100,000 Easter Eggs Vs. Trampoline from 45m

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WRECKING BALL Vs. WORLD'S STRONGEST TRAMPOLINE: noburn.info/id/video/nJOUlbRomoF-hZg.html
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Caleb & Bruce
Caleb & Bruce - 8 måneder siden
First rock-off was the first Catching Fruit off the tower, and Brett lost and Scott and Derek tied for the win
Caleb Dymmel
Caleb Dymmel - 4 måneder siden
@Sea75 control no you not you got pinned on a channel and I new it like right when he said it and I wait like ever Friday to try and win the contest
Sea75 control
Sea75 control - 4 måneder siden
Tyler Jackson sorry for the inconvenience
Caleb Dymmel
Caleb Dymmel - 5 måneder siden
hey I got this in like 20mins after this vid was sent I got robed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fake Scientist
The Fake Scientist - 5 måneder siden
@Tyler Jackson as a member of the channel his comments shows up first and are highlighted for them
H.R Theater
H.R Theater - 5 måneder siden
@Tyler Jackson same here mate
White Marlin
White Marlin - Dag siden
Just a big 👍🏻's up to the awesome crew at the DISCOVERY CENTRE AT GINGIN IN AUSTRALIA.
WITHOUT you mates there would be a big dent in the *HOW RIDICULOUS*
Team of guys and all of their antics.
A BIG KUDOS to you all. ????
Michael Hauschildt
Michael Hauschildt - 9 dager siden
i got up to piss when an ad started and when i sat back down in my chair another ad started
BABA Gaming
BABA Gaming - 11 dager siden
I Really like the way they LAUGH😂😂. It's Ridiculous..
Cindy Malin
Cindy Malin - 13 dager siden
Probably the best slo-mo from the camera inside the basket - that was really cool - i watched that part a few times!
Raw Dloc
Raw Dloc - 17 dager siden
You really think you can sum up US politics with the analogy you gave? Let’s see what happens when the US no longer backs your country. It’s more in depth than just your egg metaphor
Triple Monk Strap
Triple Monk Strap - 23 dager siden
They really should upload a clip of 13:31 to 14:09 on its own too so it can be shared and give good vibes more easily
David Smith
David Smith - Måned siden
Stay out of our politics
Marco P
Marco P - Måned siden
11:24 they drop the eggs
Bj Cundiff
Bj Cundiff - Måned siden
That was the best 360 video yall have done yet.
John Reynolds Jr
John Reynolds Jr - Måned siden
Refreshing to know you lads believe in Jesus!!!!! Big fan of HR from the opposite side of Earth from Perth. 😉 Blessings to you all from Rhode Island, USA.
Lemon - Måned siden
Can you add the rexy keychain back since its the only thing I can get
Austin Evans
Austin Evans - Måned siden
I am not going to lie to you guys but the slowie looked absolutely ridiculous. But in a good way. Just the fact that the eggs bounced so high was sick as it was but then the rainbow of eggs that followed was awesome.
Monique Morales
Monique Morales - Måned siden
13:31 core overheating nuclear meltdown imminent
jamesblunt006 - Måned siden
13:43 Sony Bravia has left the chat.
James Jame
James Jame - Måned siden
Probably the best slowey of all time
Cooper - Måned siden
At 13:32, that footage on that camera was the best on this channel by far!
Brazuzuan - Måned siden
13:30 That 360º footage is the definition of AWESOME!! From the drop until the end where the camera goes through the hole in the trampoline and getting buried by the easter eggs. I really really wish you guys use more that 360º camera. That was just perfect. You must be very pround of yourselves for achieving this. This is about the 15th time i've watch this part. I've simply loved it... and i'm 30 years old.
Jarred Wise
Jarred Wise - Måned siden
6:29 gets me every time. It’s like when your golden retriever growls for just a second when you go to pet them while eating. Pure instinct 😂
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler - 2 måneder siden
Hands down, my favorite 360 video
Monique Morales
Monique Morales - 2 måneder siden
Jubbs - 2 måneder siden
My son who is 5 and myself play yahtzee all the time!! We love it!! So no need to pull it out the cupboard cause its already on the table ready to play.
chrissy surratt
chrissy surratt - 2 måneder siden
That 360 camera shot was BEAUTIFUL
Monique Morales
Monique Morales - 2 måneder siden
13:31 reactor core.
thunderrules123 - 2 måneder siden
RJapples - 2 måneder siden
Can I get a link for Gaunsons 🕶 👀 lol
Kepno 3
Kepno 3 - 2 måneder siden
Standord and Herron: talking about Standord's catch
Gaunson: who has Yahtzee?
alex lynch
alex lynch - 2 måneder siden
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia - 2 måneder siden
Hah, forty-four-thousand likes! That shot with the 360 was absolutely gorgeous. Like Doctor Who and the Chocolate Factory.
