob Strahm - Måned siden
Classic case of 3 wolves and 1 sheep deciding whats for dinner.
Owen Cassidy
Owen Cassidy - Måned siden
KHASAN - Måned siden
Anthony - Måned siden
Rich O
Rich O - Måned siden
#ScottCheated #AGAIN
Tim Stack
Tim Stack - Måned siden
#scottcheated :)
Creative Christian
Creative Christian - Måned siden
#scottwastreatedunfairly ,like, come on, give him his big brain credit! 😂
Elijah Tait
Elijah Tait - Måned siden
Noah Scootz
Noah Scootz - Måned siden
#scott was treated unfairly
Julian Genocide
Julian Genocide - Måned siden
Gaunson is academicLESS 😂 poor guy.
Julian Genocide
Julian Genocide - Måned siden
Leroy - Måned siden
There’s people who follow the rules, then theirs people whom rules are made for be the person to adapt overcome, don’t be confined by a box.
Ashten Bush
Ashten Bush - Måned siden
Anonymous Sender
Anonymous Sender - Måned siden
that is clearly a cheat.
nnyspain - Måned siden
#Scott cheated
Hayden Schaaf
Hayden Schaaf - Måned siden
Bryan Hawk
Bryan Hawk - Måned siden
3 bons
Fletcher Waters
Fletcher Waters - Måned siden
The guy who plays things
The guy who plays things - Måned siden
Braden Remus
Braden Remus - Måned siden
Bink Olney
Bink Olney - Måned siden
Scott always cheats
Francis Carroll
Francis Carroll - Måned siden
#SCOTTCHEATED #44club you rule
Brittany Kent
Brittany Kent - Måned siden
Will Loo
Will Loo - Måned siden
Will Loo
Will Loo - Måned siden
3 or 2
Unbuttered Toast
Unbuttered Toast - Måned siden
Gary Drury
Gary Drury - Måned siden
HypeCloud - Måned siden
professordeb - Måned siden
Yeah, Scott cheated!
Cort Peterson
Cort Peterson - Måned siden
Birds 03
Birds 03 - Måned siden
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 2 måneder siden
JonerHillside - 2 måneder siden
Cebolinha Lourinho
Cebolinha Lourinho - 2 måneder siden
Meagan Danielle
Meagan Danielle - 2 måneder siden
Creeping Death
Creeping Death - 2 måneder siden
do more RC cars with heavy stuff,this is entertaining and fun to watch
Toby Clarkson
Toby Clarkson - 2 måneder siden
scott is academically smarter then the rest of them
Dane Bridges
Dane Bridges - 2 måneder siden
so Scott can't count past 10....and he is a free thinker, aka #Scottcheated.
Dane Bridges
Dane Bridges - 2 måneder siden
damn, that sand pit needs a thorough cleaning.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Andrew Wells
Andrew Wells - 2 måneder siden
Lachlan Bristow
Lachlan Bristow - 2 måneder siden
2 bone
Schmeller Ensign
Schmeller Ensign - 2 måneder siden
#gonson was treated unfairly
The Mrmadman
The Mrmadman - 2 måneder siden
Lee Hensley
Lee Hensley - 2 måneder siden
scott was not cheating
Axel Elfarrow
Axel Elfarrow - 2 måneder siden
@ 6:48 pooor rexy gets mowed
Axel Elfarrow
Axel Elfarrow - 2 måneder siden
flippin dunnlop
Footylegend31 !
Footylegend31 ! - 2 måneder siden
Bodie Horne
Bodie Horne - 2 måneder siden
#scott cheated
Jackson Pendleton
Jackson Pendleton - 2 måneder siden
Scott was treated unfairly.
TJ THE DJ - 2 måneder siden
Weston Palmer
Weston Palmer - 2 måneder siden
You have broken 7 bones
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner - 2 måneder siden
All those throws on an immobile RC. Shame boys....... shame ;)
ishir k
ishir k - 2 måneder siden
Justin Crim
Justin Crim - 2 måneder siden
Rc car videos are my favorite from you guys....hilarious watching Scott...need more rc vids
Dark Reaper
Dark Reaper - 2 måneder siden
Aidan Mullane
Aidan Mullane - 2 måneder siden
Australia version of Dude Perfect
Ashley Torrez
Ashley Torrez - 2 måneder siden
Cheaters are noobs
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson - 2 måneder siden
Braxton Banks
Braxton Banks - 2 måneder siden
TeddyV90 - 2 måneder siden
Is that a dolphins shirt? Being from Miami I wouldn't wear that. Lol
Shivaansh Bhatt
Shivaansh Bhatt - 2 måneder siden
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Guys time for a new rc viddy
Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon - 2 måneder siden
Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon - 2 måneder siden
ive broken more than ten and im 10
Jackson U'Ren
Jackson U'Ren - 2 måneder siden
Guanson planning his cheating is the best thing ever
Adrian All Day
Adrian All Day - 2 måneder siden
Charles Sciano
Charles Sciano - 2 måneder siden
Hell ya he cheated!
Pace k
Pace k - 2 måneder siden