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Runtime: 23:15


Jimmayyy - 3 måneder siden
Maia for sure
Julia Myrie
Julia Myrie - 25 dager siden
@Michael Cain ooo
Michael Cain
Michael Cain - 26 dager siden
@Julia Myrie it says this video was posted wight months ago
Julia Myrie
Julia Myrie - 26 dager siden
@Michael Cain wow it's been a month
Michael Cain
Michael Cain - 26 dager siden
@Julia Myrie their not there
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign - Måned siden
@How Ridiculous Maya Olive? Sounds like a sandwich. Put a couple of olives on that mayo sandwich yo.
Noodles Zepeda
Noodles Zepeda - 2 timer siden
Let check this out
Adam Quick
Adam Quick - 2 timer siden
Sorry if this has been answered already but what do you call something machined like the hulk fist? That’s so cool
Groops - 6 timer siden
Put a coal Underneath it to make free diamonds
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex - 11 timer siden
Comm test: Salmonella has a nice ring to it.
UaintSeenMe - 17 timer siden
This is by FAR the most Australian thing i have ever seen in my life.
pro-self-offense - 17 timer siden
David Miller
David Miller - 21 time siden
14:51 LockPickingLawyer has entered the room
John John
John John - 23 timer siden
If I'm not mistaken I think Rexy has more lives than a cat LOL
Hrishikesh Bhat
Hrishikesh Bhat - Dag siden
No it is amy
DragonbornPlayz - Dag siden
The fact that Bruce is falling fast enough to produce heat is honestly amazing to me.
Elias G
Elias G - Dag siden
Iron clad HULK! SMASH! 👊💪
Mike Hauss
Mike Hauss - Dag siden
I even saw sparks fly when that fist went inside the safe on the last drop.
Josef Halpin
Josef Halpin - Dag siden
Can you get your tooth fixed.
x kourths
x kourths - Dag siden
6:50 his disappointment made his Australian accent go through the roof
William123 - Dag siden
Stop yelling
Travis Sigler
Travis Sigler - Dag siden
Anyone see the rainbow at 8:13 ?
Dominic Mejorada
Dominic Mejorada - 2 dager siden
“Fist goes here” 🤣🤣🤣
bushboi 2009
bushboi 2009 - 2 dager siden
hiczok - 2 dager siden
the drops are fun but all the talking and fake screaming just kill me
Among Us
Among Us - 2 dager siden
I don't know what to say, the channel name says it all.
Ебашь По встречке
please use Non-Newtonian fluid
yuan awitin
yuan awitin - 2 dager siden
Now thats what you call a hulk smash.
Richard Voldnes
Richard Voldnes - 2 dager siden
My prediction before i watch the video.
Yes, the side walls will go out cause the concrete will break inside. It will need 2 hits before the door will open.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill - 2 dager siden
Science baby
Robert Hill
Robert Hill - 2 dager siden
Fucking science
Gin de Jesus
Gin de Jesus - 2 dager siden
Next one should be dropping brucy on a piece of C4 in a control área in a desert. To see if the power that hits it causes enough heat for it to blow up.
John Cens
John Cens - 2 dager siden
Imagine using this fist as a way to execute someone😭
Ben Miller
Ben Miller - 2 dager siden
The fist is my new favorite thing in the world
Jason Adams
Jason Adams - 2 dager siden
Drop it on a pile of rubber chickens
coco jacob
coco jacob - 2 dager siden
Rex and. 99 are legends that always take 1 the tears
Jason Greiner
Jason Greiner - 2 dager siden
I'd love to see a map of where all of those 4444 Rexys went around the globe.
Robert Yoder
Robert Yoder - 2 dager siden
Fist should be called the fist of Jaggernaut
enter the unknown
enter the unknown - 2 dager siden
Whole new meaning to safe cracking
Dorian Payne
Dorian Payne - 2 dager siden
You should have a new bruce made out of tungsten!!
D'ran Dana
D'ran Dana - 2 dager siden
There is ignition in the last drop rofl dang
Sunny Ranch
Sunny Ranch - 2 dager siden
hulk smash
Gfoke - 2 dager siden
The cube will go right through this thing.
Aaron D
Aaron D - 3 dager siden
Great googly moogly....
