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How good is aerodynamics.
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia: gravitycentre.com.au/leaning-tower/
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Runtime: 17:38


jimmy Jh
jimmy Jh - Dag siden
Tungsten cube vs ballistic gel?
William R Warren Jr
William R Warren Jr - 4 dager siden
For something like the big flat glass sheet, which will start catching air and veering off to the side as it gets faster BECAUSE IT CAN'T SELF-STABILIZE, you might want to consider a drogue parachute. It wouldn't be big enough to slow the dropped object down significantly, but it would stop things from turning over on the way down and subsequently veering off target. Maybe a large plastic garbage bag and some twine and duct tape? A loop of wire to keep the bag open?
AJ De beer
AJ De beer - 4 dager siden
you guys should totally glue on some fins for aerodynamics
Jessica Braxton
Jessica Braxton - 4 dager siden
Remember that scene from Transformers when the guy says damn I'm good after slices the car in have
music Studio
music Studio - 5 dager siden
George Valkov
George Valkov - 5 dager siden
It was about time for that fence to get what's coming. No worries, the MythBusters are known for leaving the shooting range in a better state.
Christian Lawhead
Christian Lawhead - 6 dager siden
Peer pressure it was because it landed flat
Crazy Cherokee
Crazy Cherokee - 6 dager siden
Love the buildup, love the energy you guys put out, and I love how much money you're willing to throw away for a quality video. What I dislike is the lack of forethought and planning. This is a gravity testing centre and the entire aspect behind it is testing terminal velocity and learning how to determine trajectory through wind to test various things. The fact that nobody on this channel does any sort of calculations is disappointing. If you can determine wind velocity and rate of change in direction, you guys would be way more accurate and wouldn't turn a video into clickbait-ish material. I know people will hate on me, I don't care. I'm voicing a fact that clearly nobody has acknowledged because of the simple fact the things they do accomplish are interesting enough to make your attention span ignore the not-so-good and even horrible content they've made. 🤷
Marine Sniper
Marine Sniper - 7 dager siden
Put a carma in rexy mouth
hilham 89
hilham 89 - 7 dager siden
I haven't looked yet but have y'all done bulletproof glass vs hulk fist?
ADHDavid - 8 dager siden
You should put a go pro on Rex so we can get a POV
Kate Beran
Kate Beran - 8 dager siden
The force of the drop was dispersed across the whole piece of glass not in one place so the glass didn’t break in to out it broke out to in
SC3110 - 14 dager siden
"no one wins on scissors" - does scissors need to be worth double next year?
ooVEXXXoo - 15 dager siden
I’ve never been upset about something you’ve dropped but I actually need an anvil 😂😂😂
Brecken Palaia
Brecken Palaia - 17 dager siden
Shao Lor
Shao Lor - 18 dager siden
Drop a tree or a log on that ax.
Salim Sayed
Salim Sayed - 20 dager siden
Rexy’s face got squeezed under the tractor tire
austin hillard
austin hillard - 20 dager siden
Well if you want something to cut get a solid giant axe and not a hollow one
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman - 21 dag siden
wolfman 1000
wolfman 1000 - 21 dag siden
Commtest suggestion ... Whats the best pun name for a pig
Alexis Astrie
Alexis Astrie - 22 dager siden
Scott: "That's why you don't hit a 45m jump on a bike"
@FabioWibmer: Watch me do 43!
Logan Grant
Logan Grant - 23 dager siden
Sharpen the axe some more :)
Sasha Motyn
Sasha Motyn - 25 dager siden
Giant ax vs giant rexy
leeChMSI - 25 dager siden
drop a big tire with rim and full of air on the axe...
Ariel Landon
Ariel Landon - 25 dager siden
Travis Brown
Travis Brown - 26 dager siden
you guys might benefit from getting an engineer whos down to consult for some of your more complicated or limited attempts drops to help ensure success. the glass needed just a bit of weight attached to the sides on the leading edge to get it to fall true. maybe a thought for the future.
Henry Byron
Henry Byron - 26 dager siden
video idea: turn the axe sideways and shoot a tank a it.
Ty North
Ty North - 27 dager siden
An alternate title, how many times can you drop bullet proof glass before it breaks
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy - 28 dager siden
I am on an HR binge that I don't think will end anytime soon. Thank you kindly.
