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Can a Diamond survive a hit from our100kg / 220lbs Thor Hammer?
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Taylor Boehm
Taylor Boehm - År siden
Gotta be listening to that fresh Hillsong UNITED
Michael Hardy
Michael Hardy - 10 dager siden
Ah my guess was casting crowns
Liam Babcock
Liam Babcock - 2 måneder siden
Why are you guys hating on Christian music
Troy V
Troy V - 3 måneder siden
Liver - 3 måneder siden
Sam Hulse
Sam Hulse - 3 måneder siden
You love to sea it
Paul Robert
Paul Robert - Dag siden
Wow these guys are beyond annoying
Beytullah Golcuk
Beytullah Golcuk - Dag siden
Zachary Loomis
Zachary Loomis - 2 dager siden
Why so loud
Zachary Loomis
Zachary Loomis - 2 dager siden
Zakaria Assal
Zakaria Assal - 2 dager siden
Zakaria Assal
Zakaria Assal - 2 dager siden
Rajab Ali
Rajab Ali - 4 dager siden
8:32 is titled moment
inspired end
inspired end - 5 dager siden
Diamond forever It looks like Little cristal shards I agree but with the exception of black holes and star cores and stuff like that you can not brake a diamond without a another diamond.
William Hill
William Hill - 5 dager siden
The plate needs to be the same material
Briggs Nance
Briggs Nance - 5 dager siden
ADNAn JamDaR - 5 dager siden
Not rediculous but nonsense
Storminthrough - 6 dager siden
I gotchu guys, 8:33

No wait, there’s one more...

MutterBilk Miscuit
MutterBilk Miscuit - 8 dager siden
Should’ve surrounded the area with a fine mesh.....
WPE Wingman
WPE Wingman - 8 dager siden
Hulk fist vs diamond
Priyan Katheriya
Priyan Katheriya - 8 dager siden
Diamond is the hardest material meaning it can bear scratches and not impact forces...Hardness is a surface property.
Piyush Dixit Reigns
Piyush Dixit Reigns - 8 dager siden
His wife ring😂
Jamison Mccuen
Jamison Mccuen - 12 dager siden
Diamonds are strong, but they are also brittle, so of course they can break it. My grandma broke her ring on a counter. (No hate)
Trygve Nissen
Trygve Nissen - 12 dager siden
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin - 13 dager siden
Stanford looks like my bully from 3 years ago
Kamruzzaman Tara
Kamruzzaman Tara - 13 dager siden
1:35 i think he found marchades maybac .
Lion Gaming
Lion Gaming - 14 dager siden
Strength is way different than hardness, diamonds are pritty fragile
APE - 16 dager siden
you literally could put the diamond in a nylon, it wont reduce damage and you wont loose it
Barbara Price
Barbara Price - 19 dager siden
If your not sure about the diamond take the metal plate yall used to a jeweler they have equipment that can tell you if the diamond is in the plate or if its turned to dust. If yall decide to do this please let me know I'm quite curious.
Mostly Insects
Mostly Insects - 19 dager siden
That soo mo of dereks face is just brilliant
Jonasz314 - 22 dager siden
Angle from slow-mo cam wasn't the best. Well hopefully the brand will grow and you'll soon be able to have multiple devices to record slo-motion from different angles.
Danniel DeLorme
Danniel DeLorme - 22 dager siden
You can see the dust glittering in the one’s dusted
Wehan Kirsten
Wehan Kirsten - 22 dager siden
ItzDesmond RBLX
ItzDesmond RBLX - 22 dager siden
It almost sounds like a meteor
Ashley Cote
Ashley Cote - 23 dager siden
#Diamond dust
Thomas Mcilvain
Thomas Mcilvain - 25 dager siden
Diamond forever
Mel Bontrager
Mel Bontrager - 27 dager siden
#how good ... !!! ... a year and a half late !!
Colin Brown
Colin Brown - 27 dager siden
They should have named this video how to steal a diamond
Christian Eubank
Christian Eubank - 27 dager siden
DIAMOND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly - 28 dager siden
when they ay plastic is nearly indestructible, they mean rexy
Food-E Guys
Food-E Guys - 28 dager siden
Diamond Forever
Eugene Karren
Eugene Karren - 29 dager siden
And this my friend is how the dinosaurs were killed
Phebe Jacobson
Phebe Jacobson - Måned siden
#howgood shirt
John Daugherty-Stone
John Daugherty-Stone - Måned siden
10:58 "Well the MCC won't let me be" the actual lyric's are "Well the FCC won't let me be" (Federal Communications Commission). Any other Eminem fans caught that one?
Creative Christian
Creative Christian - Måned siden
Diamond smashed, methinks!
join my channel
Brandon Meek
Brandon Meek - Måned siden
What I think...unless the hammer is made out of diamond also, the diamond is fine. I can't believe anybody would think the diamond would be, google it.
Spifey Z
Spifey Z - Måned siden
What kind of stupid idiot wouldn’t know that a diamond is well strong but with a single crack in it it would instantly break.
Devin Runge
Devin Runge - Måned siden
How did you not see that? You can see it fly off completely intact on the left at 9:40 💀 wish I saw this video earlier I would’ve had to go on a diamond hunt tf
Cycling Clava
Cycling Clava - Måned siden
#howgoodshirt it will look good on me😁
Lucasg 65z
Lucasg 65z - Måned siden
Diamonds are relatively brittle, they're quite easy to break with just an ordinary hammer, however they are Very scratch resistant.
