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Catching exercise balls at Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland.
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Sarah Briffa
Sarah Briffa - 2 år siden
Duchess from the Aristocats
Goldenboyjr 7
Goldenboyjr 7 - 18 dager siden
@No Channel but you have no channel
Todd Whittier
Todd Whittier - Måned siden
I think the guinea pig name was snickers
Kylee Olsen
Kylee Olsen - 2 måneder siden
@How Ridiculous THATS ADORABLE my guinea pigs name is Wilbur
DerpDog - 2 måneder siden
Get pinned
Jordan Welcome
Jordan Welcome - 2 måneder siden
@How Ridiculous aussie oi
Tyler Chambers
Tyler Chambers - 18 timer siden
Red Reginald
Red Reginald - Dag siden
im so glad yall did this viddy before 2020
Joshua Shanty
Joshua Shanty - 3 dager siden
lets go gonsen/scott
Dayalan Rishna
Dayalan Rishna - 5 dager siden
3:30 almost lost his head. Attempt of assasination. Near death. Luckly the shit make him slip and saved his life. Thanks to god who saved him.😊😊😊
Laithpol1234 Polmanteer
Laithpol1234 Polmanteer - 5 dager siden
Pazrilnugraha Beatbox
Pazrilnugraha Beatbox - 7 dager siden
Kok bahasa indonesia?
Cormac Long
Cormac Long - 8 dager siden
Atharv on 240hz
Atharv on 240hz - 8 dager siden
6:23 the way he tried to catch it tells he's an Australian
Daniel Lewins
Daniel Lewins - 10 dager siden
Wait not George I think his name is magnus
Daniel Lewins
Daniel Lewins - 10 dager siden
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens - 11 dager siden
The pet is agnus
Adam Miller
Adam Miller - 19 dager siden
Nolan camp
Nolan camp - 20 dager siden
Joey Mangan
Joey Mangan - 20 dager siden
alex legoboy
alex legoboy - 25 dager siden
Interting to see that the score was the opsite of the last video
Gulls Gang
Gulls Gang - 27 dager siden
omg lol
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott - 27 dager siden
Shloop A
Shloop A - Måned siden
I bet half of you just came here to see them get hurt
Richard Troon
Richard Troon - Måned siden
8:33 thank me later 😎😆
Seth Berkenbosch
Seth Berkenbosch - Måned siden
DYNOMITE - Måned siden
Monday’s be like...
DYNOMITE - Måned siden
PRINCE23062003 - Måned siden
Great video again guys, I really love how you get so many camera angles. You look like you have so much fun and that shows 👍👍👍
JesusFollower 1
JesusFollower 1 - Måned siden
8:36 is the big one (pink one on thumbnail).
Allison Robillos
Allison Robillos - Måned siden
Gauson is thee cutest
Latest Craze
Latest Craze - Måned siden
In my opinion, these guys are really close to being annoying, but they always deliver on content, so props to them.
Samuel Engle 2028
Samuel Engle 2028 - Måned siden
cjones29hd - Måned siden
Wearing a Freshy. LMAO
Jaxon Williams
Jaxon Williams - Måned siden
Your piglet name was piglet
Don - Måned siden
You guys are fun.
Michael BigBoy Cordova
Michael BigBoy Cordova - Måned siden
Should have faked out using a water balloon!!! Lol
Spencer PhilippineDream
Spencer PhilippineDream - Måned siden
this reminds me of my childhood pre-videogames. apparently a ball and a super high platform can be alot of fun.
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls - Måned siden
5:00 "Your score you can pick up at the bakery, mate!"
I am so going to use that line every chance I get!
Liam Matthew Fisk
Liam Matthew Fisk - Måned siden
Dont ask
Dont ask - Måned siden
You lost me in the 1st 30 seconds.
Congratulations 👎
Rowan Ferini
Rowan Ferini - Måned siden
Steve Vieira
Steve Vieira - Måned siden
i am gusing bacon
Colton Duncanツ
Colton Duncanツ - Måned siden
Im here on 165 k likes lol
Creative Christian
Creative Christian - Måned siden
This video was so enjoyable 😂
Heath v
Heath v - Måned siden
5:09: what the hell was that guy doing in the background???
Rc Angel and Demon
Rc Angel and Demon - Måned siden
Who else expected when he said it’s only going up from here for him to end up face planting in more shit
Kraz Domino
Kraz Domino - Måned siden
Swag Gamer
Swag Gamer - Måned siden
fillg - 2 måneder siden
This video is just as fun nearly 2 years later! Great stuff
Jeff and Lisa McCleary
Jeff and Lisa McCleary - 2 måneder siden
Rex Rid
Rex Rid - 2 måneder siden
Kylee Olsen
Kylee Olsen - 2 måneder siden
it was flutters
DR1VER 29 - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone else love these videos but find these guys annoying as fuck?
