Catching Fruit out of Helicopter from 500ft

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Send down the nana



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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.

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Runtime: 11:17


Tarl Lopshire
Tarl Lopshire - 13 timer siden
JJ Jones
JJ Jones - 10 dager siden
You wanted to be a stunt/ trick shot guy for a YouTube channel.
Blackdagger - 17 dager siden
Cant be afraid of the banana son keep your eye on it
Stephen Ranger
Stephen Ranger - 20 dager siden
Commtest: Archaeologist? That's what I wanted to be...
Jimbo Rocks
Jimbo Rocks - 25 dager siden
whaooo - 27 dager siden
the sound of the banana splat
Angus Scott
Angus Scott - 2 måneder siden
You wanted to be something including 44 because you are a 44 bro
Tyrant King
Tyrant King - 2 måneder siden
2:16 350ft, he is at eye level of godzilla
William Harmon
William Harmon - 3 måneder siden
How can cows graze where there’s no grass?
EDWIN S TISON - 3 måneder siden
#commtest A banana.
Simone B
Simone B - 3 måneder siden
A secret agent
Lindsey Stevens
Lindsey Stevens - 3 måneder siden
Brett wanted to be a youth pastor growing up. Such a leader and natural pastor if ive ever seen one.
Devin Fitzpatrick
Devin Fitzpatrick - 3 måneder siden
Bit late to the party here folks but I’m gonna guess Brett wanted to be an architect for some reason #44club
Deluxe Eagle
Deluxe Eagle - 3 måneder siden
Just because no one got the contest right can I get pined for pointing it out
Parker Productions
Parker Productions - 3 måneder siden
Did you wanna play soccer maybe
Zac Van Weerdenburg
Zac Van Weerdenburg - 4 måneder siden
Brent I think you wanted to be a engineer
Thalia Shanti
Thalia Shanti - 4 måneder siden
Potatocakes? 🤣
Rodent Fire
Rodent Fire - 4 måneder siden
Those hats tho
David Fletcher
David Fletcher - 5 måneder siden
How is that not Behzinga
Pajama Man
Pajama Man - 5 måneder siden
Cows eating tropical fruit which was filmed falling from a helicopter in the Australian Outback.
David Halim
David Halim - 5 måneder siden
commtest: singer or rapper
Meaghan Pearcy
Meaghan Pearcy - 6 måneder siden
RIP banana 2019-2019
Meaghan Pearcy
Meaghan Pearcy - 6 måneder siden
Gaurav Bhalla
Gaurav Bhalla - 6 måneder siden
YouTube, stop moving the comments
Vekry - 6 måneder siden
Jesseswoosh - 6 måneder siden
Fire Fighter
Jackson Seeley
Jackson Seeley - 7 måneder siden
gaunson's hat
Jack Gonzalas
Jack Gonzalas - 7 måneder siden
Flat earthers: the earth is flat and that’s and fact!!! Me: okay then how do u explain this, 8:31
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen - 7 måneder siden
Commtest: astronaut
Priyanshu 7
Priyanshu 7 - 7 måneder siden
Anna Beckman
Anna Beckman - 7 måneder siden
For the commtest; I think Brett wanted to be a dentist. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Cassandra Nugent
Cassandra Nugent - 7 måneder siden
Makes me think of a certain MCR song
Jano Peens
Jano Peens - 7 måneder siden
That is a waste of food.
Eian Korner
Eian Korner - 7 måneder siden
Megan McCarton
Megan McCarton - 7 måneder siden
Commtest : you wanted to be a football player as a kid
Sebastian Leal
Sebastian Leal - 7 måneder siden
Stanford wanted to be a barber
Angus Walker
Angus Walker - 7 måneder siden
Brett wanted to be an AFL footballer, playing for west coast
Keu Kirito
Keu Kirito - 8 måneder siden
YEET KING - 8 måneder siden
footballer( soccer player)
Alyece Aitcheson
Alyece Aitcheson - 8 måneder siden
Dabbing dolphin
Raveen Sasanka
Raveen Sasanka - 8 måneder siden
To hv an occupation
Raveen Sasanka
Raveen Sasanka - 8 måneder siden
A lawyer
Raveen Sasanka
Raveen Sasanka - 8 måneder siden
An engineer
Raveen Sasanka
Raveen Sasanka - 8 måneder siden
A doctor
Pop Culture Backlog
Pop Culture Backlog - 8 måneder siden
My son suggests using barehands to catch a diamond thrown from a worries there
CPO1Tufts - 8 måneder siden
I bet he wanted to be a pro soccer player
August Dalton
August Dalton - 8 måneder siden
8:30 proof the earth is round
Samantha Serrano
Samantha Serrano - 8 måneder siden
I want to know what the song is at 3:30-3:34. Been looking for it for a long time. I know it’s the Beat goes on from the Whispers. But it’s a remix and I can’t find it!!
