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goober pea
goober pea - 11 måneder siden
Yesterday was halloween
Theme Park Update
Theme Park Update - 4 måneder siden
Guys, Halloween isn’t different for other peeps in the world. They simply didn’t upload the video until a bit later
Pace_ - 5 måneder siden
@Yanosh A+ for yanosh
Yanosh - 5 måneder siden
@Pace_ I'm not an Aussie either, I just used my common sense.
Pace_ - 5 måneder siden
@Yanosh man i aint in no austrailia how am i supposed to know
Yanosh - 5 måneder siden
@Pace_ lol you're a moron.
J J - 19 dager siden
I knew the basketball would hurt, those things are sneaky heavy and firm.
sidrat2009 - Måned siden
still youtube ad - I hope no one dies.
Benjamin Hirt
Benjamin Hirt - 3 måneder siden
How about giant sling shot from tower targeting ground targets such as oobleck.
TLnn - 3 måneder siden
You’ve got to have Balls to pull this stunt off.
Magic - 3 måneder siden
Her: Come over
Me: Nuh I'm with the boys
Her: My parents aren't home
Me: 6:35
Rob Kandell
Rob Kandell - 3 måneder siden
4:48 -- Off the numbers. Stanford must play for the Detroit Lions. :-)
Amnesty Hop Hop
Amnesty Hop Hop - 4 måneder siden
Imagine being a tad off and at the last second it just smashes you in the face
Hugo H. Huidobro
Hugo H. Huidobro - 4 måneder siden
Cool video boys!!!
Kristian T
Kristian T - 5 måneder siden
Next video: Catching Giant Dart from 1000ft
JAMsterWRX - 5 måneder siden
My highschool football coach ALWAYS said if the ball hits your hands you can catch it and if you don’t catch it then you have no hands
Drew The Disney Maniac
Drew The Disney Maniac - 5 måneder siden
You guys copied Dude Perfect because you’re doing trick shots like them.
stefanyugioh - 6 måneder siden yall were in a vid~
stefanyugioh - 6 måneder siden
yes i came here just to do that
Cody Joubert
Cody Joubert - 6 måneder siden
You made it to a Zorro vid!!
Brandon Shebester
Brandon Shebester - 6 måneder siden
Just like the end of "Happy Gilmore". "No, I'll just beat him now". Brilliant!
Logan Draluck
Logan Draluck - 6 måneder siden
Ready to see a kangaroo go in front of you and catch the ball
Melissa Carroll
Melissa Carroll - 6 måneder siden
#bringbacktheflap #44club you rule!
JC Walker
JC Walker - 6 måneder siden
That was amazing. Thanks guys
My Bottle
My Bottle - 6 måneder siden
venemous* snake land. "poisonous" snakes dont exist.
Katherine Persson
Katherine Persson - 6 måneder siden
I want a North By Northwest parody for the bloopers with this helicopter, anyone else??
Joseph Webley
Joseph Webley - 6 måneder siden
The record is officially 102.5m. So you guys smashed it by 3 times the height.
Echelon - 7 måneder siden
Future vid... Drops a vortex from orbit - Scott catches it.
Joseph Galletta
Joseph Galletta - 7 måneder siden
U guys should try using an american football or rugby ball
Hadia Zafari
Hadia Zafari - 7 måneder siden
Next episode: Can we catch a ball from space?
Last episode: Can we catch a ball from

the other universe?
Neil Clewer
Neil Clewer - 7 måneder siden
Awesome!... thats a good as the basketball throw into the basket!.. great job 😆👍
BMelloYello - 7 måneder siden
10:30 😂
The DARK HUGHES Hughes - 7 måneder siden
Some craic if he dropped a bowling ball without tell them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Deyton
Jack Deyton - 7 måneder siden
Who else was speaking at 11:00?
devika kanna reddy
devika kanna reddy - 7 måneder siden
Commtest:- Yesterday was Stanford's birthday
srinitaaigaura - 7 måneder siden
You should give some backspin on the ball, not topspin.
Charles Turcotte
Charles Turcotte - 7 måneder siden
U guys should drop a bunch of nerfs a a time!
vatesed - 7 måneder siden
He obviously just threw it up
Seneca’s Adoptive Son
Seneca’s Adoptive Son - 7 måneder siden
These guys are always happy because after shooting these videos, they go back to a hotel spa and have gay sex. Good for them👍🏽👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Tammy Rogne
Tammy Rogne - 7 måneder siden
My god a basketball from 1000'?!? Hell that will knock his arms off!😳
monkfoobar - 8 måneder siden
CCD camera is the best for propellers
Judah Sh
Judah Sh - 8 måneder siden
you guys should get World Record plaques for this stuff
ferdi karacadagli
ferdi karacadagli - 8 måneder siden
Next time from 33000 ft !!
Vibing Pug
Vibing Pug - 8 måneder siden
Now see if he can catch the human from 1000ft up
XxanimalfriendxX - 8 måneder siden
that helicopter is TINY
hawk james
hawk james - 8 måneder siden
gaunson was DIALED IN man. A C T I V A T E D.
Downton 654
Downton 654 - 8 måneder siden
Why does it look like on camera that the balls move forward so much at the end? And does it look like that in real life?
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - 8 måneder siden
Downton 654 Magnus effect
Matthew Sandler
Matthew Sandler - 8 måneder siden
Had me dead
DemonDangrGaming - 8 måneder siden
corona virus
ScardiMard - 8 måneder siden
I've always heard meth is a really big problem is Australia, any truth to that?
