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How high can an airbag launch stuff?
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Runtime: 17:55


Ely Mayer
Ely Mayer - 20 timer siden
Really. Not so much screaming.
Gaming Kid
Gaming Kid - 2 dager siden
9 seconds
Dylan Schmidt
Dylan Schmidt - 2 dager siden
7.2 seconds
George Valkov
George Valkov - 3 dager siden
75 meters
sleeknub - 4 dager siden
Fun fact: the bowling ball is experiencing gravitational acceleration from the time it leaves the mortar until it hits the ground, not just from the apex to the ground.
Leslley Scotte
Leslley Scotte - 4 dager siden
Hoofer is a tap dancer in the 20’s-50’s.
Mrdinoshark - 5 dager siden
That’s alota schtuff.
WingNuts2010 - 6 dager siden
Noticed that Rexy and the anvil achieved a similar apogee and free fell striking the ground almost at the same time. Given that they are not the same weight, I wonder if astronaut David Scott could help on this one?
DANIEL ELLER - 9 dager siden
How on my flee
Chaz Searcy
Chaz Searcy - 10 dager siden
That bowling ball took off like a military missile
Cody Maris
Cody Maris - 12 dager siden
It's called popcorning not airbaging
dtiydr - 12 dager siden
I actually guessed 7 seconds.
Evan Dietrich
Evan Dietrich - 13 dager siden
hoofer: a professional dancer
Agam Upik
Agam Upik - 15 dager siden
14:08 Mercedes
John Smith
John Smith - 16 dager siden
There’s no such thing as a hoofer. It’s heifer, a female cow. You’ve got it confused with hoofer because you can’t speak English.
ADH - 16 dager siden
Stanford is a prize tit
Quinn Swift
Quinn Swift - 16 dager siden
Hoofer a drunk deer
AsrielTheCuber - 18 dager siden
2:50 music?
Mannie Adams
Mannie Adams - 19 dager siden
Jackson Rollins
Jackson Rollins - 20 dager siden
Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres - 20 dager siden
Love how fun they are, barrel of monkeys, mates! CHEERS!
Armastat - 22 dager siden
'Hoofer' the guy runs the fastest and leaves his buddies behind to be eaten. ie., Over achiever
beocly - 22 dager siden
0:40 he is so weak even the ground didn't make sound when he threw it
StrikerSk - 23 dager siden
I Guess 6.7 got damn it
Hayden Lamont
Hayden Lamont - 24 dager siden
Where's the pin? I need to know what a Hoofer is
Shifty Beast911
Shifty Beast911 - 25 dager siden
7 .3 s
Eben Roberts
Eben Roberts - 25 dager siden
A hoofer is a professional dancer
James Bews
James Bews - 25 dager siden
bowling ball with two bags!!
Johnny Tucker
Johnny Tucker - 27 dager siden
I would've won the soccer ball challenge. I called 6.3. Just sayin lol
Striker Martin
Striker Martin - 28 dager siden
A Hoofer is something that hoofs
Randall Prince
Randall Prince - 28 dager siden
About 10,000 feet
Just React Liam
Just React Liam - 28 dager siden
I guessed 6.2
Jules_49ers - 29 dager siden
Definition of hoofer : hoof·er
Learn to pronounce
a professional dancer.
"the diminutive hoofer is hotfooting it around Britain on a marathon tour"
Definitions from Oxford Languages
hoofer (plural hoofers) (US, slang) A professional dancer, particularly one who has paid his or her dues.
FadhilAlFarabi - 29 dager siden
Tanya Taylor
Tanya Taylor - 29 dager siden
Hall apina
waterfall gaming
waterfall gaming - Måned siden
Literally 1000% i promise hoofer means professional dancer
The Berkanian
The Berkanian - Måned siden
0:33 (subtitles): something in Australian... I don't know I'm just the editor
Nelson Gutierrez
Nelson Gutierrez - Måned siden
Hey boys, love your channel and its content.
How about dropping the 200kg atlas ball from the 45m tower onto an airbag, set up a electronic trigger just above the air bag so as the atlas ball passes through it about 2m above the air bag.???
