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Zach Summer
Zach Summer - År siden
2:34 PM
Freddie Hodkin
Freddie Hodkin - 7 dager siden
That's what time I was born!
Greg D
Greg D - Måned siden
wow lol
Hugo B’s excellent adventures
Hugo B’s excellent adventures - 2 måneder siden
Zach Summer no
psycheduck - 2 måneder siden
Theeyyyyy pinned ya!
GamerG Playz
GamerG Playz - 3 måneder siden
They pindya
Ben Thompson’s Life
Ben Thompson’s Life - 26 dager siden
Get it up to 200k likes so how ridiculous can do trampoline v trampoline I have liked
Pxradoxx - Måned siden
Jessie T Hood jr
Jessie T Hood jr - Måned siden
2:44 pm
One2mic Review
One2mic Review - Måned siden
HR .... what is the music on this video?
Parker Smith
Parker Smith - Måned siden
Does everyone one else get a ad every time they say 3 2 1
Cookies and cream UwU
Cookies and cream UwU - Måned siden
Chris - Måned siden
they should spray rexy in LINE-X
Blake - 2 måneder siden
Drop a house on a car
Dane Goodwin
Dane Goodwin - 2 måneder siden
In my mind, Newton was a total bro, and this is exactly how he conducted his experiments
Hugo B’s excellent adventures
Hugo B’s excellent adventures - 2 måneder siden
Can you drop a water melon on a go pro
Iven Krautzibär
Iven Krautzibär - 2 måneder siden
Name of the musik??
Does anybody know?
Tony Balm
Tony Balm - 2 måneder siden
Outstanding throw with the Mellon!!!!!
Ahndraus - 3 måneder siden
11:17 wtf???
Scary Terry
Scary Terry - 3 måneder siden
lmao back when rexy wasn’t fucked up
J P - 3 måneder siden
All feet from a super telescope, 😆
Pip Woodfield
Pip Woodfield - 3 måneder siden
Water Mellons cop a bad rap, Americans shoot em, we drop rocks on em from 45m.
Derek SlowMotion
Derek SlowMotion - 3 måneder siden
Are survive
King - 3 måneder siden
Whats that music 🎵
Daryle Jackson
Daryle Jackson - 3 måneder siden
Do you guys clean up your mess? I see a lot of videos with old trash that looks like its from older videos all over?
Peachy Productions
Peachy Productions - 3 måneder siden
Jeez that must be an old tramp, modern ones are a lot higher with a white pad.
menachem greenspan
menachem greenspan - 3 måneder siden
The melon broke cuz the atlas bounced
MrPLC999 - 3 måneder siden
These videos are actually much more interesting with the audio muted.
Jack T Ripper
Jack T Ripper - 3 måneder siden
Did you just run towards the 40 kilogram stone falling from the sky?
Black Hole
Black Hole - 4 måneder siden
You are never and I am never ready to replace Rexie EVER!
Mason Cornelison
Mason Cornelison - 4 måneder siden
I wanna know if they walk all the way up there
ThatOneGuy - 4 måneder siden
Heron: “Is there a trampoline that can actually handle it?”
Mark Rober: hold my beer
Onur Yenidoğan
Onur Yenidoğan - 4 måneder siden
Ahh, that was awesome🤣
The Artist BoneZ
The Artist BoneZ - 4 måneder siden
best raxi appearance ever
Malphas Blackwing
Malphas Blackwing - 4 måneder siden
Mega dart VS atlas ball
Tonya Shriver
Tonya Shriver - 4 måneder siden
y'all should drop the rubber band ball on a trampoline
Jimbo SLICE - 4 måneder siden
AHHHHHHHH Carrrrrrrrrn just show us the trampoline vs trampoline!!
Lemonade Boys Official
Lemonade Boys Official - 4 måneder siden
I just peeled a banana from the bottom. Eat my shorts
Abul Qasim Asadi
Abul Qasim Asadi - 4 måneder siden
13:01 and 5 seconds
Nick Guerrero
Nick Guerrero - 4 måneder siden
you should do a falling simulator type thing where all you do is throw a GoPro on a trampoline
Landon Hoffmeier
Landon Hoffmeier - 4 måneder siden
no one:
literally no one:
Rexy: 🕴🏼
miker - 4 måneder siden
Drop a weighted adult dummy with a cam strapped to its head.
