Can We Bounce an AIRPLANE? (not clickbait)

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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? We've got the The Chronos 1.4 which shoots 1500fps at 720p. Check it out here
A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Runtime: 18:11


Austin Rosse
Austin Rosse - 7 måneder siden
Absolutely the most hectic thing you guys have done, although that lighthouse to ship shot or the world record basketball shot are a close second!!!
Ethan Henry Gaming
Ethan Henry Gaming - 10 dager siden
Nathan Dent
Nathan Dent - Måned siden
Rekha Hans
Rekha Hans - 2 måneder siden
I amyour big friend I am Indianmy namespriyanshu Ranjan I am Indian
iCe Media Productions
iCe Media Productions - 3 måneder siden
So pumped for new videos. Joined just to watch extra stuff.
Rich Macca
Rich Macca - 3 måneder siden
@Smashy me to
AKA Shrek
AKA Shrek - 44 minutter siden
14:56 why does he look like the guy in the croods family movie “the father”😂
A Random YouTube Account
A Random YouTube Account - 3 timer siden
I wouldn't be surprised if they were to bounce one of themselves on that.
Todd Landrum
Todd Landrum - Dag siden
Jefford Bulan
Jefford Bulan - Dag siden
Ethan S
Ethan S - 2 dager siden
3:51 NO!!! REXXYYY!!!!!!
Nick James
Nick James - 2 dager siden
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
onespeed - 2 dager siden
Wanted to see it bounce and glide away lol.
Lee - 3 dager siden
definitely, the "Moo" made you win. lmao
Vacation and Fun
Vacation and Fun - 4 dager siden
AxeAndAce - 4 dager siden
3:36 Rexy go O O F
Kyler Howard
Kyler Howard - 5 dager siden
They're going to bounce Australia next
Monica Goodwin
Monica Goodwin - 5 dager siden
This is why you don’t go on dinosaur airplanes because they will not know what to do and then crash
Monica Goodwin
Monica Goodwin - 5 dager siden
Tyler Clayton
Tyler Clayton - 5 dager siden
Plane v. Giant axe????
Mike Hauss
Mike Hauss - 5 dager siden
This was EPIC!!
Gaming Lizard29
Gaming Lizard29 - 5 dager siden
blind man building
blind man building - 6 dager siden
Air pilot rexy
D&H Trick shots
D&H Trick shots - 6 dager siden
๛『Alvin』๛ - 6 dager siden
How Ridiculous
Ken M
Ken M - 6 dager siden
All the while I'm looking at the airplane and thinking what parts I could use, lol. It looked like it had a really bad ground loop or the landing gear gave way when someone landed it under the runway. It would be interesting to look up it's numbers and find out what happened.
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi - 6 dager siden
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi
SuperAcidYoshiNinja #Yoshi - 6 dager siden
Does anyone recognize some of the music that VAT19 uses in their videos
Zachary Rosenfeld
Zachary Rosenfeld - 6 dager siden
imagine if they did it in high winds and when they dropped the plane it flew into the dome
Cooper Stale chips
Cooper Stale chips - 8 dager siden
That WW2 Nerd
That WW2 Nerd - 8 dager siden
The play next we pitched up a little bit I just didn't have enough time to fully pitch up
Mr.Goji1954 - 8 dager siden
If someone was in the plane, would they have died?
LunaticMarioBros - 9 dager siden
Imaging your enjoying the trees when all of a sudden you gotta deal with a falling plane
Danny Z
Danny Z - 9 dager siden
Craziest thing I’ve ever seen
ZdrytchX -{Reference
ZdrytchX -{Reference - 10 dager siden
I swear ive seen that VH-UJE in a back yard somewhere before.
Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne - 10 dager siden
That was the best first attempt drop I’ve seen you do.
Was the craziest drop.
All in all, watching your reactions was the best.
Rest In Peace Mr. Tramp.
Justin Case
Justin Case - 11 dager siden
Where to from here: An original (1908-1927) Ford Model T
revvvrand - 11 dager siden
Biggest group of delinquents ever! Lol Somehow too, they are next to an observatory that likely cost a fortune to build. Australia 🤦‍♂️
dtiydr - 11 dager siden
And the 2 million views hopefully also paid for the plane.
19Neil67 - 11 dager siden
Kai Markona
Kai Markona - 12 dager siden
Fox Tron
Fox Tron - 12 dager siden
Thank you for flying with 44 club Airplanes...
Fox Tron
Fox Tron - 12 dager siden
I hope you had a nice flight...
Fox Tron
Fox Tron - 12 dager siden
5:00 Or you could watch the Mark Rober video...
(Sorry guys ;)
Fox Tron
Fox Tron - 12 dager siden
This is the first one I went on, and the first thing I thought was...
Weren't these guys in a Mark Rober video?
SP56000 - 12 dager siden
What a sad looking Cessna ):
Branch MC
Branch MC - 12 dager siden
The first video I've ever seen that said (not clickbait) that wasent clickbait
Revenant. exe
Revenant. exe - 12 dager siden
The balls made impact so fast that the trampoline whent into lightspeed and rexie did not have enough time to notice pyshics whas trying to let him fall
Joel Ryan
Joel Ryan - 12 dager siden
It would be funny if the wind picked up and the plane took off into the horizon 🤣
YEET UNICORN - 13 dager siden
that SACCC looks like balls
What life’s About
What life’s About - 13 dager siden
14:22 is what you’re here for
The Stormy C
The Stormy C - 13 dager siden
how heavy was the plane????
Kaleb Grimes
Kaleb Grimes - 13 dager siden
Timediffender 07
Timediffender 07 - 13 dager siden
BrainDeaf Official
BrainDeaf Official - 13 dager siden
Note to self: if i find myself crashing an airplane, aim for a trampoline nose first
Franco - 13 dager siden
Oscar _bru
Oscar _bru - 13 dager siden
cessna 152 go brrrt
ALFREDO RIVAS LEPE - 13 dager siden
Hello and if a submarine is launched from the dam and from the tower yes or no
The Impostor
The Impostor - 15 dager siden
*I believe I can bounceeeeee*
Pedro Arvelo
Pedro Arvelo - 15 dager siden
Pedro Arvelo
Pedro Arvelo - 15 dager siden
Yo broke 15.000 dollar fuselage 2000 windshield
Sjoerd Assenberg van Eijsden
Sjoerd Assenberg van Eijsden - 16 dager siden
So timmy what are you gonna do in the weekend.
Me and my uncle are gonna bounce an airplane on a trampoline:)
hameedullah jasat
hameedullah jasat - 16 dager siden
Bunch of adult children
Kooper Munford
Kooper Munford - 17 dager siden
Scimittar - 17 dager siden
✨ bounce ✨
Spoony Jeff UK
Spoony Jeff UK - 17 dager siden
a better video would have been can we make this plane fly again? but of course that requires skill.
Giselle Aldridge
Giselle Aldridge - 17 dager siden
rememeber these guys didint build this mark rober built the tramp
tazy boi
tazy boi - 19 dager siden
there was a chance that the plain got caught up wind or just went at an angle and totally went far
Sk8_wingnu - 19 dager siden
Rexy is a terrible pilot. lol
Simon Smids
Simon Smids - 20 dager siden
No words
therookeybrosif #bestgameandgameplay
has anyone commented "YES" ? but i will YES YES YES
EW - 04BC 828525 Castlebridge PS
The spinning makes me dizzy
Drakir Ger
Drakir Ger - 22 dager siden
They throw a fricking plain from a tower what a show respeckt
Silly Sal
Silly Sal - 23 dager siden
Fiona Manzone
Fiona Manzone - 23 dager siden
Jolly Rocko The Rock ツ
Jolly Rocko The Rock ツ - 23 dager siden
Ik people don't have time so 14:22 that's where action happens
Kevaram Dewasi
Kevaram Dewasi - 24 dager siden
Bennett Sprague
Bennett Sprague - 24 dager siden
"nanar in the gob"
TearsOf Blood
TearsOf Blood - 24 dager siden
Stupid, all that hype for a stupid finish
Miss_ Daisy
Miss_ Daisy - 25 dager siden
Ay i've been there.
Jerry Giddens
Jerry Giddens - 26 dager siden
Do it anyway
christa blackman
christa blackman - 27 dager siden
that is sus (2:06)