James Ooten
James Ooten - Måned siden
No one knows until they get a face full of airbag how hard those things can hit. I took mine Sept. 2019 and the police thought I was drunk because I was so bewildered when they arrived. Most people end up with a broken nose and silk friction burns all over their face.
Doodle Pleb
Doodle Pleb - Måned siden
Okay but can we talk about how smooth that intro was with all the camera passing? And that launch and catch
Sam A
Sam A - Måned siden
How is the Hoffa a word.
Cameron MacLaren
Cameron MacLaren - Måned siden
16:17 “two to the power of two” “that’s eight” two times two is not 8
Malachi Roseblood
Malachi Roseblood - Måned siden
Heron looks like hes missing a tooth sometimes lol
ezekiel ehmke
ezekiel ehmke - Måned siden
Drop the Rexys off the tower
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me - Måned siden
The actual definition of a hoofer is a professional dancer
Barend Wiese
Barend Wiese - Måned siden
Hoofer the that preses the button
Barend Wiese
Barend Wiese - Måned siden
The guy that preses the button
Barend Wiese
Barend Wiese - Måned siden
Cool vids keep up the great work guys
Casey Efaw
Casey Efaw - Måned siden
Airbag orbees
Kenneth Jordan
Kenneth Jordan - Måned siden
It's like a shoey, but with a post race horse hoof.
Alexander Pringle
Alexander Pringle - Måned siden
To all the non Australians, we don’t pronounce our S’ that weird. Eg; Shtuff and shtruth
Jonas - Måned siden
I have been watching your channel for minute and after watching a lot of videos, all I can say is, you really milk the ad space and it SUCKS. Like massively tedious to the point of kinda being A$$HOLEY. COuld you ease up a bit???
Braden Takes
Braden Takes - Måned siden
If you stake the platform down, it will shoot straighter.
JD Olsson
JD Olsson - Måned siden
Increadible! I got a height of about 54 meters for the bowling ball when accounting for the drag (air resistance). Sorry if being a buzzkill. Love this channel!
I'll include the calculations further down for the nerds to prove me wrong. Disclaimer: I'm a student in molecular science, not pure physics.

The two forces acting on the ball is gravity and air resistance:
Fg = mg
Fdrag = -(1/2) C * p * A * v^2
Fnet = Fg + Fdrag = mg - (1/2) C * p * A * v^2
m is the mass of the bowling ball (~3.629 kg), g is earths gravity acceleration constant 9.82 m/s^2, C = Drag coefficient (relating to the percentage of area exposed to the resisting wind) 0.5 for a sphere, p = air density 1.29 kg/m^3, A = sphere area = 4pi * r^2 (r is the radius ~10 cm = 0.1 m was my estimation), v is the velocity = g*t.
Convert the force to acceleration by dividing both terms with the mass of the bowling ball:
a = mg/m - (1/2)/m * C * p * 4pi r^2 * v^2 = g - (1/2) /m * C * p * 4pi r^2 * (g*t)^2
integrate with respect to time to get the velocity (corresponding to the primitive function:
v = gt - (1/2)/m * C * p *4pi r^2 * g^2 t^3/3
integrate again with bounderies t0= 0 s to t=3.92 s to get the height:
S = gt^2/2 - (1/2)/m * C * p *4pi r^2 *g^2 * t^4/(4*3)
Insert g= 9.82, C = 0.5, m = mass of the ball in kg, p = 1.29, r = radius of the ball in meters and t = 3.92 :
S~ 54 m
AzRiverGuy1 - Måned siden
Very annoying that when they count down, an ad starts playing!
lukdragon - Måned siden
I have NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER been more proud to be west aussie when we have good muther fuckers like these guys making top shelf vids to call our own fuck the eastern states
Andrew Atkins
Andrew Atkins - Måned siden
a professional dancer.
Adrian L.
Adrian L. - Måned siden
How many freaking ads did I just watch? Cool video but that was insane!!!
