1000 RUBBER DUCKS Vs. CAR from 45m Tower! (Driver Is Inside!!)

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Runtime: 13:23


Rich Secker
Rich Secker - År siden
27 minutes 34 seconds
Silent Protagonist
Silent Protagonist - 3 måneder siden
PotatoDaddy493 📱📱📱📱💻💻💻💻💻📸📞📞📞📞🏢🏬🏨🏦🏥🏩🏛⛪️🏪🏣🏤🏫🕌🏕⛰🚙🚕🚗🏎🚓🚑🚒🚐🚌🚎🚚🚛🚜🛵🏍🛴🚲🚲🚤⛵️🛶🛳⛴🚢🛥fryg6
Micala Marcus
Micala Marcus - 5 måneder siden
Yes it is coll
A Dude
A Dude - 5 måneder siden
Nicolae Perju
Nicolae Perju - 6 måneder siden
Bitch you cheated
Aaron Lanigan
Aaron Lanigan - 6 måneder siden
Well done
Christopher Burkett
Christopher Burkett - 16 dager siden
2 h
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 22 dager siden
You guys must work hard for the videos. Resetting cleaning up to bring us amazing vids. Still my favourite
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 22 dager siden
I need that camera in my life
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 22 dager siden
Michael Foks
Michael Foks - 24 dager siden
You talk so much
Anitha J
Anitha J - 27 dager siden
3 hours 46 minutes 27 seconds
Rachael Wagner
Rachael Wagner - 29 dager siden
Dibrid Gamerss
Dibrid Gamerss - Måned siden
2 hours
Kelpo The Weirdo
Kelpo The Weirdo - Måned siden
Kelpo The Weirdo
Kelpo The Weirdo - Måned siden
Kelpo The Weirdo
Kelpo The Weirdo - Måned siden
WolfricLupus - Måned siden
Why are the ducks in netting???? That's such un-necessary excessive packaging it's a joke! All that pointless single-use plastic. Grrr... End of rant.
Will Loo
Will Loo - Måned siden
4 hours
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon - 2 måneder siden
Camera in with the ducks was a quacking good shot.
Mordecai Barmeda
Mordecai Barmeda - 2 måneder siden
30 min
sean mcnally
sean mcnally - 2 måneder siden
I don't quite understand. Why was The netting around the duckies a problem?
Gary wayne Holland
Gary wayne Holland - 2 måneder siden
JUSTIFIEDESIGN - 2 måneder siden
Any ducks left?
Dustin Dawind
Dustin Dawind - 2 måneder siden
Actually...what I was wondering was is it safe standing that close to a falling atlas stone?
gameland - 2 måneder siden
5 hour 28 min 20 seconds
Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s Burgers - 2 måneder siden
2 hours
Steve Power
Steve Power - 2 måneder siden
I had to watch this viddy on mute. It drives my dog crazy.
grimtt - 3 måneder siden
Went deep sea fishing the other day, all day rolling the waves, not a smidge of nausea, started watching this vid, 5 mins in and I gotta quit. Because insta camera 😅😜
isla x
isla x - 3 måneder siden
4 hours and 36 minutes
Kai Sörensen
Kai Sörensen - 3 måneder siden
BONUS DUCKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2LhXOtsTLY
S Walke
S Walke - 3 måneder siden
this amazing what the heck and i can not believed he knocked rexy down
S Walke
S Walke - 3 måneder siden
i my god this is amazing i can not believe that he knocked rexy down
Falcon - 3 måneder siden
Gaunson having never spun in circles in his life was glorious.
Dave Langford
Dave Langford - 3 måneder siden
1.3 million views and we can't get to 250,000 thumbs up. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!
kirch 423
kirch 423 - 4 måneder siden
Gaunson actually didn’t cheat lol unless there’s another angle it looks like he didn’t cheat
SrFantasmon - 4 måneder siden
Our ducks will cover the sky!
Logan Hardy
Logan Hardy - 4 måneder siden
1 hour and 33 seconds
BearkyBearky - 4 måneder siden
It took less than a year to unwrap those ducks
Mackenzie Lawton
Mackenzie Lawton - 4 måneder siden
6 hrs
Annemette Johansen
Annemette Johansen - 4 måneder siden
1.30 haurer
Ragdolldownthesteps Channel
Ragdolldownthesteps Channel - 4 måneder siden
5 hours
Ryan Esau
Ryan Esau - 4 måneder siden
How is there over 1000 dislikes on this vid?
Abul Qasim Asadi
Abul Qasim Asadi - 4 måneder siden
37 mins 25s
King Of ducks
King Of ducks - 4 måneder siden
You're welcome
TheBlazeFyter - 5 måneder siden
11:30 Gaunson why do you not care about that fly
Lextech Lighting
Lextech Lighting - 5 måneder siden
You guys know you spun the wrong way down under. You would have been fine spinning the opposite direction. No effects whatsoever.
Ryan Margerison
Ryan Margerison - 5 måneder siden
Those ducks were having a quacking time 😂
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins - 5 måneder siden
We're actually seeing how we are made up of one-celled animals each person is about a hundred billion likes.
