4,444 DINOSAURS Vs. MINIVAN From A CRANE! (1 Billion Views Celebration)

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Runtime: 16:58


How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous - 20 dager siden
Thanks so much for all your support 44 Club, it means a lot to us that you still love watching our vids ❤️
Never in our wildest dreams did we think 1B views would ever happen. Here’s to the next 1B 👍😂
If you wanna grab a Rexy / new merch check out the store here: https://howridiculous.org/
We’ll be working hard to get the parcels out the door ASAP so you get them in time for Christmas 🎄🤍❤️💚
Fighting HD 66
Fighting HD 66 - Dag siden
Well done boys you deserve all your followers keep going 💙💙
Kayden Calhoun
Kayden Calhoun - 6 dager siden
Is rexy plastic????
Kimberly Rutherford
Kimberly Rutherford - 8 dager siden
I'm gonna guess its 1 billion total views of the whole channel. But still good job guys
michael poirier
michael poirier - 9 dager siden
Ya Gotta Believe 511
Ya Gotta Believe 511 - 12 dager siden
Where is the... Rex-Mas Sweater!?!?
Mage Lazzda
Mage Lazzda - 6 timer siden
Christmas hats
Mage Lazzda
Mage Lazzda - 6 timer siden
BLAZING BLITZZ - 19 timer siden
The first time rexy appeared in a video was on my birthday, I truly love this video and I love all three of u, that you for making us all happy
Jonathan Rosenfeld
Jonathan Rosenfeld - 22 timer siden
For the next one my kids want to see basketballs 🏀
Gebsy4 - 2 dager siden
GoodFriend54 - 2 dager siden
0:39 I tried to replay until it wasn’t funny anymore but I laugh every time.
XIUZHEN OUYANG - 2 dager siden
XIUZHEN OUYANG - 2 dager siden
Big Man G GBR
Big Man G GBR - 3 dager siden
My Rexy has finally made it to Scotland
Michael Skywalker
Michael Skywalker - 3 dager siden
A fitting, fitting tribute to Rexy who somehow survived lounging on the blade of the giant axe.
purplechicken86 - 3 dager siden
Asmr to go to sleep, how ridiculous to wake up 😏
Jody Zwahlen
Jody Zwahlen - 3 dager siden
I have never won anything i would like to win some thing.
Kooky Cow 32
Kooky Cow 32 - 3 dager siden
Crane drop idea: drop a tonne of mentos into a pool of Diet Coke!
The wolf
The wolf - 3 dager siden
Ritza Louw
Ritza Louw - 4 dager siden
Im am new to your videos I love your video so moch
Lucas Lopez
Lucas Lopez - 4 dager siden
Like shaiiko would say: 44444444444
James Rodrigues
James Rodrigues - 4 dager siden
ANDREW HUET - 4 dager siden
So So happy i got my Rexy 4 days ago
MaxYTinGg - 4 dager siden
The poor kei van
Sharky 0.0
Sharky 0.0 - 4 dager siden
Car landing on all the rexys car revenge
throngcleaver - 4 dager siden
Oh, the irony of a gazillion dinosaurs falling from the sky, like the meteorite that killed them.
Mark Lepka
Mark Lepka - 4 dager siden
4 My favorite number.
David Gardiner
David Gardiner - 5 dager siden
A sledge filled with wrapped up containers of powder paint or the like
OrO Trust
OrO Trust - 5 dager siden
rexy was born on my birthday
Matt Esparza
Matt Esparza - 5 dager siden
Gaint Beer Pong!!!🍻🍺🍻
THEOLDFIREFLY - 5 dager siden
How ridiculous: thanks for 1 billion views.
T series : get 1 billion in 1 video.