Greg Smith
Greg Smith - 8 måneder siden
If only our politicians would resort to Rock, Paper, Scissors. Things would get done!
Brad Gibb
Brad Gibb - 8 måneder siden
Commtest: Teacher?
Simran Singh
Simran Singh - 8 måneder siden
He wanted to be a good person when he grew up.
Victor Stancu
Victor Stancu - 8 måneder siden
Vo Id
Vo Id - 8 måneder siden
8:31 proof the earth is not flat.
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown - 8 måneder siden
He wanted to be Jimmy Nuetron
Paragon - 8 måneder siden
7:30 you guys are getting absolutely swarmed
sang marocain
sang marocain - 8 måneder siden
Quarantine at home this is antertaining
Ants in My Eyes Johnson
Ants in My Eyes Johnson - 8 måneder siden
Blaze_Jcoolkid - 8 måneder siden
Hey Holmes
Hey Holmes - 8 måneder siden
Comtest: You wanted to be a School Teacher. (but a cool one like a gym/P.E. teacher)
TB CN - 8 måneder siden
Nanananaaaa nanananaaaa heeeeeeweeeeee gooodbyyyeee
James Orjuela
James Orjuela - 8 måneder siden
were are you guys at
James Orjuela
James Orjuela - 8 måneder siden
i dont see cows
James Orjuela
James Orjuela - 8 måneder siden
you want to be a soccor player
Bailey Talbot
Bailey Talbot - 8 måneder siden
You wanted to be a helicopter pilot
kateclarke - 8 måneder siden
a helicopter pilot
Ryan Cremin
Ryan Cremin - 8 måneder siden
Nooooo he's wearing an Eagles hat
You should change the colours to purple and white and you'll be all good
Karla Moody
Karla Moody - 8 måneder siden
A YouTuber or a rich guy or a king
Wyatt Grawbarger
Wyatt Grawbarger - 8 måneder siden
Who else is asking there selfs were did they get the helicopter 🚁
Sada Milk
Sada Milk - 8 måneder siden
GiVe It To ThE cOwS
Janice Cole
Janice Cole - 8 måneder siden
Double Trouble Adventures Perth
Double Trouble Adventures Perth - 8 måneder siden
A YouTube
Raj Datta
Raj Datta - 8 måneder siden
A scientist
Doctor or a lawyer
MOHAMMAD ANEES - 8 måneder siden
Julianna Lane
Julianna Lane - 9 måneder siden
Commtest: worker at Macca’s/Hungry Jack
Alex Polk
Alex Polk - 9 måneder siden
Brett wanted to be a lawyer
Alex Polk
Alex Polk - 9 måneder siden
Title: Throwing FRUIT from a helicopter
video intro: Heron is holding lettuce
Jason Pasillas
Jason Pasillas - 9 måneder siden
What's the rock paper scissor score????
Jake Breyer
Jake Breyer - 9 måneder siden
flippin buffet for the animals
Samantha Hassall
Samantha Hassall - 9 måneder siden
A pilot
The cool O’s
The cool O’s - 9 måneder siden
That Alice spring
Mary Fennie Manangan
Mary Fennie Manangan - 9 måneder siden
a doctor
Caiden Sowa
Caiden Sowa - 9 måneder siden
Alex Jurado
Alex Jurado - 9 måneder siden
I hope that they play soccer golf again or tic tac toe Those are my favorites!
THATGUY - 9 måneder siden
I don't think they were outfielders at any point
Eric Amdal
Eric Amdal - 9 måneder siden
John Doe
John Doe - 9 måneder siden
Magnanamus effect.
Zao Franzoy
Zao Franzoy - 9 måneder siden
He wanted to be a musician when he grew up
Eli Marlowe
Eli Marlowe - 9 måneder siden
Baseball player
MindSET - 9 måneder siden
Stanford wanted to be a Pro athlete as a kid. A pro Golfer.
KaneAmora - 9 måneder siden
Commtest should’ve been “how many bananas hit the ground?” 😆 🍌
Gary Hale
Gary Hale - 9 måneder siden
Brett wanted to be a firefighter
ChiefRabitz YT
ChiefRabitz YT - 9 måneder siden
Wants to jump out of planes
Naya - 9 måneder siden
I just wanna know who comes up with these ideas 😂
Some liverpool fan
Some liverpool fan - 9 måneder siden
A baseball player
Mr.Sharpie 12
Mr.Sharpie 12 - 9 måneder siden
2:28-2:33 is isaac newtons friends cheering him on under the apple tree
PhillxRKOx99 - 9 måneder siden
A YouTubeer
Rasmus Burchard
Rasmus Burchard - 9 måneder siden
I don’t now
__Dudewitagun __
__Dudewitagun __ - 9 måneder siden
they should be wearing lacrosse helmets...thats dangerous if it hits their eyes or their teeth
sub2cliipx 12
sub2cliipx 12 - 9 måneder siden
Title: catching fruit from a helicopter
Me: 3:21 do I see a vegtableeee
hasan Battikh
hasan Battikh - 9 måneder siden
Hehe, commtest should have been how many bananas did they drop before catching it, but well, i think it's ingenieur