Rida Ramlawi
Rida Ramlawi - 2 måneder siden
The video has 44k likes: Niceeeeeeee
Robert Cuillo
Robert Cuillo - 2 måneder siden
God you guys scream and yell like school girls. 😂
Dragon’s Helm
Dragon’s Helm - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how it seemed like the tower kinda shook when the eggs landed
Shadowgolem - 2 måneder siden
Mad props to the editor for removing the false bottom from so many shots. That must have taken for ever!
Ashley Alford
Ashley Alford - 2 måneder siden
Scott:says H word. YouTube: iS tHaT a SwEaR i JuSt HeArD
Quint Boney
Quint Boney - 2 måneder siden
That was awesome. God bless you guys.
Sandra Jew
Sandra Jew - 2 måneder siden
Sooooooooo what I’m curious about, is after this video, what did they do with all the chocolate????
Lucas Krocka
Lucas Krocka - 2 måneder siden
I just wanna say I love gaunson’s sunny’s
Random Interests
Random Interests - 2 måneder siden
What song was used in the intro 0:08
Landon Carter
Landon Carter - 3 måneder siden
Melons Scam
Melons Scam - 3 måneder siden
44 club rewarded big time here, that final go pro footage made the whole video ten times better!
Dan Perks
Dan Perks - 3 måneder siden
This is by far my favorite video from you guys! Praise Jesus!
Matheus Jandreice
Matheus Jandreice - 3 måneder siden
All Easter eggs in all games are together in one pool
Tosh Brown
Tosh Brown - 3 måneder siden
Love the vids, imagine making a mega ramp shoot from the top and then curve it up at the bottom, kind of like a water slide and you lads could roll all kinds of of stuff down it and see how it smashes on landing.
Also u could set up a target score on the floor and see if u can hit it with an adgustable ramp for height or distance. what u think?
Amy Otter
Amy Otter - 3 måneder siden
That slow mo footage of the GoPro in the bucket tho, that was mad!
McKay Martin
McKay Martin - 3 måneder siden
Dude, I love Yahtzee
Rob Kandell
Rob Kandell - 3 måneder siden
Wicked pissah!
ishaan belel
ishaan belel - 3 måneder siden
ishaan belel
ishaan belel - 3 måneder siden
I'm watching this at 44k views lol
Bernler75 - 3 måneder siden
Could you maybe redo the camera from inside the basket but somehow lower it into a basket of coloured water in some kind of waterproof container ? Because this looked truely amazing!
Ideas I have is a dampened plexiglass container. Should keep the camera safe and still get the full view of splashing and turbulence.
Dave Langford
Dave Langford - 3 måneder siden
I love this channel but you guys waste SOOOOOO MUCH FOOD. Also, I'm really not a fan of religious views in the videos but hey there you go.
Alex Hetherington
Alex Hetherington - 3 måneder siden
Ooo you guys should do subscription boxes that come with like a tiny model of the tower and other things you've dropped like Thor and the Giant (tiny) dart :D
Samuel Benson
Samuel Benson - 3 måneder siden
Happy Jesus is Alive, everyone!
Stephanie Brecq
Stephanie Brecq - 4 måneder siden
i think about this 360 constantly!!
TeacupPuppy - 4 måneder siden
Hands down one of the best shots EVER in that bucket!!! Great job guys!!! 💙
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards - 4 måneder siden
This is the greatest thing I ever seen! Actually made me feel like a kid on Easter morning again. Thanx guys great job.
Deluxe Eagle
Deluxe Eagle - 4 måneder siden
I love just even looking at it
Landon Carter
Landon Carter - 4 måneder siden
Thank me later
Chris Birchler
Chris Birchler - 4 måneder siden
The 360 camera shot was by far the one of the coolest shots you guys have caught! How about a compilation of your best camera shots and another of your favorite (if they aren't the same)!