AFM 125
AFM 125 - 29 dager siden
بابا دودونده
The Rocket
The Rocket - Måned siden
I remember when y’all first got the ax it was so shiny and when you stuck your head through the ax like you were a giant handle,now it’s so rusty 😢
The Rocket
The Rocket - Måned siden
Mine is Stanford
The Rocket
The Rocket - Måned siden
Who is y’all’s favorite person in How Ridiculous
XHYPE - Måned siden
We need Rexy cam in gob😂
Fredashay Klavierstein
Fredashay Klavierstein - Måned siden
I've noticed something:
1.) Things that are light (relatively) and bulky often miss (maybe getting blown off the target by random air currents).
2.) Things that are heavy and dense (like the fist) fall straight down and always hit the target.
3.) I won't name names, but some of you guys are better at aiming than the others.
4.) The results are always much better if you hang the dropped item from the winch and them make sure the target is directly under the winch and stable before lifting it.
5.) The results are always disappointing when you don't use the winch and check that the target is directly under it.
Wyatt Gochenour
Wyatt Gochenour - Måned siden
Aye mayte quiet down allite
megan Berry
megan Berry - Måned siden
Congratulations on your 6 million subscribers
AppleSteak - Måned siden
Every time they say "action" I keep going: "Missed oportunity"
OWL BOT - Måned siden
Hey guys heads up: If you drop something flat-on to the ground it shouldn't fly around. Try it with a playing card: drop it perpendicular and drop it parallel to the ground, from whatever height you want, and generally the parallel card will fall straight down whereas the perpendicular card will behave like your glass there.
Oliver Kim
Oliver Kim - Måned siden
Commtest idea, what IS Gaunson's favourite flavour of chips.
Chicken Man
Chicken Man - Måned siden
Yelling Aussies is better than quiet Aussies.
Kyle Comfort
Kyle Comfort - Måned siden
thats an excellent bridgestone commercial
Lotie’s Squishes
Lotie’s Squishes - Måned siden
Am I the only one who heard Gaunson swear
Ollie - Måned siden
How many times has Rexy been dropped off the tower
Julian Bustamante
Julian Bustamante - Måned siden
Oe mk griten un poquito menos porfa 🙏 gracias
abababababa - Måned siden
Guys, do you know the sharpeners?
Weed Weed
Weed Weed - Måned siden
It would be more interesting if you don't over react
Matthew Bowers
Matthew Bowers - Måned siden
I mean. Could just add a weather vane half way up and at the top.
quiero ser visitas y suscritores
Ali El Hajj
Ali El Hajj - Måned siden
L3ama chou j3ariye
EnZoUnknown 66
EnZoUnknown 66 - Måned siden
What a intro!!😘
Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan - Måned siden
Gave em the ol over the shoulder banana
J. B.
J. B. - Måned siden
Not to smart to drop solid metal (anvil) on the fairly thin axe. Just my opinion.
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard - Måned siden
U need a guillotine style blade..axe=chop... guillotine =slicey slicey
Dude #2740
Dude #2740 - Måned siden
Commtest: What color would Rexy’s jocks be?
Dustin South
Dustin South - Måned siden
5% content, 93% shameless merch plugging, 2% accents. These videos should be at least 10 minutes shorter.
Jeff Gibson
Jeff Gibson - Måned siden
6:24. Title of music, please?
GG_vm_GG - Måned siden
Av1l youtube saw them in my life.
Ray Steffen
Ray Steffen - Måned siden
Louis-Philippe Lavoie
Louis-Philippe Lavoie - Måned siden
Drop a bunch of very thin aluminium sheetmetal
Loring Manley
Loring Manley - Måned siden
Elon Musk says his Boring bricks are stronger than regular bricks and at least one YouTuber tried dropping them as a test. But he didn’t really have access to world class dropping facilities.
Zach Journey
Zach Journey - Måned siden
Drop giant axe on the glass
Iron Crusader116
Iron Crusader116 - Måned siden
How good are you guys!? I think yall should drop a bath tub full of jello in ol mAxi
JayJay512_MKX - Måned siden
I’m not sure why, but it feels like Gaunson is just getting funnier with every episode 😂
vane1024 -YT
vane1024 -YT - 2 måneder siden
Drop the axe
WS Champs 69NYM86
WS Champs 69NYM86 - 2 måneder siden
Braunson is hilarious!
WS Champs 69NYM86
WS Champs 69NYM86 - 2 måneder siden
You guys are hilarious!
Arthur Connor
Arthur Connor - 2 måneder siden
For the contest you can put where did you originally find Rexy?
Crushdogjr. - 2 måneder siden
James Burton-Carter
James Burton-Carter - 2 måneder siden
Do you guys have shares in throat sweets with all that yelling??
Mitschnel - 2 måneder siden
Imagine someone drops on that witht the balls
dylan munson
dylan munson - 2 måneder siden
Brett, “from their, to their to their, to this” 😂😂
Glucas Balaschak
Glucas Balaschak - 2 måneder siden
How many injuries has rexy been thru.