Ma brown
Ma brown - Måned siden
BEAT plazar
BEAT plazar - Måned siden
hi im a veerry smol you tuber im need money and subs also i dont have mic if u could sub to me it would be really appreaciated . Hope you have a good day! :)
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer - Måned siden
Is no one talking about that he can lift the hammer
James Van Beckum
James Van Beckum - Måned siden
J Bruner
J Bruner - Måned siden
ImpactCranks Clan
ImpactCranks Clan - Måned siden
coldplay ?
Xavier Franzwa
Xavier Franzwa - Måned siden
Diamond dust forever
Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill - Måned siden
How good rexy shirt
Grecia -Vicente Arteaga
Grecia -Vicente Arteaga - Måned siden
Sometimes it takes a while for them to do something exiting
One2mic Review
One2mic Review - Måned siden
Scott “Herron stick to your own....”
Derek “No you don’t tell me what to do ... ever”
That’s a bit harsh...
Kristin Ehrgood
Kristin Ehrgood - Måned siden
Liliana López
Liliana López - Måned siden
Holden Hutts
Holden Hutts - Måned siden
Holden Hutts
Holden Hutts - Måned siden
How good
Mark Kromeke
Mark Kromeke - Måned siden
NellyDaCreator - Måned siden
I’m starting to think fortnite got their Thor hammer drop animation from these guys.
Quatro Sietes
Quatro Sietes - Måned siden
You where listening to N.W.A
R Da
R Da - Måned siden
Go pro in rexy
Ham Rails
Ham Rails - Måned siden
nikki bernhardt
nikki bernhardt - Måned siden
do hulk fist vs Dimond
Jayden Bennett
Jayden Bennett - Måned siden
What is the heveist thing u dropped
Michael S Braunlich
Michael S Braunlich - Måned siden
Matthew Wiley
Matthew Wiley - Måned siden
it got hamerd in the plate.
Boris Rozental
Boris Rozental - Måned siden
thousand foot crutch?
lazarusboi - Måned siden
cameron holmes
cameron holmes - Måned siden
Angel Borgen
Angel Borgen - Måned siden
Definitely diamond 💎 dust 😩
GuyInBacon ?
GuyInBacon ? - Måned siden
Government: *searches how to kill a t-Rex
Google: try and shoot it
Bing: 7:18
Ori S
Ori S - Måned siden
you could have look at the plate with a black light. the diamond would have glow.
adam - Måned siden
No the diamond wasent crushed
adam - Måned siden
What happend to the original rexi(how many rexis are ther)
adam - Måned siden
If iam not wrong dosent it take 100 tons and a volcano level of heat to create a natural diamond
adam - Måned siden
You do relize in a hydrolic press it took 730(if ian not wrong kilos or tons) to break a diamond and the diamond they used was a cube wich guss what have couple of little cracks in it so it was easier to split the diamond(wich is what happend) then break it
GATES BROWNE - Måned siden
Very affordable.. for a slo mo camera lol
Daniel Staniszewski
Daniel Staniszewski - Måned siden
I saw the diamond about 3 seconds before he found it. I am a legend
INSECTO WASP - Måned siden
Jaydeep Bartakke
Jaydeep Bartakke - Måned siden
Diamond forever
Luke Lyman
Luke Lyman - Måned siden
The band Queen
Your Bruh Nick
Your Bruh Nick - Måned siden
Y’all should add an elevator and a slide to ur tower it would probably save you so much time and energy
Glenn Schmidt
Glenn Schmidt - Måned siden
NOTHING can break a diamond
French horn kid
French horn kid - Måned siden
diamond dust
Rattanasak Chuamak
Rattanasak Chuamak - 2 måneder siden
Dean - 2 måneder siden
Diamond forever
Aylee Beimert
Aylee Beimert - 2 måneder siden
2020 people!!
Should the boys use Brucie against a diamond??
Kattah - 2 måneder siden
I wanted to be a skeptic, but gotta agree it’s #DiamondDust, boys!
Jack M
Jack M - 2 måneder siden
I put it in 1080 p right before he did that and it’s priceless
GMP Petersen
GMP Petersen - 2 måneder siden
Howgoodshirt #gmppetersen
Ashton Hayes
Ashton Hayes - 2 måneder siden
Adam Kurz
Adam Kurz - 2 måneder siden
Can't break a diamond without a diamond
Lucci Mane
Lucci Mane - 2 måneder siden
How good
phobic1 gaming
phobic1 gaming - 2 måneder siden
Ethan Skidmore
Ethan Skidmore - 2 måneder siden
When I think of a slow mo camera... I think of really awesome vids like exploding waterman's ect. When they think of a slow mo camera they say... "Hey make a funny face!!!" And that's why I love these guys!!!!!
Super Cookie
Super Cookie - 2 måneder siden
I know im late to the party but diamonds are actually super brittle. They are hard yes but they are NOT tough. You can actually shatter a diamond with a normal hammer cuz of how brittle they are. Amazing for cutting which is why theres diamond covered drills and blades but since their so brittle they aren't used for impact. Hardest thing yes, toughest thing, not even close
jd jackass
jd jackass - 2 måneder siden
U should do this with bruce
King YPOC - 2 måneder siden
Diamonds cut glass