Segtendo PPCC42
Segtendo PPCC42 - 4 måneder siden
Stanford is a normal person
Gaunson is a weirdo
Herron is also a weirdo
Judax Zeug
Judax Zeug - 4 måneder siden
I thought that dinosaur was a cat
Paulo José
Paulo José - 5 måneder siden
Watched 1 minute. Talked way too much and didn't deliver the content without having to watch adverts... Thumbs down
DB Edits
DB Edits - 5 måneder siden
did someone see the spring that went loose and clipped back in !!!!!!???????
Isaac Navarro
Isaac Navarro - 5 måneder siden
John Wollenbecker
John Wollenbecker - 5 måneder siden
I like finding ones I missed. Explains the mega trampoline series.
Cici Woods
Cici Woods - 5 måneder siden
8:51 "ORGY~!"
HeyitsKaif - 5 måneder siden
man on that 45m drop if it didnt hit the ground it would have bounced like 29 metres lol thats crazy
Ashley Jessee
Ashley Jessee - 5 måneder siden
Where is that comparison video?
kevin marshall
kevin marshall - 5 måneder siden
12:18 that thing touched the ground
TheRadical42 - 6 måneder siden
Who's the adorable red head at 13:24 ? Please lets see more of her!
jake savage
jake savage - 6 måneder siden
The whole concept of "rubber necker's" or people who look at crashes is part of why anyone watches your vids. WHY IN THE HELL when you have an item crashing down into the corner of the trampoline and damaging it do you not show it? Why in the hell would you think people were more interested in the bounce Dan the crashing down and damaging of the trampoline? I've seen this over and over in your videos? The crash and breaking of stuff is what people want to see stop f****** up and leaving out the best parts you fuckboys
Siggy in CR
Siggy in CR - 6 måneder siden
It was interesting to see how the final watermelon hit the atlas stone off center and imparted enough spin on it to have it roll out of it's hole after impact.
blkdraco2 - 6 måneder siden
I wish you guys could attach a GoPro to Rexy because his point of view during his "flight" would've been amazing.
Lòriethalion Isilgor Mithredel
Lòriethalion Isilgor Mithredel - 6 måneder siden
You have atlas stones; 15, 30 and 45 kg. If you dropped them from the height equal to their weight, so 15 kg from 15m,30 from 30 and 45 from 45, will the bounce height double with each drop?
Star Wars Info
Star Wars Info - 6 måneder siden
Guys get this to vid to 200k please. Who doesn’t want to see tramp v tramp
MAYENNE ADDISON - 6 måneder siden
6:23 idk, its just a random guess.
bwhiting1975 - 6 måneder siden
What about poolie??
Shadoboy - 6 måneder siden
14:43 Chicxulub Impact, 65 Million BC
TurtleSellingADairyProduct - 6 måneder siden
Who knew my science teacher would use you for a homework assignment
Flynn Mildenhall
Flynn Mildenhall - 6 måneder siden
i am 102 years old
_47-Alex-24_ - 6 måneder siden
I like it how the never clickbait
Darkone G
Darkone G - 6 måneder siden
When the cam get wacked by the spring
Emma Hacker
Emma Hacker - 7 måneder siden
Watching this after the awesome @MarkRober trampoline and Derek had some good foreshadowing at @14:22
JC Walker
JC Walker - 7 måneder siden
That Tramp got stoned
Dohyden2 - 7 måneder siden
ok that's really cool, The atlas stone is moving up, but it's so heavy it still has enough inertia to smash the melon. I know the melon coming down helped but that's flippin cool.
Andy Wibb
Andy Wibb - 7 måneder siden
Can we see different size trampolines vs trampolines
The Firesword Dragon
The Firesword Dragon - 7 måneder siden
Gournson has a good mother's name. Very unique.
Also the name of a character from Attack On Titan.
