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Jim ren
Jim ren - 2 timer siden
USB score is about 50 50. Pisses me off! LOL!
Sion - Dag siden
*10:30** Oobleck instantly sublimated* ;P
(Sublimation: When a solid material transitions directly into a gas, without a liquid state)
Sion - Dag siden
10:30 The Oobleck kind of sublimated into a *"Gaseous Solid"*
(like sand/gravel suspended in air or something like that)
Efrain Rosales
Efrain Rosales - 3 dager siden
Charlotte Beach
Charlotte Beach - 3 dager siden
99 % missing
Jamie Smithline
Jamie Smithline - 4 dager siden
1/1000 for usb :/ why do people complain the 1 is fails
Joe Braley
Joe Braley - 4 dager siden
my favorate clip was this vieo
Jonas - 4 dager siden
What is with working with people displaying Nazi emblems?!?!?! You just lost all my respect and I am unsubscribing. I wish I had seen this long ago so I would not have continued to support your channel. Very un-Christian of you. You claim to follow the teachings of God and it is clear you do not.
Gacha Xx_Lucifer_xX
Gacha Xx_Lucifer_xX - 4 dager siden
#usbproblem 0.00
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey - 4 dager siden
Drop the tank off of the tower with rexy riding it.
Tod Robinson
Tod Robinson - 6 dager siden
Flamingo fishing in the ocean looked like a blast
bruh - 6 dager siden
no, it can’t
Tommy Telgenhoff
Tommy Telgenhoff - 10 dager siden
My favorite moment is the day they brought rexy in
Jesse B. Glass
Jesse B. Glass - 12 dager siden
It's definitely some of it. LoL
Anupam Alam Shah
Anupam Alam Shah - 12 dager siden
I loved the moment where the giant dart got stuck in the bullet proof glass!
Gundam Barbatos
Gundam Barbatos - 15 dager siden
I love the “ooooooom” that you can hear after it fires.
Emory Ezzell
Emory Ezzell - 16 dager siden
Curiosity Pup
Curiosity Pup - 16 dager siden
Fav thing was Derek bungee jumped from the tower and almost caught the tennis ball
Folic Barlo
Folic Barlo - 16 dager siden
Stop it!!! Playing with war machines is just so disrespectfull. People getting shot into pieces my machines like that. 😣👎🏼
Matthew Xuereb
Matthew Xuereb - 16 dager siden
when use do the bullet proof glass
CPG - 19 dager siden
0/100 cuz i never just shove a usb in without checking lol.
NatetheDawg - 19 dager siden
Camo Flauge
Camo Flauge - 20 dager siden
Bruh go on my channel I love gymnastics, flipping, and camouflage!
Amy L
Amy L - 21 dag siden
Does anyone else want to see what the bullet from the tank looks like
s0m3_rand0m_guy - 24 dager siden
#commtest I know I'm a little late... but definitely when Brucey was introduced. Yeah ik he came out later and not before this video but I love the ones with Brucey in them.
Patrick Price
Patrick Price - 27 dager siden
Mikael Grande
Mikael Grande - 27 dager siden
at 10:28 you can see a puff of dust from where the round hits the dirt in the back
tsuna tsuka
tsuna tsuka - 29 dager siden
#USBProblems technically usb type C is a USB port so I never miss :)
Sin Unity
Sin Unity - Måned siden
world record basketball shot
jola grzegorek
jola grzegorek - Måned siden
0 failier 100 success
Micah hart
Micah hart - Måned siden
#USBPROBEMS 5% fail 95% success
Party Sticks44
Party Sticks44 - Måned siden
Gaunson: steals Stanfys pouring of bluey
Stanfy: "how bout i put blue on u mate"
😂😂😂 had me in tears
Aashutosh Vansh
Aashutosh Vansh - Måned siden
This video was the best moment that I had.