Ray Koma
Ray Koma - 5 dager siden
9:09 "Mt. Rexy" No.... Its Called "Mt. Rexmore"
MilkMan - 5 dager siden
7 billion people on earth
And you got 1 out of 7
Vian Zaaiman
Vian Zaaiman - 5 dager siden
Love the energy!!!!!
hilham 89
hilham 89 - 6 dager siden
Y'all should do this with a tarp instead of a net, that way they don't get stuck
Nathan Cunningham
Nathan Cunningham - 6 dager siden
Please make mirch with Rexy riding a tricycle
Congrats on 1 billion views😆✌🤯
Alice Coulson
Alice Coulson - 6 dager siden
Love your guys videos always soo funny just a real shame about the packaging on every rexy that would have been a deal breaker for me and I’m sure it could have been fixed 🤷‍♀️
Logy boi Man
Logy boi Man - 6 dager siden
Someone should make an indestructible rexy
Playlists s
Playlists s - 6 dager siden
Wait, you have over 4000 re-
10:08 ...Ya, looks about right
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins - 6 dager siden
Million ping pong balls
Emporer Tivurnis
Emporer Tivurnis - 6 dager siden
The greatest stunt dinosaur of our era
T Hill
T Hill - 6 dager siden
Golf balls
Gene Iwanski Jr
Gene Iwanski Jr - 6 dager siden
Sending Rexies, a whole bunch of them, through a jet engine.
- Spicy_avocados
- Spicy_avocados - 6 dager siden
can i be part of the 44 club? I know what it means now 😢
Nikolaj Steffensen
Nikolaj Steffensen - 6 dager siden
just end poor Rexy's suffering already!! XD
AndrewrVlogs - 7 dager siden
Hey guys! Didn’t quite get to say hi to you but I was the guy who owned the bright green Jimny next to the van where you picked it up from. I’ve got a bunch of photos of my dog in the van😂 hope to run into you again one day. All the best
Paige Rowley
Paige Rowley - 7 dager siden
Build a gigantic lego ball and drop it off your tower onto a trampoline or something
Doctor troll
Doctor troll - 8 dager siden
Ƶąỿȵ ._.
Ƶąỿȵ ._. - 8 dager siden
How can I order the shirts from you?
I'm from Malaysia 🇲🇾
ibraheem Shaw
ibraheem Shaw - 8 dager siden
The tungsten cube is $270
Sally Hector
Sally Hector - 8 dager siden
What did u do with the car
ShadowMikku - 8 dager siden
5 minutes into the video, I predict the car is gonna be... REXXED
Anthony Fanchin
Anthony Fanchin - 8 dager siden
Rexy is immortal.
Drake O
Drake O - 8 dager siden
James Adams
James Adams - 8 dager siden
Marbles millions and millions of marbles!!!!
James Adams
James Adams - 8 dager siden
It is absolutely amazing the three grown men have found a way to make a good living making videos online. I would say God bless America. But God bless Australia apparently. LOL. Congratulations guys. U have earned every bit of it. U keep making the great videos I'll keep watching.
Jevlon Chang
Jevlon Chang - 8 dager siden
Jevlon Chang
Jevlon Chang - 8 dager siden
Liselotte Hill
Liselotte Hill - 8 dager siden
I say u see how many rexys u can go through with 1 bow and arrow
Nathan’s Toys ᗩᑎᗪ more
How the dinosaurs got extinct but the dinosaurs have an uno reverse card
Jayden & I L.
Jayden & I L. - 9 dager siden
Gaunson you tell me that you have 1 billion views!!!!!!!!!!