If calculations are correct: Assuming fist is moving at 50% terminal velocity over a 3 second period, averaged between 120-150mph, 135÷2=67.5mph = 99fps, at a weight of 660lbs, we have an energy of...100,561 ft/lbs, 136,342 joules, or 698.34 psi, on impact.
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson - 3 dager siden
I love kinetic energy
Parzival - 3 dager siden
that guy looks like kevin in riverdale
kbforme - 3 dager siden
"Hey guys! Hub hub blub blau bloop!" ah it's going to be one of those videos.
Rhys Cardwell
Rhys Cardwell - 3 dager siden
Gotta love rexy
Fortnite Dude95
Fortnite Dude95 - 3 dager siden
sduncan000 - 3 dager siden
wen the fist went thru the safe their was fire
Malika's Interests
Malika's Interests - 4 dager siden
10's across the board for those flips Bruce
Ham549 - 4 dager siden
Still no elevator? How much does one of thoes construction lifts cost I wonder?
Honklerton - 4 dager siden
Great way to execute vote fraud traitors :)
Theja Yokha
Theja Yokha - 4 dager siden
9:41 That GoPro just stared at the face of Death...
Fix It Rick
Fix It Rick - 4 dager siden
Cool! A rainbow top left corner 08:12
Floppy Drisk Dive
Floppy Drisk Dive - 4 dager siden
How did they steal the SmackDown! Fist?
Gronderful - 4 dager siden
F-ing awesome footage
Wraith Laceration
Wraith Laceration - 4 dager siden
Can we drop humans now??
Krupp Family Adventures
Krupp Family Adventures - 5 dager siden
Krupp Family Adventures
Krupp Family Adventures - 5 dager siden
o my god i was laughingso hard my cheeks exploded of laughing
moin Meisters
moin Meisters - 5 dager siden
Enzo Jelic
Enzo Jelic - 5 dager siden
it's fun to watch them but they are annoying as fuck to listen to
unrealfear117 - 5 dager siden
the content is good, but these guys are fruity and talk to much. i find myself skipping 75% of the video because its all talk. im not about the talk, im about the walk.
Kyle Black
Kyle Black - 6 dager siden
I want a duck
Kyle Black
Kyle Black - 6 dager siden
Jotaku X
Jotaku X - 6 dager siden
Holy shit, time to start robbing banks safes!!!
Sally Hector
Sally Hector - 6 dager siden
Where is number 4
rsaxtellartist - 6 dager siden
Aussies are more fun and crazier than Americans, and that is saying a lot!
Kimberly Ledet
Kimberly Ledet - 6 dager siden
poor rexy
Noah Brazil
Noah Brazil - 6 dager siden
That thing is like the hulk version of Thor’s hammer.
Kaleb Gordon
Kaleb Gordon - 6 dager siden
I'm just wondering how much it would cost to get just the duck...
Paul Munaani
Paul Munaani - 7 dager siden
Needs a diamond fist😅
stvnjt BEATBOX
stvnjt BEATBOX - 7 dager siden
bruh hulks fist? that fist weights like 200kg
jiggaboo 209
jiggaboo 209 - 7 dager siden
Best way to crack a safe.. brute force
ralph apmann
ralph apmann - 7 dager siden
That safe is what’s INCREDIBLE!!
Everyday Showday
Everyday Showday - 7 dager siden
Just found a show that my daughter and I freaking love! Who would have every thought. Lol
fisbuar - 8 dager siden
your 4" tungsten block would do better against a safe like this. More mass on a smaller surface.
brobbus0 - 2 dager siden
@fisbuar Ok, this is probably not tungsten carbide but the impact force problem still stands. There is absolutely no way that cube would do more damage than that fist, it's just too light (by the way, I was wrong, I thought it was 40 kilos but it's only 19 kilos... so it's like 12 times lighter, not 6). It'd probably do more damage if it was the same weight as the fist, but if would definitely have to be at least only slightly lighter to still do more damage. 12 times lighter? Absolutely no way.
brobbus0 - 2 dager siden
@fisbuar No, it does not. Look at its shape, it doesn't distribute its force on a flat surface.