Juan Carlos Alvarez
Juan Carlos Alvarez - 2 måneder siden
Hulk fist vs crystal balls
James Barnett
James Barnett - 2 måneder siden
they couldve made an armored car with all the steel and bullet proof glass theyve bought
Fook Utube
Fook Utube - 2 måneder siden
Hulk vs Axe please
xX Pr Nico Xx
xX Pr Nico Xx - 2 måneder siden
At 8:25 it looks like Popcorn 🍿
MAATHEW - 2 måneder siden
Are you using laser level sights to line up the drops?
zz1956 zz1959
zz1956 zz1959 - 2 måneder siden
Still kids Not quite material Do not worry You guys will grow up😩
alexander blansette
alexander blansette - 2 måneder siden
Tired can survive that... but a pointy pebble on the road
Eliyah Gemstone
Eliyah Gemstone - 2 måneder siden
Comtest idea: how many times have we needed to patch Rexy up after a fall?
Biped 1k
Biped 1k - 2 måneder siden
“No need to yell I’m right here”
Bodie Horne
Bodie Horne - 2 måneder siden
How long has rexy been with you
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips - 2 måneder siden
Please stop yelling
FIVE 3IGHTEEN - 2 måneder siden
Just weld the fence and show the footage.
FIVE 3IGHTEEN - 2 måneder siden
If you stop yelling. I stop watching.
JeraPerthro - 2 måneder siden
Bridgestone Ad.
Mitos Flashen
Mitos Flashen - 2 måneder siden
human vs giant axe blade should give alot of views if youre out of ideas
dragonblaster 10,000
dragonblaster 10,000 - 2 måneder siden
Now drop Maxwell onto a sheet of bulletproof glass
Yes I agree ,
Yes I agree , - 2 måneder siden
4:02 wasn’t there a “1000” ways to die video about This?
Deven Day
Deven Day - 2 måneder siden
How many times did it take them to catch those camera throws
jeffrey melton
jeffrey melton - 2 måneder siden
why dont you guys do bullet proof glass vs bulle.... oops i forgot you gave all your guns away to your government
Apen - Måned siden
@jeffrey melton New Zealand Went More Than 20 Years Between Mass Shootings. There have been at least 90 mass shootings in America in that time. You just gonna ignore that too?
Apen - Måned siden
@jeffrey melton I’m Canadian but ok.
jeffrey melton
jeffrey melton - Måned siden
@Apen ​ @Apen Most free country. Richest country. Most armed country. Strongest Army. 4 percent of the worlds population has over 50 percent of the worlds firearms and proud of it. IDGAF about the mass shootings because its not the guns its mental health, and the defunding of those organizations. You wanna give your guns away to the government thats fine by me, however dont get butt hurt because I stated a fact in an innocuously humorous way. Didnt you all just have a horrendous mass shotting not too long ago, or do you only claim New Zealand when it suits? i am pretty sure the only reason why he stopped the killing was because he either got tired, or he ran out of ammo. It certainly wasnt because another citizen happened to be armed and ready to confront the mad man. By the way, you know what I meant by the invasions. You havent been invaded yet because no one wants that peice of shit anyways. Your Englands out house. Still it would be nice to be able to defend yourself against someone wanting to take your life, like foreign armies, Tyrannical governments, or even a pack of wild dingos.
Apen - Måned siden
@jeffrey melton Let’s see, Random surprise invasions: 0. School shootings since 2000: 130 Mass shootings in 2019: 417 Accidental Shootings: 11,314
jeffrey melton
jeffrey melton - Måned siden
@Apen wack! you could get invaded at any time, and once you army, or rent-a-army is overwhelmed and they take over, you all couldnt do shit about it. Screw that! If you own government became opressive, you couldnt do shit about that either.
Johannes - 2 måneder siden
Rimorox - 2 måneder siden
Commtest idea: how many total metres have things been dropped so far?
Dylan Sharp
Dylan Sharp - 2 måneder siden
Drop an aired up tire on a rim onto axewell
Anonymous Aquarist
Anonymous Aquarist - 2 måneder siden
What u wanna see @14:03
Techno ॐ
Techno ॐ - 2 måneder siden
Make the axe "x" shaped. You will hit it better and have a punny name at the same time
Kenny Bot
Kenny Bot - 2 måneder siden
Gathered Storm
Gathered Storm - 2 måneder siden
Comtest what did we eat for breakfast this morning
ElCapAddict - 2 måneder siden
Attaching a tiny drogue chute to it might keep it righted during the drop?
dsm3ds - 2 måneder siden