Toren Johnson
Toren Johnson - 4 måneder siden
This virus has been the worst thing the whole world has ever gone through
bella's my singing monsters entry 2020
11:39 eh
The red spartan
The red spartan - 4 måneder siden
Albert Websell
Albert Websell - 4 måneder siden
Animal crossing on Easter, new horizons colorized: 11:39
Darius Draws
Darius Draws - 4 måneder siden
The 360 camera shot could almost be a commercial for Easter eggs
Domnul Onur
Domnul Onur - 4 måneder siden
That's type 2 diabetes
Manders3900 - 4 måneder siden
Hahahahaha the explanation of a trillion dollars
The Aviationest
The Aviationest - 4 måneder siden
The 360 cam is my favorite angle
Antonio Lepore
Antonio Lepore - 4 måneder siden
Should drop a storage container full of orbeez or paint or something
Kyler Klunder
Kyler Klunder - 4 måneder siden
They need to get those large yard dice to Toss off the tower and they have to call out a number out of three dice closest wins
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g - 4 måneder siden
13:45-13:55, New Background
Shawn Scott
Shawn Scott - 4 måneder siden
The slo mo of the inside camera was one of the most satisfying and relaxing of all you have done. Wonderful job.
Jack William Taylor
Jack William Taylor - 4 måneder siden
“This virus has been a pain in the backside, if I’m honest with you.”
That’s what I love about Gaunson: always has his finger on the pulse of society to provide incisive commentary.
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the song they used during the slow mo footage at the end? Thanks
DBTBullet - 5 måneder siden
Hey nice 3AM video
Antisha Patrick
Antisha Patrick - 5 måneder siden
The bell part 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mikey Woomer
Mikey Woomer - 5 måneder siden
14:00 best camera shot looked so cool
dfidge - 5 måneder siden
3D camera view was awesome. Getting a sermon was not.
Ryan Hand-Coyle
Ryan Hand-Coyle - 5 måneder siden
Roxy Legge
Roxy Legge - 5 måneder siden
Fruit off the tower
Keichimaru - 5 måneder siden
One day, these boys will think to bring a couple kitchen strainers with them, and make these kinds of clean ups so much easier.
Joseph Artemov
Joseph Artemov - 5 måneder siden
Oh my gosh you guys talk so much just get the the fun part
And you guys over react
Robert Siverling
Robert Siverling - 5 måneder siden
Best 360 shot you guys have gotten. It's almost mesmerizing
Shaun Bradley
Shaun Bradley - 5 måneder siden
Sorry guys keeping the bucket in the fall ruined it as far as I'm concerned but the inside bucket shot was cool thou
Candy Banks
Candy Banks - 5 måneder siden
Shoot a water balloon in that hoop from 50M with a water balloon sling shot!
Inbred Turtle
Inbred Turtle - 5 måneder siden
They Got The Cheap Gross Eggs
Xanthe R
Xanthe R - 6 måneder siden
13:52 you can see the shape of the earth
Nora19161 - 6 måneder siden
13:50 that literally looks like a portal to a place with Easter eggs
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown - 6 måneder siden
I just got an ad for how they make hot garbage.
Neil Perry
Neil Perry - 6 måneder siden
Why not do a speed comparison dropping your heaviest Atlas Stone against a V8 Supercar to see who covers the distance the fastest. So the height of the drop + Atlas Stone against the car over the same distance.
Neil Perry
Neil Perry - 6 måneder siden
I think you should name the area that you are in, AREA.44.
Jesse Snyder - Trick Shots
Jesse Snyder - Trick Shots - 6 måneder siden
my dad and I play Yahtzee every night and have for years haha
PPMS With the Wolf man T
PPMS With the Wolf man T - 6 måneder siden
That slow motion was awesome.
Archana Niraj
Archana Niraj - 6 måneder siden
I have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000eastereggs
Duc.kydUde - 6 måneder siden
100% Aussie
Cat Keys
Cat Keys - 6 måneder siden
The video from the phone in the bucket was just a fantastic kaleidiscope of color in slomo. That was a great idea to put that thing in there, camera facing up and set for slomo. Brilliant!
The Hey Hey Man
The Hey Hey Man - 6 måneder siden
13:21 I need a video of just that sound
radom stuff
radom stuff - 6 måneder siden
Drop a house on the trampoline pls
alex schriner
alex schriner - 6 måneder siden
Would love to see these guys work with the slow mo guys
I got no life
I got no life - 6 måneder siden
Next time do something small like my pp
Frankie VG
Frankie VG - 6 måneder siden
Frankie VG
Frankie VG - 6 måneder siden
0:17 Look at Gaunson's Sunnys