SmashedPotato86 - 7 måneder siden
At 8:51 why did they shout that
ceeb2 thoj
ceeb2 thoj - 7 måneder siden
13:35 I saw the springs just came off the trampoline. Who Would Someone Do Something Like That. You Guys Might Brake Your Trampoline!!
micah the movie maker 2009
micah the movie maker 2009 - 7 måneder siden
Atlas stone=meteor
Brandon BoxNinja
Brandon BoxNinja - 7 måneder siden
Has everyone else just assumed the tower levels were labeled at each level for the exact height? But apparently they don't know the exact meters for drops at level 2 or 3.
Heioshi - 7 måneder siden
Finally understand gravitational waves
Robert Lapping
Robert Lapping - 7 måneder siden
Martin Janočko
Martin Janočko - 7 måneder siden
no ist not a limit.. that stone just cant touch the ground.. cause that cloth on trampoline absorb all kinetic energy and will crush.. so if u make big hole enought it will work..
Bad Aussies
Bad Aussies - 7 måneder siden
Credit to Scott that was a pretty good bell
demarogue - 7 måneder siden
Try richochet clay shoot - atlas stone dropping onto tramp and then a melon drop to catch it on the up.
Jeriel Gonzalez
Jeriel Gonzalez - 7 måneder siden
What is the music in the back ground?
JJ James
JJ James - 7 måneder siden
Devyn fijal
Devyn fijal - 7 måneder siden
AuX_juul - 8 måneder siden
11:26 ur welcome
Boti Gamer
Boti Gamer - 8 måneder siden
14:21 Who's watching that after the car, boat, jetski, vending machine and golfing cart?
Cloudy The Meerkat
Cloudy The Meerkat - 8 måneder siden
Australian watermelons look different than American watermelons, American ones have stripes that are darker green
WP Grove
WP Grove - 8 måneder siden
The comedian cow
The comedian cow - 8 måneder siden
3:46 AM
papillon commando
papillon commando - 8 måneder siden
8:50 "orgy!"
Jeff D.
Jeff D. - 8 måneder siden
Why don't you guys build a slide so you can slide down? Legally not allowed?
K McDonald
K McDonald - 8 måneder siden
Watching at 2:30 am
KEVIN HOLZER - 8 måneder siden
Rexy: roaring and soaring
Paul Miner
Paul Miner - 8 måneder siden
Relatively new to the channel, funny seeing what lead up to the trampoline build with Mark Rober 😄
Julius Hirner
Julius Hirner - 8 måneder siden
There is lying so many plastic waste on the ground from all of your experiments. You shouldn‘t be so disrespectful and don‘t clean it up
The Mushiest
The Mushiest - 8 måneder siden
Seeing that a watermelon is a good way to see how a force would affect the human head because of how similar it is, watching the atlas stones destroy them slightly disturbs me
Rand M
Rand M - 8 måneder siden
Stop playing with watermelon ... otherwise, the video is great !!
joe david
joe david - 8 måneder siden
I hate these guys videos
Ducky Knight
Ducky Knight - 8 måneder siden
Who's watching in 3001
CJC1012 - 8 måneder siden
8 22
Bananenschale - 8 måneder siden
They should drop one of them on another
Thomas Raywood
Thomas Raywood - 8 måneder siden
Fifteen went all the way to the hole and, I think, slightly into it. Therefore thirty was going to slam into the bottom of the hole and pinch the tarp. If you'd have dug a deep pit first, or if the trampoline had been significantly elevated, no, the tarp would have been fine. It would have been springs, if anything, that would have become deformed. Um, so, in a nutshell you guys destroyed the trampoline. It wasn't the thirty that did that.
auto_chris420 - 8 måneder siden
Thin Sheet metal instead of material for the trampoline or just put some sheet metal on top so it doesn't go through but still has the recoil
auto_chris420 - 8 måneder siden
Drop a big ass bowling ball on a paint tin full of Tannite
auto_chris420 - 8 måneder siden
If you look at it this way trampoline designed for people to bounce but they are not designed for people to get ridiculously high that's dangerous and easy to do do maybe you need to look at how to make a trampoline that can fires things back nearley as fast as they hit the thing I'm sure there must be different materials that will sustain the kinetic energy and send it back
Official Moggz
Official Moggz - 8 måneder siden
Suggestion: Worlds heaviest bouncy ball vs Trampoline
That_one_Drift - 8 måneder siden
the second melon got dunked on by the ball