Jim Was Here
Jim Was Here - 2 måneder siden
Stanford falling with a smile on his face is still so funny.
Carter Bourquin
Carter Bourquin - 2 måneder siden
Snake5431 - 2 måneder siden
*chuckles* “geese”
Erin Cotrone
Erin Cotrone - 2 måneder siden
Jordi Craft
Jordi Craft - 2 måneder siden
I see the how ridiculous page. My face😃 this is the YouTube feel good chanel
Kelly Yoo
Kelly Yoo - 2 måneder siden
Andrew Wells
Andrew Wells - 2 måneder siden
*looks at calendar, see's it's 2020* I think he had like 90 grabs on that first tennis ball.
Charles Atwell
Charles Atwell - 2 måneder siden
Was it Pig Eye Jackson?
Dane Bridges
Dane Bridges - 2 måneder siden
felled by the good ol unexpected dung pile. just be glad it wasn't a deer they leave piles the size of birthday cakes.
harry yeet tree
harry yeet tree - 2 måneder siden
Hi mate just got back to the hotel and casino security forces in the hotel room
Stick Figure Cubing
Stick Figure Cubing - 2 måneder siden
Wait a minute, they have summer at Christmas time...... So why are the shirts sweaters?????
Like if you are questioning your life choices.
Sam Rowe
Sam Rowe - 2 måneder siden
Your guys joy actually made me smile a little
Salvation Jane
Salvation Jane - 2 måneder siden
Random Shid
Random Shid - 2 måneder siden
Was the exercise ball grey cause I’m color blind and I want to know that I’m not hallucinating
Margaret Hernandez
Margaret Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
im gonna say pandora? just guessing
Loran Bürüç
Loran Bürüç - 2 måneder siden
Oh man for a second i felt the scent of shiiiii
Thomas Neilson
Thomas Neilson - 2 måneder siden
It looked like he tried saving a goal
Legend Zayden
Legend Zayden - 2 måneder siden
Bacon im guessing haha LOL
Spencer Brooks
Spencer Brooks - 2 måneder siden
“it caused me to slip over and now it’s all on me trackies”
Joel Hamilton
Joel Hamilton - 2 måneder siden
6 m subscriber
Ephebic_Otaku - 3 måneder siden
DRAX gamer
DRAX gamer - 3 måneder siden
Sou do Brasil
Pet White’s Crewmate
Pet White’s Crewmate - 3 måneder siden
Atari Russia
Atari Russia - 3 måneder siden
Is this victoria?
NoobyestOnYT - 3 måneder siden
10:40 a gorrila shouting
Kevin Paige Jr
Kevin Paige Jr - 3 måneder siden
Jesus Dueñez
Jesus Dueñez - 3 måneder siden
Jaden - 3 måneder siden
dude in the background at 5:12 looking at his hands is me on a daily
Ehsan Khan
Ehsan Khan - 3 måneder siden
5:08 that mannequin looks ridiculous!
Peter Krska
Peter Krska - 3 måneder siden
Name.of your pet: Gaunson.
GRANDGAMER 21 - 3 måneder siden
What dam is that it looks so cool
killer z aka z
killer z aka z - 3 måneder siden
Ugene was hes name
Casey Raeside
Casey Raeside - 4 måneder siden
That smile as he is falling is 😂 it was so good 😊
Nathan Shepard
Nathan Shepard - 4 måneder siden
Alex C:
Alex C: - 4 måneder siden
Marsh mellow from 160 meters
Beanos Robbed The Bank
Beanos Robbed The Bank - 4 måneder siden
When he slipped it was like me in soccer
# Llamasforlife
# Llamasforlife - 4 måneder siden
The dude at 516
samuel cobelens
samuel cobelens - 4 måneder siden
Christmas is the summer looks weird to me
Relaxing Videos
Relaxing Videos - 4 måneder siden
Freddie Hodkin
Freddie Hodkin - 4 måneder siden
It was actually 8 cracks at it
Sophie’s life !
Sophie’s life ! - 4 måneder siden
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Привет Екатеринбург
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Aydan R Gilbert - 4 måneder siden
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Travis Chan - 5 måneder siden
Emperor Kossi
Emperor Kossi - 5 måneder siden
Duc.kydUde - 5 måneder siden
If y’all go any higher, the title will change from catching to being crushed by
Michael Mackenzie
Michael Mackenzie - 5 måneder siden
1:41 Looks like a goose with GoPro on backwards 😂
CORONA_TYPER - 5 måneder siden
3:49 look at his face.....
ChunkyChankyChonkyChunk - 5 måneder siden
I love that name