fisbuar - 3 dager siden
@brobbus0 there is two types of tungsten lattices. One is a polycrystal lattice, which is brittle. But pure tungsten in the single crystal lattice, is very strong and ductile and mellable. But a lot of people confuse tungsten, with tungsten carbide, and tungsten carbide is like ceramic, super hard, but brittle as porcelain.
fisbuar - 4 dager siden
@brobbus0 but the fist also distributes that force over 6 times the surface area.
brobbus0 - 4 dager siden
Not a chance. That thing might be denser but is way too small and light to do this kind of damage. They can easily lift it with their hands for god's sake. The hulk fist is more than 6 times heavier. Besides, tungsten is harder but more brittle than steel.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod - 8 dager siden
stay SAFE all
brobbus0 - 8 dager siden
"The fist breaking in 4 or 5 pieces" really? It's made out of steel, not glass. That thing would likely not "break in 4 or 5 pieces" if you shot it at the same target at 5 times the speed it reached after the drop.
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder - 9 dager siden
Movie studio GFX teams are taking notes!
Dirt Track Racing Gaming Videos
Wife: "What are you watching honey?"
Me: "A bunch of Aussies fisting things."
Wife: "Really? Porn this early in the morning already?"
Diyan Boyanov
Diyan Boyanov - 9 dager siden
Nick - 9 dager siden
Dont you just love 2 grown australian men selling you a rubber ducky?
Colton Smith
Colton Smith - 9 dager siden
In the vid that you tell us her name your first daughter should say will pin you, congratulations
Stigstigster - 9 dager siden
Unfortunately the priceless Ming Dynasty vase you were trying to steal is now smashed.
Stigstigster - 9 dager siden
This massive fist is one of the coolest things I've ever seen dropped on anything! Excellent work, gents.
Syn - 9 dager siden
Who knew rubber duckies were capable of contact welding
Yo Stormz_AU
Yo Stormz_AU - 9 dager siden
Get a tank and drop the hulks fist on it to see what happens
Roblox Boy
Roblox Boy - 9 dager siden
Do hulk fist vs car
Yvonne Mann
Yvonne Mann - 11 dager siden
Dorine Lester
Dorine Lester - 11 dager siden
Your Rexy takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 13 dager siden
Hulk fist vs giant axe.
Gianluca Savoldelli
Gianluca Savoldelli - 13 dager siden
Bruce vs balistics gel??
Funky Team
Funky Team - 13 dager siden
Jesse N
Jesse N - 13 dager siden
Rex has been kidnapped!
Bigrig Cookin
Bigrig Cookin - 14 dager siden
i subscribed based off of the genuine fun yall are having. it made me laugh. i feel like everyone is being natural and there is no acting. Quality content
Armastat - 14 dager siden
Also, must say, now that you have shown how easy it is to break into a safe everyone is gonna be doing it.
Armastat - 14 dager siden
So next do the rubber band ball again and this time see who can catch Brucie.
Nan Wilder
Nan Wilder - 14 dager siden
Just a thought, guys: In future, you might want to have GLOVES handy, for handling post-impact materials. Those “rubber” duckies are made of highly TOXIC plastics—which are NOT safe to bathe with—and you shouldn’t have been touching (or breathing) them, once exploded! Never mind mailing them off to people...
The studies which proved the toxicity of said duckies, was all over major news media, and shouldn’t be hard to find. In fact, if you insist on destroying toxic plastics, you should ALSO keep respirators on hand. There’s nothing wrong with showing the children who watch, that along with all the adult fun, comes responsibility!
legal_crab - 14 dager siden
You should do the hammer Vs water
Funtimefreddy&BON BON
Funtimefreddy&BON BON - 14 dager siden
1 death rip rubber duckies 2nd injury rexxy got traumitized
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love - 15 dager siden
If you could middle that fist into a metal strong container of water... that'd go reeeeeeeally high! That or explode....
Just Furry
Just Furry - 16 dager siden
David Smith
David Smith - 16 dager siden
I want a brusy Keychain
Jonathan Bradford
Jonathan Bradford - 17 dager siden
I was thoroughly entertained watching it bust thru that safe
Mindy Dosztan
Mindy Dosztan - 18 dager siden
Running around a really high stair well almost takes a tumble down them real safe