Leanne Abrahams
Leanne Abrahams - 5 måneder siden
27 minutes 34 seconds
A Dude
A Dude - 5 måneder siden
Do you know why I am doing a contest because someone’s already
A Dude
A Dude - 5 måneder siden
#Contest eight hours
A Dude
A Dude - 5 måneder siden
#Contest One eternity lol not final answer
Sawyer Sizemore
Sawyer Sizemore - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or did nobody want to get the truckload of ducks
Josette Zahnle
Josette Zahnle - 5 måneder siden
I'd love to have a duck!!
dmadokter - 5 måneder siden
27 min 30 seconds
dmadokter - 5 måneder siden
30 minutes
John Noe
John Noe - 5 måneder siden
LoL All cheaters!!
Patrick Is dumb
Patrick Is dumb - 6 måneder siden
Just go to 6:27
Craig Kanning
Craig Kanning - 6 måneder siden
I have but one regret that I found this channel so late but dammit if you guys haven't kept me laughing and entertaining during our quarantine here in the US. It is weird and chaotic time in our country right now. Thanks for all the laughs. We need them now more than ever.
Lucas Berendsen
Lucas Berendsen - 6 måneder siden
It looks like angry birds 2 in real life
amiratrak kehtari
amiratrak kehtari - 6 måneder siden
Hi guys do still have got ducks left for me?🐤🐤🐤🐤
Markos Papadopoulos
Markos Papadopoulos - 6 måneder siden
5years and 1000 tons of icebergs melted
Margaret Tully
Margaret Tully - 6 måneder siden
12:21 best car commercial ever.
Adrian All Day
Adrian All Day - 6 måneder siden
Lmaoooo brooo! What were the chances of Heron going up by one!!! And freaking Gaunson cheating too! How ridiculous is that!! Haha get it? How ridiculous....
jmarchon -
jmarchon - - 6 måneder siden
11:49 "Get your butts down here!" 😂
Favaro Leone
Favaro Leone - 6 måneder siden
11:51 music?
MAYENNE ADDISON - 6 måneder siden
the pics with the falling ducks were AWESOME. . . keep putting the camera in the falling objects!
Miles Verschuur
Miles Verschuur - 6 måneder siden
James Veitch
Aaron Catron
Aaron Catron - 6 måneder siden
Paging James Veitch...
Inked Heart
Inked Heart - 6 måneder siden
11:24 ur welcome
no one knows
no one knows - 7 måneder siden
My favorite episode....thanks guys
Eden’s Wilderness
Eden’s Wilderness - 7 måneder siden
42 minutes and 27 Seconds
NotYourGrandpa - 7 måneder siden
10:27 Sounds like that face slap meme XD
Saul Mcool
Saul Mcool - 7 måneder siden
U guys are amazing (so cool 😎)
MarshmallowTV - 7 måneder siden
1 hour
fatehbir singh
fatehbir singh - 7 måneder siden
I really like you videos but I can’t buy your merch because I am in India . Who ever like please like 👍 and comment
NATHANIEL DAVID PONN - 7 måneder siden
At least that's what I was told
Nancy-Lea Ashmore
Nancy-Lea Ashmore - 7 måneder siden
This vid got my dogs going crazy hahaha
Karri - 7 måneder siden
Ummmm...how tough is that camera that you can drop it off that tower?!?!
Karri - 7 måneder siden
You guys have way too much fun! Hugs to Rexy.
The Roblox Doge
The Roblox Doge - 7 måneder siden
Come on guys 250k likes!
JC Walker
JC Walker - 7 måneder siden
Did Rexie Duck as they came down?
Mandrake Fernflower
Mandrake Fernflower - 8 måneder siden
The ducks have arrived but unfortunately, there all in flipping netting
*Ungodly squeaking sounds*
Blaire Shadowpaw
Blaire Shadowpaw - 8 måneder siden
Gaunson got out Gaunson'd
Ștefan Infinit
Ștefan Infinit - 8 måneder siden
Cute duck
Mv Wrath
Mv Wrath - 8 måneder siden
kmu syak yg faham
TheFriendlyRex - 8 måneder siden
10:23 What you came for
11:27 What you came for Round 2
XxanimalfriendxX - 8 måneder siden
Look at the dent that Rexy made = 12:03
glen camaroni
glen camaroni - 8 måneder siden
3 hours
Finlay Lavery
Finlay Lavery - 8 måneder siden
i'm just here for Rexy.
Elon crust
Elon crust - 8 måneder siden
what is the song called when the stone hits the pool
Alex S.
Alex S. - 8 måneder siden
13:23 You duck thank me later
Nicholas Dana
Nicholas Dana - 8 måneder siden
Joshua Hunsberger
Joshua Hunsberger - 8 måneder siden
4 hours
Jamie Vural
Jamie Vural - 8 måneder siden
What noise does the rubber ducks make
Tiffany H
Tiffany H - 8 måneder siden
🤣🤣🤣 that noise is hilarious!
Joe Briggs Jr
Joe Briggs Jr - 8 måneder siden
*Smash that "free" Duck button*
Klai Thouless
Klai Thouless - 8 måneder siden
27 minutes
arfyness - 8 måneder siden
PLEASE upload the clips of falling with the ducks as a 360 video!!
gomek augutine
gomek augutine - 8 måneder siden
Yeah... some was good. Most sucked. Sorry aussies... gotta go..
No longer entertaining....
WP Grove
WP Grove - 8 måneder siden
27 minutes and 34 seconds
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant - 8 måneder siden
9:51 "Angly"
AJ - 8 måneder siden
AJ - 8 måneder siden