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This is CRAZY! It’s a real 1 carat diamond!
A big thank you to Estate Diamond Jewelry for sending the diamond for the experiment!
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Runtime: 13:08


Joseph Martina
Joseph Martina - År siden
Eugene should be the safe’s name
Christopher Siddle
Christopher Siddle - 4 måneder siden
Aang [BL]
Aang [BL] - 8 måneder siden
Like Eugene Krabs! (Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob)
Jackson Simons
Jackson Simons - 10 måneder siden
Why that name?
Asser Khalil
Asser Khalil - År siden
Joseph Martina hell no
X-Venture gaming
X-Venture gaming - År siden
Really good man! 😉
Frodo - 8 dager siden
Should have painted the diamond a bright color so easier to find
Max Deadpool
Max Deadpool - 19 dager siden
Can i just state that, that flying ant got absolutley murdered 🤣🤣
Richard Cavner
Richard Cavner - Måned siden
For godsake use some tape or sticky tack to hold it in place.
Aaron Henzler
Aaron Henzler - 2 måneder siden
The Knife Professor
The Knife Professor - 2 måneder siden
They didn’t even get 250k but they did the Thor hammer any way
Bran-damn - 2 måneder siden
Wow. 7:16 the diamond did one spin and landed back where it was
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker - 3 måneder siden
Will you please come to our wedding in 2021?
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker - 3 måneder siden
Will you please come to our wedding in 2021?
Ben Heinrich
Ben Heinrich - 3 måneder siden
How freakin good is Editor jack?! Runner of cameras, finder of diamonds.
Xplicid - 3 måneder siden
Shoulda been Sharlene or Shazza
Ken Obi
Ken Obi - 4 måneder siden
Ken Obi
Ken Obi - 4 måneder siden
Call the safe Fred
Fike M
Fike M - 4 måneder siden
Fly got obliterated hahahaha
Ben Snow
Ben Snow - 4 måneder siden
Are you serious you should’ve made a sword with that
COASTER FAN 5363 - 4 måneder siden
derren the money saver
Nikolay Solovyev
Nikolay Solovyev - 4 måneder siden
Where’s that “Diamond Is Unbreakable” reference?! I really want one lmao
john smith
john smith - 4 måneder siden
You should name the safe Nathaniel
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson - 5 måneder siden
Can you do Bowling ball vs bowling pins from 45m?
Kurtis Bissell
Kurtis Bissell - 6 måneder siden
Have y'all thought about gluing it down? Might try gluing the plate down, too....
Will Johnson
Will Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Scott = donkey from shrek
Robert Sparks
Robert Sparks - 6 måneder siden
The banker.
Finn Conroy
Finn Conroy - 6 måneder siden
buster should be its name
Ian Visser
Ian Visser - 6 måneder siden
If only diamonds were magnetic hey...
Barko De Wet
Barko De Wet - 6 måneder siden
Safe name=goldy
derpy derp1
derpy derp1 - 7 måneder siden
the hello kittie ball crushed a fly
Ondrej Jordan
Ondrej Jordan - 7 måneder siden
whats the likely hood that high up platform isn't a place for suicide ?
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 7 måneder siden
You should name the safe Stanford
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 7 måneder siden
Do you should smash a diamond with a hydraulic press
aditya krishna
aditya krishna - 7 måneder siden
It dint hit the first time
Sara Luttenbacher
Sara Luttenbacher - 7 måneder siden
1 like=1 prayer for their mothers. Ain't nothing wrong with them they just have to put up with the stress and anxiety every time they see their sons about to die from flying bowling ball shrapnel.
Daniel Vakser
Daniel Vakser - 8 måneder siden
THAT HAS TO BE THE SMALLEST DIAMOND ON EARTH! I think we found something smaller than a flake of mica. I'm talking to you, Yellow piss rock clod Diamond
Lilian Maddox
Lilian Maddox - 8 måneder siden
If you are dropping thor's hammer on it you should name it loki
Giraffes are the best Animal in the world
Bronze diamond should be the safes name
CRAFTY KOALA - 8 måneder siden
The safe should be could DIOMAND.
T.J. Sylvia
T.J. Sylvia - 8 måneder siden
The diamond wont break
Hailee Shaw
Hailee Shaw - 8 måneder siden
Well you know what they say, Diamond is unbreakable.
Dohyden2 - 8 måneder siden
I think this might be my favourite episode
KALEB NUEHRING - 8 måneder siden
meeprific - 8 måneder siden
Oh my god standing SO CLOSE to flying bowling ball shards, SUPER DUMB.
meeprific - 8 måneder siden
3:17 son of a diddly
SNOS mix
SNOS mix - 8 måneder siden
The safes name is goergette
Delaney Osborn
Delaney Osborn - 8 måneder siden
Invincible Slime
Invincible Slime - 8 måneder siden
12:19 Me when I find a diamond

