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Runtime: 11:15


Jared Poley
Jared Poley - År siden
278 698
dtiydr - 5 dager siden
@How Ridiculous "..we can't pin a comment that replies to this comment, it needs to be a newy" People are god dam idiots.
MajkelBassRipperッ - 5 dager siden
Emily Alley
Emily Alley - 2 måneder siden
good on ya'
Kevin Mäetagas
Kevin Mäetagas - 3 måneder siden
@daniel odom They've done that each fucking video you dumbass
Julie Lee
Julie Lee - 3 måneder siden
Salvatore Rosella
Salvatore Rosella - 17 timer siden
Salvatore Rosella
Salvatore Rosella - 17 timer siden
Salvatore Rosella
Salvatore Rosella - 17 timer siden
Salvatore Rosella
Salvatore Rosella - 17 timer siden
Anthony Wenclawski
Anthony Wenclawski - Dag siden
U should have spray painted the darts neon yellow so u can see them
EstOwnYa - Dag siden
next time put some smokey pyro on the darts! easier to follow
David Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald - 2 dager siden
We need more likes!!!
AMr Gamer
AMr Gamer - 2 dager siden
لا اله الا الله
nadia leo
nadia leo - 3 dager siden
i am italian and you offended me and all italian
Jim Lynch
Jim Lynch - 3 dager siden
camden martin
camden martin - 3 dager siden
camden martin
camden martin - 3 dager siden
HIV3*MIND - 3 dager siden
Lawn darts 🎯 would have been better for seeing and the weight of them it would move faster
FishinFam 309
FishinFam 309 - 4 dager siden
Should’ve kept that rock with the dart in it for your desk HERON
Taisonbertalam - 4 dager siden
265 500
inspired end
inspired end - 5 dager siden
How ridiculous: can hit a dart bord from 164 meaters
Me: cant get my dart to stick in to my bord from 4 feet
Gavin Croft
Gavin Croft - 5 dager siden
Imagine they used a real dart board
MrSpiker123 - 9 dager siden
323 .. Rewatch always a good time !
Kahu Dickson
Kahu Dickson - 9 dager siden
William Hervey
William Hervey - 10 dager siden
Cure for heavy cameras, monopod, fellas
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink - 11 dager siden
Yeah but can you do a 9 dart finish?
MrVectrex - 12 dager siden
531 948
Jackson Austin
Jackson Austin - 14 dager siden
Hi there I just got back from work today and we don’t like you
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 16 dager siden
Click bait, you guys are fucking losers
Mikan San
Mikan San - 17 dager siden
Collin Coulter
Collin Coulter - 17 dager siden
Inspector Gaunson lmao
Seek Explore Destroy
Seek Explore Destroy - 17 dager siden
That was not a triple 13 that was a 0
Amadou Jallow
Amadou Jallow - 17 dager siden
very great video!
Brian McManus
Brian McManus - 18 dager siden
Get to one million likes
John’s Play World 2
John’s Play World 2 - 19 dager siden
No smoking Derek!!
Jonh Monroney
Jonh Monroney - 22 dager siden
Nov 4 2020 7.1 Million Views
then Biden Destroys America
Jonh Monroney
Jonh Monroney - 22 dager siden
High Altitude Darts
by Hasbro
Jonh Monroney
Jonh Monroney - 22 dager siden
hard hats should be worn, do it for momma.
TLnn - 23 dager siden
Click bate. Wasted 10min watching nothing. Heading says they hit the bullseye 🎯
Britni Moore
Britni Moore - 23 dager siden
20000000000000 jk 234897
Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen - 27 dager siden
I heard gay guys can fly like peter pan ?
Em - 28 dager siden
257 617
MineMasterAjay Gaming
MineMasterAjay Gaming - 28 dager siden
Do 100 bowling balls vs hulk fist from 45 meters
M Mercato
M Mercato - Måned siden
I hope you boys cleaned up after it.
Mike Smithey
Mike Smithey - Måned siden
Get yourself some of those 5 lb lawn darts they would be very accurate
Michael Frost
Michael Frost - Måned siden
Ill just sum up the vid for you,
They dont hit the bullseye and its a complete waste of ten minutes
johnny cash
johnny cash - Måned siden
Damn there's some gnashers in this vid!
Armastat - Måned siden
Man I get the willies every time the camera looks out off from the top of the dam.
Enazmi Sey
Enazmi Sey - Måned siden
Why do I feel like this vid got recommended to me again because I’ve been watching Novak clips?
David Brown
David Brown - Måned siden
What is the ladder, at 10:21, for?