from a little boy
Blakes Flying channel
Blakes Flying channel - 29 dager siden
10:24 Australians love their tape
Jacksyn Daggett
Jacksyn Daggett - 29 dager siden
Oh sick
Mr YEET - 29 dager siden
And all your videos are trash because they’re all just memories on me so no one
Captain Mando
Captain Mando - Måned siden
Simon Puddefoot
Simon Puddefoot - Måned siden
Plane off of a dam next then 😁
waterfall gaming
waterfall gaming - Måned siden
What happened to rexy?
Isabel Angulo
Isabel Angulo - Måned siden
How ridiculous
STEALTH DIAZ1 - Måned siden
Dibrid Gamerss
Dibrid Gamerss - Måned siden
Sjoebidoe1 - Måned siden
It bounced omgggg
D K - Måned siden
3inOneOil & Duct Tape: If it doesn't move and it should.. use the Oil, if it does and it shouldn't, use the Tape!
Angela Schrodter
Angela Schrodter - Måned siden
I’ve watched u guys for years and it’s still
as Ridiculously amazing. 44 club
BloxMiner - Måned siden
Next vid be like : “Can We Bounce A Boeing 747? (not clickbait)”
Science Guy
Science Guy - Måned siden
They throw it at 14:19.
Clayton Hooper
Clayton Hooper - Måned siden
Hahaha, My name is Clayton...
Eryn Thorne
Eryn Thorne - Måned siden
Ewan Maher
Ewan Maher - Måned siden
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres - Måned siden
That is pretty sick. I cant with yall
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - Måned siden
I loved the gender reveal!!!!!!!!!
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - Måned siden
if you pin me I will pin you!
AviaOwen - Måned siden
Ryanair be like:
Catch-22bruhh - Måned siden
How much weight can the town even hold...
Maya Goshen
Maya Goshen - Måned siden