Derpbudgie McGee
Derpbudgie McGee - Måned siden
#usbproblems 100%-0%
Jeff Burnham
Jeff Burnham - Måned siden
Well the oobleck definitely changed the direction of the projectile, that's why it hit so high up on the berm. Hate to be anyone 300-500 meters down range when it finally lands lol.
Pauline de Vlieger
Pauline de Vlieger - Måned siden
Hey guys, can you do the slow mo even slower please?? Thank you 🤗😘
Ace Teunis
Ace Teunis - Måned siden
honestly guys there are to many good and funnie moments to pick from a
zachary gordon
zachary gordon - Måned siden
They never pinned anyone🧐
Johnathan Heath
Johnathan Heath - Måned siden
I just found your channel thanks to Demolition Ranch so my favorite scene so far is the dropping of the Xbox One
HellSpartan Z
HellSpartan Z - Måned siden
i guess none was their favorite since they haven't pinned anyone LOL
fred zbierski
fred zbierski - Måned siden
Orange is my fav colour to
Blake Cook
Blake Cook - Måned siden
The insane food flip Pringle’s flip.
Robert Hess
Robert Hess - Måned siden
I always look at my USB.
Robin Fogg
Robin Fogg - Måned siden
These guy really need to invest in a real slow mo camera
Jerry Finn
Jerry Finn - Måned siden
On the USB problem I'm close to an 80/20 my favor
Max Gustafsson
Max Gustafsson - Måned siden
I'd say 98% success because I always check before attempting. Not when I'm drunk though therefor 2%.
kayleigh brown
kayleigh brown - Måned siden
My Grandad drove a Sherman when he was in the RAF Reg. Was his office for quite some time. It's awesome to see it in action
fav was collab with Mark Rober
The panda squad buchanan
The panda squad buchanan - Måned siden
Do you guys live in Australia cos I do
Kian the Trainspotter
Kian the Trainspotter - Måned siden
0:43 crushing cars 😂
Jacob White
Jacob White - Måned siden
I think it would be great!
Maxwell Deveson
Maxwell Deveson - Måned siden
My fav moment is watching you guys swallow flies
Black Smith
Black Smith - Måned siden
My favorite eas the world record for the basket ball
Kellen O'Neal
Kellen O'Neal - Måned siden
60% 30%
Ray S
Ray S - Måned siden
That colorful freeze frame explosion would make a great shirt.
Emily Jameson
Emily Jameson - Måned siden
I'm from TX and my best friend lives in Australia. Loved this video
Jonny Holdridge
Jonny Holdridge - Måned siden
A year later lol, and my favorite moment is torn between, rubberband ball vs giant axe (the slowie was awesome) and when yall was doing the videos to help the place where the tower is at. #HOWGOOD #fourtyfour4lyf
Danielle Copeland
Danielle Copeland - Måned siden
Nazi symbol in the background is fucking bullshit. SHAME 😠
Calu & Co.
Calu & Co. - 2 måneder siden
They didn’t pin anyone
Kristoffer - 2 måneder siden
... Why would you put an USB in without looking how it's meant to go in first?
HeavyHarris - 2 måneder siden
I'm amazed Gaunson did mention getting the bell on when he was saying he had his eyes and ears on at 3:29
Roland Pikkmets
Roland Pikkmets - 2 måneder siden
100 %
HHYPER-RED Hype-Time - 2 måneder siden
Cavan Sanfey
Cavan Sanfey - 2 måneder siden
50:50 #USBproblems
Jeffry Meacham
Jeffry Meacham - 2 måneder siden
100% usb ratio. I look at it first.