Noah Holden
Noah Holden - 9 dager siden
Quillem Foy
Quillem Foy - 9 dager siden
Hayley Lau
Hayley Lau - 9 dager siden
Ryder Burkett
Ryder Burkett - 9 dager siden
I like how they celebrate their fans more than any other you tuber
Crystal Miles
Crystal Miles - 9 dager siden
*rexys revenge*
Keeph - 9 dager siden
What u came for is here 11:15
Nate Grat
Nate Grat - 9 dager siden
Michael Beals
Michael Beals - 9 dager siden
Rexy watching you play with the other Rexy's
Cameron Goya
Cameron Goya - 9 dager siden
A Hilux, an Isuzu van, a Holden Ute and a Suzuki kei van. cant think of a more stereotypical squad of austrailian cars
purple - 9 dager siden
They seem tired
SteelerFan_19 - 9 dager siden
So much energy😃😂
ᐯOIᗪ ᕼᑌᔕKY
ᐯOIᗪ ᕼᑌᔕKY - 9 dager siden
Rexy could wipe out the whole planet!!!! 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Eric Hedengren
Eric Hedengren - 9 dager siden
Imagine what the crane driver is thinking...
Ookami Coxs
Ookami Coxs - 10 dager siden
Sword in the 🧊
Mitch - 10 dager siden
That was kinda boring tbh
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas - 10 dager siden
Awesome work guys! ❤
Ayin 078
Ayin 078 - 10 dager siden
Yang dari indo like
w s l
w s l - 10 dager siden
3 , 2 , ad ................ 1
Chloe Knight
Chloe Knight - 10 dager siden
One of these bad boys has my name on it
Emu Uriarte
Emu Uriarte - 10 dager siden
Happy jhin noises
natalie senger
natalie senger - 10 dager siden
its raining rexy from out of the sky. rexy.,
John Krakatoa
John Krakatoa - 10 dager siden
Congrexulations !
Country4Life 1590
Country4Life 1590 - 10 dager siden
Rexy’s are falling from the sky
Anthony Carletta
Anthony Carletta - 11 dager siden
smart - 11 dager siden
The Video should have been called "Rexy's revenge"
Teamepicbrosiq - 11 dager siden
Davo’s Shed
Davo’s Shed - 11 dager siden
Send the van to a car restoration YouTuber as a collaboration!
_rcH__bert - 11 dager siden
yo rn the likes are 44k letsss gooo
John Marston
John Marston - 11 dager siden
7:22 floor: *sinks-
Recycle: I defy gravity
John Marston
John Marston - 11 dager siden
If my math is right which it probably isn’t that’s like 1/7 of the entire fuckin planet. That’s an insane accomplishment. Good job
Everyday Showday
Everyday Showday - 11 dager siden
A million golf ball drop?
Jessica Peña
Jessica Peña - 11 dager siden
one giant rexy!!!!
Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne - 11 dager siden
I’d like to see the invoice for all them Rexy’s.
Bryan Randall
Bryan Randall - 11 dager siden
drop a metal box filled with i think like 6,999
EK673's Flights
EK673's Flights - 11 dager siden
Maybe that's how Quantas painted the kangaroo. They just upsized REXY.
EK673's Flights
EK673's Flights - 11 dager siden
THEY should throw rexi into the 4,444 others and try to find him.
EK673's Flights
EK673's Flights - 11 dager siden
@Shauka Hodan idk
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 11 dager siden
𝗛𝗼𝗲 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀
Jen Ireland
Jen Ireland - 11 dager siden
7:23 :rexy: who needs gravity
Kyle Guajardo
Kyle Guajardo - 11 dager siden
Can I just say how awesome it is that they're so passionate about Rexy? Like they really love him and have made quite the character out of a little dinosaur
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 11 dager siden
44k likes😂😂😂😂what a coincidence
GGG - 11 dager siden
Rexie is immortal
Josh Parks
Josh Parks - 11 dager siden
Giant ninja star
Jason Herrmann
Jason Herrmann - 11 dager siden
I didn't read the comments, so this might be monotonous, but the next natural progression is to put a GoPro in every Rexy. As the Rexys were falling, it was clear that every Rexy had his own story. Some were falling fast, some slow. Others were spinning wildly, some were still. Maybe at 2 Billion. ;D
The01Steg - 12 dager siden
Anyone Know The Song At 12:05 ?
Mr. Noice
Mr. Noice - 12 dager siden
looks like a ball sack