Miles Puthoff
Miles Puthoff - Måned siden
"Look at all this SHTUFF going on"
God damit I already laughed
michael lecky
michael lecky - Måned siden
Need to drop 100 multicoloured paint bombs on one of the team. Rock Paper Scissors
Jacob Coombe
Jacob Coombe - Måned siden
Typically Roseman
Typically Roseman - Måned siden
i say 7 sec
Lincoln Mulley
Lincoln Mulley - Måned siden
Herron sounded exactly like Stanford when he said 'the anvil was spinning so fast', 17.10
Anonymous Sender
Anonymous Sender - Måned siden
Load it with golf balls
BlueLightningHawk - Måned siden
I guessed 6.7 seconds, damn I was close lol
Landon Twiss
Landon Twiss - Måned siden
A hoofer is a professional dancer (rexy I mean you)
Dylan Koenig
Dylan Koenig - Måned siden
I went 6.2!! So close!!!
Robot2NoNot - Måned siden
A person or persons that runs in a hoof like Fashion
Grayson Grant
Grayson Grant - Måned siden
5:10 the motion looks so cool
Jack Shepherd
Jack Shepherd - Måned siden
Hoofer (noun) meaning good for slowmoshi.
Razor Hardbroom
Razor Hardbroom - Måned siden
launch them in the air with big fire works
E S - Måned siden
just imagine what losers their followers are, how much shit they talk super cheap kids
Sandman - Måned siden
i see the meanings to top the rates were to r rated for them.
Braydon Wixom
Braydon Wixom - Måned siden
hoofer. a professional dancer
Shadowwolf 158759
Shadowwolf 158759 - Måned siden
My car unfortunately doesnt have anybair bags
James Goosen
James Goosen - Måned siden
Nauto g G
Nauto g G - Måned siden
Hoofer = a dog that woofs a lot
Braydon Wixom
Braydon Wixom - Måned siden
thats woofer
kitty cutie
kitty cutie - 2 måneder siden
canal monetizavel vs desmonetizado
Rex is pop star
Evan Natteford
Evan Natteford - 2 måneder siden
rexy has seen some shit
Dan Z
Dan Z - 2 måneder siden
Did the math through kinematics, 75.295 meters high with the initial velocity of 38.416 m/s, and gravity of -9.8m/s^2, and the time to apex of 3.92s. Sorry. Had to science it out for this one
mob1le ay лол
mob1le ay лол - 2 måneder siden
Hoofer: a professional dancer.
Bamchaga - 2 måneder siden
Hoofer means pro dancer?
Bamchaga - 2 måneder siden
1:52 I see that “He is greater than I shirt”
Encryptor Jr
Encryptor Jr - 2 måneder siden
The definition of hoofer is hoofer
jeremy hawks
jeremy hawks - 2 måneder siden
The definition is... Drumroll please!... A a professional dancer. yes, a professional dancer.
Australian Petrolhead
Australian Petrolhead - 2 måneder siden
A hoofer is when you get kicked in the plums by a donkey
Mahīśāsaka - 2 måneder siden
Rexy is a veteran of the HR wars and I salute him
Ian - 2 måneder siden
Aliens: What is this ball doing here?
How Ridiculous: *sweating nervously*
JDN C00L312
JDN C00L312 - 2 måneder siden
At 8.17 I guess exactly 6sec, 0.62 sec off target
Chelsea Morley
Chelsea Morley - 2 måneder siden
COMTEST hoofer means ugly hooker (prostitute)
DarcyMad68 - 2 måneder siden
7 seconds
leon baugh
leon baugh - 2 måneder siden
more ads than content
Stephanie Ward
Stephanie Ward - 2 måneder siden
Stephanie Ward
Stephanie Ward - 2 måneder siden
HOG JustJohn23
HOG JustJohn23 - 2 måneder siden
i dont know nothing
[sim a]
[sim a] - 2 måneder siden
Shit and stuff shuff
Jessica Kirk 2
Jessica Kirk 2 - 2 måneder siden
'Guess who got the duuuuuuuucky!'
BoxVan Go
BoxVan Go - 2 måneder siden
Looks like you joys are losing your hair!
Ross McClellan
Ross McClellan - 2 måneder siden
Do an airbag ballista!
Ricois - 2 måneder siden
Ah, yes, 2²=8