Eric Norris
Eric Norris - Måned siden
These guys are super ignorant idiots.......sad
Yes, I am Rarted
Yes, I am Rarted - Måned siden
This is my first ever liked video
Maichel Verbruggen
Maichel Verbruggen - Måned siden
278 698
Lincon Barrass
Lincon Barrass - Måned siden
Leigh B
Leigh B - Måned siden
Barry Eslick
Barry Eslick - Måned siden
Jamie Canavan
Jamie Canavan - Måned siden
You're at 528648 as if oct 2020
Gabryu - Måned siden
*grazie* with E
Zak Thomson
Zak Thomson - Måned siden
Harrison Bennett
Harrison Bennett - Måned siden
Nischae Tiwari
Nischae Tiwari - Måned siden
278 644
The Motocross kid
The Motocross kid - Måned siden
1 hour
Mr pug Muffins
Mr pug Muffins - Måned siden
Wow clickbate
Vebjørn Kristoffersen
Vebjørn Kristoffersen - Måned siden
Didnt Even hit it
No Subs
No Subs - Måned siden
323 427
Debbie McCaffery
Debbie McCaffery - Måned siden
Scott McGinn
Scott McGinn - Måned siden
Where everyone talks with their teeth exposed!
Christine Teal
Christine Teal - Måned siden
375k or 375235
Shazza B
Shazza B - Måned siden
Wow click bait
ThunderStruckCole - Måned siden
263 114
Steven Aguilar
Steven Aguilar - Måned siden
K K - Måned siden
Ooooooo! what a sparky at @ 7:27
James Goosen
James Goosen - Måned siden
Zagaming Zagaming
Zagaming Zagaming - Måned siden
265 472
Nicole Eason
Nicole Eason - Måned siden
Will pin yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Nicole Eason
Nicole Eason - Måned siden
Will pin yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Vlademir Putin
Vlademir Putin - Måned siden
268 564?
Colby Wood
Colby Wood - Måned siden
Can we appreciate how much energy those darts have by the time they impact?
Jim Sagubigula
Jim Sagubigula - Måned siden
Matthew Replays
Matthew Replays - Måned siden
2020 nobody has actually got it yet? 278 637
Matthew Replays
Matthew Replays - Måned siden
they 100% forgot what it was
Ethan Dinosaur
Ethan Dinosaur - Måned siden
Ace Teunis
Ace Teunis - Måned siden
Bodie Horne
Bodie Horne - Måned siden
Why is there AFL ball in Switzerland
K Wilson
K Wilson - Måned siden
278 673
277 996
Z the blacksmith
Z the blacksmith - Måned siden
Kd2Trill - Måned siden
That thing had to be Moving at least 200mph to pierce a rock
Jim Sagubigula
Jim Sagubigula - Måned siden
Hmmmm, no, not even close. The never got faster than 120 mph.
BeanMan - 2 måneder siden
i cant even hit a bullseye from half a metre away with about 30 attempts :(
Luke Mason
Luke Mason - 2 måneder siden
Damn they still haven’t reached 1 mil
Troz - Måned siden
Luke Mason my bad I thought you meant subs
Luke Mason
Luke Mason - Måned siden
Troz no they haven’t gotten 1 mil likes yet did you even watch the video?
Troz - Måned siden
They have 6 million
Tomiwa olatunji
Tomiwa olatunji - 2 måneder siden
future dude perfect
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia - 2 måneder siden
Wisna expectin ta see the tall ship. Nice one. Impressive board hits too!
Drizzy Dilly
Drizzy Dilly - 2 måneder siden
Mere inches on that bullseye. Cheers from the US.
Luke Desira
Luke Desira - 2 måneder siden
is it 278 691
CABLE 715 - 2 måneder siden
260 328
Scott A.
Scott A. - 2 måneder siden
Finish this challenge!!! It's got 524k+ likes!
Go back to Switzerland for us!
Nerd2 DE
Nerd2 DE - 2 måneder siden
277 589
Riley Jones
Riley Jones - 2 måneder siden
Graeme Wright
Graeme Wright - 2 måneder siden
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas - 2 måneder siden
Why have we not gotten a mil likes yet? I wanna see a giant dart go off this dam
Jonah Abramson
Jonah Abramson - 2 måneder siden
You should’ve put The dartboard on a raft then put it in the other side of the dam
Omar Flores
Omar Flores - 2 måneder siden
Just Instinct
Just Instinct - 2 måneder siden
Blizz R.
Blizz R. - 2 måneder siden
If only you used the archery target
Thomas Choi
Thomas Choi - 2 måneder siden
what is the dams name
dextersdynamic channel
dextersdynamic channel - 2 måneder siden
234 935