Can This SOLID GLASS BALL Survive a 45m Drop?

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Runtime: 17:42


Benjamin Hackett
Benjamin Hackett - 16 dager siden
The beautiful coney-joney was first discussed by Hertz back in 1881 and has henceforth become known as Hertzian cone cracks. They typically occur when a hard spherical object is pressed into the surface of a brittle material. In this case, the sphere itself is made of a brittle material (glass) and is "pressed" into the steel plate when it impacts, but the same effect is present. The cone-shape is caused by the propagation of a crack. The crack begins its life as a ring just outside of the region that's in contact with the plate, where the tensile stresses (the kind that pull a crack open) are at their highest. The crack generally then grows orthogonally away from the surface for a short distance before turning and heading away at a coney-joney angle. The path followed is one that maximizes the release of stored strain energy (the same sort of energy that is stored when you pull back a rubber band). The maximal strain energy releasing path is ultimately guided by the local magnitude of the stress fields (similar in concept to the gradient of the pressure levels in the glass upon impact) near the leading edge of the crack. All in all, for spherical contact such as this, the stress fields basically say to the crack, go be a cone, it's the best release. Source: PhD in this area
Laurens Staeren
Laurens Staeren - 58 minutter siden
Maleviah why would you even read it in the first place... have Some respect for the “nerds” who make sure u can type this stupid shit on a device...
Tracey Moison
Tracey Moison - 5 timer siden
Benjamin Hackett I like it ConyJony hahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah
Ashishee Poo
Ashishee Poo - 16 timer siden
God had a seizure when trying to process this and died
Robert M
Robert M - Dag siden
Hermit Challenges lol I just read his comment and thought to myself “I think I’d rather be the nerd who has some useful knowledge than the clown who edits a comment with only 9 words.”
Robert M
Robert M - Dag siden
Maleviah I think I might rather be the nerd than the guy that has to edit a 9-word comment 😂
Alex Grainger
Alex Grainger - 3 timer siden
God bless rexie. He takes a beating lool
AustinGames - 3 timer siden
Coney-jony is amazing
Chase S.
Chase S. - 3 timer siden
*Glass is glass, and glass breaks*
Duco de Vries
Duco de Vries - 4 timer siden
It happens because it’s the middle and rest around it breaks as far it can
Duco de Vries
Duco de Vries - 4 timer siden
I’m 12 and from the Netherlands just so you now
Tracey Moison
Tracey Moison - 5 timer siden
Balls are strong yes OK
Tracey Moison
Tracey Moison - 5 timer siden
By the way the Coney Johnny affect at least do you like calling it pretty much it sends forces the drops in his forces end it goes throughout the whole bottle sending a bunch of waves and there’s not that many waves at the point that it actually hits because the waves don’t get to come back in so they fade out at a part making the coney affect
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook - 5 timer siden
cony jonny
Dylan Plucker
Dylan Plucker - 8 timer siden
Cone jone
Dageus Gressett
Dageus Gressett - 9 timer siden
I realize you said funny answer but this effect has a name that I couldn't pronounce bit here you go. It's the durable cone effect. It seems wonky. It happens when glass hits the ground at high speeds.
Luke Burtt
Luke Burtt - 13 timer siden
Gravitational potential energy = mass x acceleration due to gravity x height
40kg x 9.8m/s x 45m = 17,640 joules
Or 17,640 Newton meters of force
So the big boy glass ball has the same force as dropping a small car from about 2 meters.
Joshua Pelham
Joshua Pelham - 14 timer siden
It’s the shape of the metal that its heading that makes it like a Connie-Jonie
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 15 timer siden
The official name is, "Koneyee Gjoniey"
blaze 7667
blaze 7667 - 15 timer siden
Freeze em first then drop em
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 15 timer siden
I think the glass balls are hoping to star in the next cone head movie.
UpSaLTaDo - 15 timer siden
15:20 they damaged the tramp lol. a spring came off
Rasil Bahalim
Rasil Bahalim - 22 timer siden
Because balls want to be cones
Evan Garrison
Evan Garrison - 23 timer siden
Koney Joney
Remus Tuominen
Remus Tuominen - 23 timer siden
Commtest: Science
Jurassic Coaster
Jurassic Coaster - 23 timer siden
So happy when people post the time snaps. Your voices go through my head like a fuckin bullet
Cooper Sweeney
Cooper Sweeney - Dag siden
The cat
Cooper Sweeney
Cooper Sweeney - Dag siden
Cony jony
frankabagnalejr - Dag siden
"Lets get the big one, see if we can make a fire" 🤣🤣
Zander Le Roux
Zander Le Roux - Dag siden
The bals is male and female
Randy Obert
Randy Obert - Dag siden
Social Spacing for balls
Kianjames 10
Kianjames 10 - Dag siden
Will pin you
9dragonsky - Dag siden
Who Dat
Who Dat - Dag siden
Think he was being bit was so funny
Robert M
Robert M - Dag siden
I love how it looks like Rexy is screaming when the big ball hits the steel plate and he goes flying
Kazuto Krigaya
Kazuto Krigaya - Dag siden
It's essentially the force being exerted outwards to the edges of the glass ball taking less of a toll on the inside therefore breaking off bits of the outside leaving the cone shape of the glass
James Black
James Black - Dag siden
I think the glass balls are hoping to star in the next cone head movie.
Steven J Carsley
Steven J Carsley - Dag siden
The coney joney effect thats it
8:54 It looks like a chain chomp
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Dag siden
Drop the Hulk’s fist on the glass balls!!
Kujo _20_
Kujo _20_ - Dag siden
“Balls are strong”
hunter collett
hunter collett - Dag siden
The point of impact is in the center so it pushed it in and broke
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - Dag siden
It's called a Busted Arse Ball.
Bammbino Biggs
Bammbino Biggs - Dag siden
00:26 the sun rays that traveled thru the ball burned him. The ole' "magnifying glass" trick
Eilish McLennan
Eilish McLennan - Dag siden
i got a kfc ad on the vid right before the little one fell from the top, aka just after you mentioned it
Eilish McLennan
Eilish McLennan - Dag siden
then i got a sensodyne ad which seems irrelevant, until you look at herron obvi
The emerald wolf
The emerald wolf - Dag siden
when the glass ball hits impact it equally splits the pressure through out the ball ,instead of directly applying it to the point of which it was hit, due to the vibrations , creating the CONEY-JONENY :]
See Well
See Well - Dag siden
Yo🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so I will have to stop 🤣 theat
Chase T
Chase T - Dag siden
Carl Talbot
Carl Talbot - Dag siden
Drop them onto the bulletproof glass
LoopY_LilacS - Dag siden
Coney Joney!!!