Daniel Heusner
Daniel Heusner - 8 måneder siden
Are - 8 måneder siden
imagine it hit them in the balls
Raul Flores
Raul Flores - 8 måneder siden
5:48 he catches the ball
SteveVi0lence - 9 måneder siden
You catch like a girl
JonahPlaysCello - 9 måneder siden
55:1 is the end of the video
Cara Pritchard
Cara Pritchard - 9 måneder siden
hasan Battikh
hasan Battikh - 9 måneder siden
Tfw you know the reason Scott instantly took the pink hat in the fruit catching contest is because of this one
Cooper Outdoors
Cooper Outdoors - 9 måneder siden
60 yard meters 1:28
Leah Henley
Leah Henley - 9 måneder siden
Jsweizston - 9 måneder siden
Derek is that shaman you meet in a Mad Max video game that's praying on a rock and gives you drugs to level up. You know from Mad Max. December 16 = the Boston Tea Party.
Emma Bell
Emma Bell - 9 måneder siden
You saw a tiger
Logan Fox
Logan Fox - 9 måneder siden
*Stuka noises intensify*
Bridge Muramura
Bridge Muramura - 9 måneder siden
Kobe died
TheHumanSpider 2099
TheHumanSpider 2099 - 9 måneder siden
SPEED SPARKS - 9 måneder siden
It' was Valentine's Day yesterday
Richard Jimenez
Richard Jimenez - 10 måneder siden
This makes me think of Kobe Bryant ahem helicopter
Matthew O’Brien
Matthew O’Brien - 10 måneder siden
Matteo Domenico
Matteo Domenico - 10 måneder siden
The helicopter is a Robinson?
{toxic-chasey }
{toxic-chasey } - 10 måneder siden
George Knobbs
George Knobbs - 10 måneder siden
You should do this from the tower with footballs, try and take a first touch and then volley it into the net or some other weird and ridiculous target... I’d be happy to come and demonstrate at the hallowed and holy grounds of the tower 😂😂 love you guys !! #44club
Ross Shepherd
Ross Shepherd - 10 måneder siden
Robert Salmon
Robert Salmon - 10 måneder siden
Us killed the Iran General
Kjebis - 10 måneder siden
Stanfords "catching of the soccerball was the best slowy I've ever watched 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kjebis - 10 måneder siden
Stanfords birthday?
Connor Fowler
Connor Fowler - 11 måneder siden
You need to do this one into a basket ball hoop
Stephani -D
Stephani -D - 11 måneder siden
When Stamford went airborne from the basketball. Amazing.
Meeptale Games
Meeptale Games - 11 måneder siden
Make the like button blue if your watching in 2020
Lowisa Svedling
Lowisa Svedling - 11 måneder siden
Konica pop kamera
Alex Mac
Alex Mac - 11 måneder siden
I'm watching their videos thinking Australians are the only people that are going to understand what the boys are saying
Black Shadow69
Black Shadow69 - 11 måneder siden
They are so rich
Call of duty King
Call of duty King - 11 måneder siden
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 11 måneder siden
Ted Dernekxis
Ted Dernekxis - 11 måneder siden
Lets name the chopper. Something other than Robinson
Lea - 11 måneder siden
Such nice lads! 😂😂😂😂 we need some Aussies in the UK 🇬🇧!
DirtyAether - 11 måneder siden
"Fly my pretty!" 2:09
Thea Clay
Thea Clay - 11 måneder siden
Yo my auntie, her boyfriend and my cousins live in Newman
Diesel At McKinney Buick GMC
Diesel At McKinney Buick GMC - 11 måneder siden
Boston Tea Party
Yazeed Abdulrahman A (Saudi) Alharbi
رائع 🤓
Mr. Casaralta
Mr. Casaralta - 11 måneder siden
Which country is it?
Grace Cullum
Grace Cullum - 11 måneder siden
Me and my Dad woch your videos and I am auiZa
Red Red
Red Red - 11 måneder siden
Imagine if he hit the helicopter blades with the balls
James Young
James Young - 11 måneder siden
The guy with the pink hat look like Stevo with shades on that's no tr on drugs
BigToe Evan11
BigToe Evan11 - 11 måneder siden
All How Ridiculous catch celebrations: run around screaming then drop kick the ball
Scumbag Woody
Scumbag Woody - 11 måneder siden
terrible religion preaching channel
Thomas Peterson
Thomas Peterson - 11 måneder siden
Gaunson did something with his life
Mountaindew - 11 måneder siden
A terrible prank would be to drop a bowling ball instead
crazystengel1 - 11 måneder siden
MAG360X - 11 måneder siden
4:00 vortex whistle sounds like an atomic bomb coming down
Ali Devrim OGUZ
Ali Devrim OGUZ - 6 dager siden
@Per Albin Hansson round ones actually do sound like that
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 8 måneder siden
Oliver den Store whooosh
ProjectMAD - 9 måneder siden
Oliver den Store r/wooooosh
Per Albin Hansson
Per Albin Hansson - 9 måneder siden
Atomic bombs dont sounds like that..
Kenneth Hauck
Kenneth Hauck - 11 måneder siden
Theses dumbbells can't do math. 1000 feet isn't 300 meters it's 304.8 meters
LeeAV24 - 11 måneder siden
Good job not making a big mistake on the title... It coulda been a lot worse if ya kno what i mean
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown - 11 måneder siden
Egan Schwarz
Egan Schwarz - 11 måneder siden
The first time you guys uploaded a video. #44club
Noah Stasyszen
Noah Stasyszen - 11 måneder siden
Since you like magnus so much you should do a video with magnus Mitbø
Feareme 718
Feareme 718 - 11 måneder siden
Donald trump was impeached
Toby O'Neil
Toby O'Neil - 11 måneder siden
It feels good to look at a part of Australia that isn't covered in bushfire smoke.
Fletcher Bertram
Fletcher Bertram - 11 måneder siden
well on a calendar i saw it says that it was Victory Day on the 16th
is it victory day?