Ex ax thunder Sean
Ex ax thunder Sean - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice at the beginning, there was a natzie Germany symbol on the wear house?
andrew stowe
andrew stowe - 2 måneder siden
They house all sorts of WWII artifacts, weapons, and vehicles here. Its just theming.
elizabeth olsen
elizabeth olsen - 2 måneder siden
who ghdthdrf
Matthew Yakush
Matthew Yakush - 2 måneder siden
Drop the tank from the 45 meter tower
Xenodeath - 2 måneder siden
Looked at drive tank website. 2800 to drive and shoot the Sherman tank, majority of that is the cost of shooting it. Rounds ain't cheap
Aiden - 2 måneder siden
Is nobody gonna talk about the nazi symbol on the hanger 😐
mings jesse
mings jesse - 2 måneder siden
Its a 50/50 shot and i miss 90% of the time. WTF
Mingjia Yang
Mingjia Yang - 2 måneder siden
Why have we downgraded to dropping stuff nowadays
Lou Cipher
Lou Cipher - 2 måneder siden
they should oobleck on aircrafts...
Rusty the Crown
Rusty the Crown - 2 måneder siden
StarWhisper2601 Star
StarWhisper2601 Star - 2 måneder siden
I am normally right except I think it is wrong and flip it even tho it's not right.
YT_ Seunjas
YT_ Seunjas - 2 måneder siden
0 -100
Old Guy
Old Guy - 2 måneder siden
You guys have to much fun, keep it up
Bigdipper3600 - 2 måneder siden
Who ever reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to you..🙏❤
Suptommy9011 - 2 måneder siden
2 out of one hundred chance with usb
TopGunGoose90 - 2 måneder siden
Kinda misleading when your thumbnail is actually the water pails and not the oobleck. Still cool nonetheless!
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon - 2 måneder siden
9/10 times I get it right
Brother Ben
Brother Ben - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else see the nazi symbol in the back 1:07
Devin Riggan
Devin Riggan - 2 måneder siden
Tank is definitely one of my favorite videos. The slowies are great, plus the seer satisfaction of hearing that thunderous round being fired. Ahhhh yeah. Should totally do some newer tank vids
EDWIN S TISON - 2 måneder siden
Probably something like 25-75 or 30-70.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 2 måneder siden
99:1 for #USBproblems
isaacs a beast
isaacs a beast - 2 måneder siden
You guys should drop a tank from 45m
Bowling Science
Bowling Science - 2 måneder siden
i dont care about NAZI histroy and their rights... paint over that terrible fucking nazi image or at least blur that bullshit
Count Jonny Sculls
Count Jonny Sculls - 2 måneder siden
I've seen this video 10 times..... never noticed the large Nazi swastika painted on the shed at 0:58 seconds before. Kinda creepy that it was just that out in the open. 🤔
Adam Gillispie
Adam Gillispie - 2 måneder siden
When Stanford slipped in poop while trying to catch the ball
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else here from Texas?
Byrd - 2 måneder siden
A literal tank, jfc
Merennulli - 2 måneder siden
#USBProblems There's an old image floating around instructing how to find the right way to put a USB in. "Try it. Wrong. Flip it over and try it. Still wrong. Flip it over again and try it. Good!"
Personally, I look at the end for which side the gap is on, then look at the port it's going into because it frustrates me (and it's sideways with several of the ports I use, so having the logo "up" doesn't help).
Chandler Israel
Chandler Israel - 2 måneder siden
#USBproblems %0 in %100 miss
Digital Wolf RC
Digital Wolf RC - 2 måneder siden
60/40 till i got my 2 way usbs that can go both ways in xD
Deeran Foxworthy
Deeran Foxworthy - 2 måneder siden
I wonder what the cost per shot is.
Jackson T
Jackson T - 2 måneder siden
95 5
J Graves
J Graves - 2 måneder siden
Commtest: My favourite moment has been watching all of your channel's videos during this crazy year of 2020! Thanks for keeping me entertained and providing a positive boost during these days!
gwnkevin - 2 måneder siden
#USBproblems 60% - 40%
Mandran Magelan
Mandran Magelan - 2 måneder siden
0:58 where are you?
xxxboibw - 2 måneder siden