in Minecraft
omer reoven
omer reoven - 8 måneder siden
its just me or there is a bee there 9:20
Garrick McDonald
Garrick McDonald - 9 måneder siden
Jessie Meermans
Jessie Meermans - 9 måneder siden
IanTV - 9 måneder siden
IanTV - 9 måneder siden
Laura Hill
Laura Hill - 9 måneder siden
It should be safty
Justus - 9 måneder siden
Sieht man das?💎💎💎
Lord Of Shiba Town
Lord Of Shiba Town - 9 måneder siden
The fly got crushed
General Klump
General Klump - 9 måneder siden
Boling ball 🏀
Appissa - 9 måneder siden
the poor hello kitty ball-
C.A Spider
C.A Spider - 9 måneder siden
Name Gary because it Garys things
Heinz Boecker
Heinz Boecker - 9 måneder siden
Angry gurt
antiplier darco
antiplier darco - 9 måneder siden
is it funny that the bowling ball smashed when i said how ridiculous.
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly - 9 måneder siden
also can yall drop a car from the height of the tower?
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly - 9 måneder siden
shoulda used an anvil
Whitney Thiher
Whitney Thiher - 9 måneder siden
Why didn't they just glue or tape it down?
Jordan O'Neill
Jordan O'Neill - 9 måneder siden
the safe should be named Bourke
godSPACE slayer
godSPACE slayer - 9 måneder siden
Alex Phillips
Alex Phillips - 9 måneder siden
Call the safe thanos because thor hammered thanos in endgame
Broken JPEG
Broken JPEG - 9 måneder siden
simon fawcett
simon fawcett - 9 måneder siden
Use some clear tape on it to hold it in place
simon fawcett
simon fawcett - 9 måneder siden
J BULLIONAIRE - 9 måneder siden
This is how Zao from James bond ended up with those diamonds lodged in his face. He stood too close too a HR drop...
Anthony Zona
Anthony Zona - 9 måneder siden
I am sick today 🤢🤮🤧😷🤒🤕
Brian1 - 10 måneder siden
love the amount of dedication to find the diamond at the end!!!
Sara Potter
Sara Potter - 10 måneder siden
the name should be Loki
FuryInferno - 10 måneder siden
9:19 rip that fly
Soviet Doormat
Soviet Doormat - 10 måneder siden
Samuel Brisebois
Samuel Brisebois - 10 måneder siden
Gizmo should be the safe's name
Austin Hill
Austin Hill - 10 måneder siden
Poor bowling balls and poor fly lol
Lachlan Martin
Lachlan Martin - 10 måneder siden
Rafe the safe
Jaynie Gowler
Jaynie Gowler - 10 måneder siden
Really ridiculous
Pikachu 1015
Pikachu 1015 - 10 måneder siden
Name the safe gerald
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon - 10 måneder siden
3:36 on .25 speed
Zeniitha - 11 måneder siden
12:45 what did you say there

Binderbird 4X4 68 Firebird
Binderbird 4X4 68 Firebird - 11 måneder siden
Put the diamond between a couple large pieces of metal then drop the ball
tomi gaming
tomi gaming - 11 måneder siden
BriggersC - År siden
See bigger is not better
Keira Browne
Keira Browne - År siden
U got a school talk? Lucky kids...
Alexander McDaniel
Alexander McDaniel - År siden
you need to get a metal detector that can find the diamond
Alexander McDaniel
Alexander McDaniel - År siden
9:20 that poor bug just got HAMMERED by the bowling ball
Scott Logan
Scott Logan - År siden
Derrick .. that’s a good name for a safe ..
Jack Hollins
Jack Hollins - År siden
These guys come from the same city as me
Harry Juddo
Harry Juddo - År siden
The boom box
DJ Crossdown
DJ Crossdown - År siden
Name it Steven because they are fusing
Pamela Buckley
Pamela Buckley - År siden
mxracer9417 - År siden
name it sam
Kris J
Kris J - År siden
Well it’s a type of stone
Kris J
Kris J - År siden
Sam the safe
SplayWord - År siden
Acctually it’s warzite
vincent whyte
vincent whyte - År siden
9:42 skip to the diamond 💎
Lxrd Vader
Lxrd Vader - 9 måneder siden
A hero and a mad lad, thank you for your service
lukas Jørgensen
lukas Jørgensen - År siden
3:06 Its made a dent in the bowling ball 😯
Lincoln Weeks
Lincoln Weeks - År siden
Piotr Rechnio
Piotr Rechnio - År siden
Dary the mary.😂
QUANTUM - År siden
You can't shatter a diamond with the tools you have but you can shatter a cubert zirconium
Khaos Spamzz
Khaos Spamzz - År siden
coolpal1776 z
coolpal1776 z - År siden